Bob Hope Airport

Name: Bob Hope Airport
City: Burbank
Country: United States
Elevation: 778 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N702WP N702WP40718:09 23-Oct-2021
N29HD N29HDAS-350/55004:27 23-Oct-2021
N130CZ N130CZEC-13002:44 23-Oct-2021
N624WC N624WCR44 Raven II02:43 23-Oct-2021
N67TV N67TVAS-350/55000:19 23-Oct-2021
N520PD N520PDAH-6J23:57 22-Oct-2021
N501MG N501MGBD-700 Global Express23:02 22-Oct-2021
N821LA N821LAAH-60 Black Hawk20:42 22-Oct-2021
N703WP N703WPAS-350/55020:19 22-Oct-2021
N954LA N954LAAS-350/55003:17 22-Oct-2021
N19UP N19UPR22 Beta II23:11 21-Oct-2021
N178SF N178SFCessna 510 Citation Mustang21:57 21-Oct-2021
AMF7234 N34AKBeech 99 Airliner21:22 21-Oct-2021
N71HD N71HDAS-350/55016:19 21-Oct-2021
N14LA N14LA41214:40 21-Oct-2021
N433AK N433AKA-10901:57 21-Oct-2021
N267LA N267LAAS-350/55019:54 20-Oct-2021
N615D N615DS-7601:18 20-Oct-2021
N103CG N103CGAH-6J07:29 19-Oct-2021
N156XL N156XLCessna 560XL Citation Excel17:50 17-Oct-2021
N991CW N991CWR44 Raven II20:09 16-Oct-2021
N4506Y N4506YR6619:38 16-Oct-2021
DCM3355 N960LSG-4 Gulfstream 423:58 15-Oct-2021
N721BB N721BBR44 Raven II23:20 15-Oct-2021
N449MS N449MSR44 Raven II22:52 15-Oct-2021
N893P N893PR44 Raven II17:50 15-Oct-2021
N304K N304KFalcon 900LX19:02 14-Oct-2021
N76FL N76FLS-7618:09 04-Oct-2021
N226LA N226LAAS-350/55018:32 22-Sep-2021
N961LA N961LAAS-350/55005:38 05-Sep-2021
N211FN N211FNAS-350/55017:01 03-Sep-2021
N47CD N47CDR22 Beta II22:30 10-Aug-2021
N213PF N213PFAS-350/55018:15 04-Aug-2021
N230LA N230LAAS-350/55019:41 21-Jul-2021
N197SH N197SHR22 Beta II04:28 11-Jul-2021
N472LA N472LAAS-350/55002:03 20-Jun-2021
N520PZ N520PZAH-6J00:00 18-Jun-2021
N112MT N112MTEC-13505:31 13-Jun-2021
N284SW N284SWR44 Raven II01:14 01-Jun-2021
N9VY N9VYCH-34 Chocktaw21:40 28-Apr-2021
N234NL N234NLR44 Raven II22:01 21-Mar-2021
N212XN N212XNCalidus18:48 07-Mar-2021

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