Lovell Field

Name: Lovell Field
City: Chattanooga
Country: United States
Elevation: 683 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N83KA N83KABeech 1300 Commuter16:04 28-Jan-2022
DAL2501 N953ATB717-20015:49 28-Jan-2022
VET593 N593GGBeech 1300 Commuter13:56 28-Jan-2022
FDX1576 N787FDB757-20011:40 28-Jan-2022
N542MT N542MT40711:06 28-Jan-2022
N294CW N294CWCessna 525 Citation CJ104:08 28-Jan-2022
CYT90 N906STPC-1202:23 28-Jan-2022
N45XP N45XPLearjet 4501:34 28-Jan-2022
N275M N275MG45001:01 28-Jan-2022
N842A N842ACessna 560XL Citation Excel23:06 27-Jan-2022
N429RP N429RP429 GlobalRanger22:14 27-Jan-2022
N408TV N408TV40721:58 27-Jan-2022
N727ML N727ML390 Premier 116:25 27-Jan-2022
N70AP N70APCessna 525 Citation CJ115:03 27-Jan-2022
EJA408 N408QSEMB-505 Phenom 30014:26 27-Jan-2022
N406EH N406EHEC-13508:43 27-Jan-2022
N457MT N457MT40704:45 27-Jan-2022
AMF7112 N240DHMerlin 2303:42 27-Jan-2022
N1848U N1848ULegacy 45002:10 27-Jan-2022
N950TM N950TMBeech Super King Air 35000:25 27-Jan-2022
N429TV N429TV429 GlobalRanger00:24 27-Jan-2022
N73UP N73UPBAe-125-70000:06 27-Jan-2022
N750LC N750LCPraetor 60023:27 26-Jan-2022
N89LD N89LDEMB-13522:19 26-Jan-2022
N37FE N37FEBD-100 Challenger 30021:55 26-Jan-2022
N101EF N101EFCessna 680 Citation Sovereign00:43 26-Jan-2022
N851DB N851DBCessna 525 Citation CJ123:53 25-Jan-2022
N49LD N49LDCessna 560 Citation 523:07 25-Jan-2022
N918LP N918LPCitation M222:27 25-Jan-2022
N252RV N252RVCessna 525 Citation CJ119:58 25-Jan-2022
N105BG N105BGCessna 560 Citation 519:55 25-Jan-2022
N95UP N95UPBAe-125-70018:42 25-Jan-2022
N525KD N525KDCessna 525B Citation CJ317:40 25-Jan-2022
N545TG N545TGCessna 525 Citation CJ115:13 25-Jan-2022
CYT81 N811DDPC-1212:58 25-Jan-2022
N680BH N680BHCessna 680 Citation Sovereign20:36 24-Jan-2022
N100SC N100SCCessna 560XL Citation Excel19:41 24-Jan-2022
N33LK N33LKHawker 75018:32 24-Jan-2022
N7490A N7490ABAe-125-70017:15 24-Jan-2022
N779WA N779WAG-5 Gulfstream 516:46 24-Jan-2022
N400TG N400TGCessna 525B Citation CJ300:52 24-Jan-2022
P4-RYYLegacy 60023:46 23-Jan-2022
N816DK N816DKBeech 400 Beechjet23:42 23-Jan-2022
N372MZ N372MZChallenger 60420:05 23-Jan-2022
N932BL N932BLR44 Raven19:59 23-Jan-2022
N73FJ N73FJFalcon 200018:48 23-Jan-2022
N1972H N1972HLearjet 6016:29 23-Jan-2022
N100PU N100PUEMB-500 Phenom 10016:26 23-Jan-2022
N558MT N558MTEC-13505:51 23-Jan-2022
N20XP N20XPLearjet 3123:20 21-Jan-2022
N401LG N401LGCessna 525A Citation CJ200:50 21-Jan-2022
N217MW N217MWCessna 560XL Citation Excel23:46 20-Jan-2022
N N525MBCessna 525 Citation CJ123:00 20-Jan-2022
N558AP N558APG45017:45 20-Jan-2022
N7CS N7CSBD-100 Challenger 30016:15 20-Jan-2022
N347WS N347WSCessna 750 Citation X15:26 20-Jan-2022
N41PG N41PGCessna 525 Citation CJ121:36 18-Jan-2022
N1088 N1088Challenger 60515:07 18-Jan-2022
N207BC N207BCGulfstream G10011:55 18-Jan-2022
CYT50 N850AATBM-85002:18 18-Jan-2022
N248SL N248SLGulfstream G15000:24 18-Jan-2022
N672PS N672PS1126 Galaxy20:52 17-Jan-2022
55000032 N446LGLegacy 50019:36 15-Jan-2022
TWY825 N103SWBD-700 Global Express15:11 12-Jan-2022
N198SS N198SSFalcon 2000EX14:08 10-Jan-2022
N148MW N148MWEMB-500 Phenom 10017:21 08-Jan-2022
N201HR N201HRCessna 750 Citation X16:12 08-Jan-2022
PJC24 N924TGBD-100 Challenger 30016:35 06-Jan-2022
R21211 21-21211AH-60 Black Hawk21:17 04-Jan-2022
N18YL N18YLR44 Raven II19:49 04-Jan-2022
N10JP N10JPG45013:29 04-Jan-2022
N793CP N793CPG55014:49 03-Jan-2022
JTL480 N480MHawker 400XP05:43 03-Jan-2022
N1873 N1873EMB-505 Phenom 30021:16 29-Dec-2021
N884AM N884AMEclipse 50017:52 26-Dec-2021
N130LL N130LLEC-13017:39 20-Dec-2021
N438AD N438ADCessna 650 Citation 318:01 17-Dec-2021
N53KB N53KBPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian15:38 16-Dec-2021
N847GH N847GHG20023:11 15-Dec-2021
N306GV N306GVEMB-505 Phenom 30020:08 08-Dec-2021
N337CC N337CCHawker 900XP13:03 06-Dec-2021
R20790 16-20790AH-60 Black Hawk20:39 30-Nov-2021
EJM402 N888HHG45017:41 29-Nov-2021
FFL365 N411LTG-4 Gulfstream 417:14 29-Nov-2021
VET192 N192RWG20019:11 28-Nov-2021
N813MW N813MWR44 Raven II19:48 27-Nov-2021
N235KK N235KKG-4 Gulfstream 423:19 17-Nov-2021
N407TV N407TV40701:22 16-Nov-2021
DCM2611 N202RLCessna 560XL Citation Excel13:21 08-Nov-2021
N20VL N20VLCessna 525 Citation CJ121:04 01-Nov-2021
N4185L N4185LPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian22:18 31-Oct-2021
N473KW N473KWLegacy 60022:21 27-Oct-2021
N401JS N401JSG-4 Gulfstream 417:47 14-Oct-2021
N369TV N369TV36920:38 03-Oct-2021
R08131 13-08131CH-47 Chinook15:47 11-Sep-2021
N46SG N46SGR44 Raven22:06 06-Aug-2021

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