Buffalo Niagara International Airport

Name: Buffalo Niagara International Airport
City: Buffalo
Country: United States
Elevation: 728 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
N137BB N137BBBD-700 Global Express04:05 27-Sep-2021
SWA727 N211WNB737-70004:00 27-Sep-2021
DAL2717 N361NBA319-10003:53 27-Sep-2021
AWI3795 N460AWCRJ-20003:31 27-Sep-2021
SWA381 N8653AB737-80003:29 27-Sep-2021
AAL2873 N767UWA319-10003:19 27-Sep-2021
RPA4516 N452YXEMB-17503:13 27-Sep-2021
DAL2680 N396DNA321-20003:01 27-Sep-2021
SWA1507 N943WNB737-70003:00 27-Sep-2021
JBU715 N231JBEMB-19002:49 27-Sep-2021
RPA5703 N860RWEMB-17002:46 27-Sep-2021
JBU102 N375JBEMB-19002:41 27-Sep-2021
AAL1050 N751UWA319-10002:34 27-Sep-2021
EDV4961 N147PQCRJ-90002:16 27-Sep-2021
AAL703 N125UWA320-20002:09 27-Sep-2021
RPA4722 N415YXEMB-17502:08 27-Sep-2021
GJS4530 N535GJCRJ-70001:14 27-Sep-2021
SWA6208 N8548PB737-80001:08 27-Sep-2021
JIA5668 N563NNCRJ-90000:20 27-Sep-2021
UAL1067 N4901UA320-20000:06 27-Sep-2021
RPA4533 N425YXEMB-17523:55 26-Sep-2021
EJA654 N654QSCessna 560XL Citation Excel22:50 26-Sep-2021
LN508TJ N508TJ429 GlobalRanger21:50 26-Sep-2021
XSR600 N600ASEMB-500 Phenom 10020:33 26-Sep-2021
N770S N770SBeech Super King Air 35020:28 26-Sep-2021
LXJ434 N434FXPraetor 50019:15 26-Sep-2021
AAL1203 N762USA319-10016:49 26-Sep-2021
N300JA N300JABD-700 Global Express15:15 26-Sep-2021
N74TF N74TFBeech Super King Air 35014:50 26-Sep-2021
DPJ680 N680KJCessna 680 Citation Sovereign19:33 25-Sep-2021
SWQ9701 N806TJB737-40007:25 25-Sep-2021
N103JL N103JLLearjet 3120:28 24-Sep-2021
FDX1578 N997FDB757-20011:41 24-Sep-2021
UPS9795 N151UPA300B4-60011:02 24-Sep-2021
MTN8910 N914FXATR-42-30010:56 24-Sep-2021
FDX1964 N947FDB757-20010:13 24-Sep-2021
N250DN N250DNChallenger 35021:09 23-Sep-2021
N5950E N5950EChallenger 65020:59 23-Sep-2021
N296S N296SAS-350/55015:50 23-Sep-2021
N82RP N82RPFalcon 7X14:59 23-Sep-2021
N89RP N89RPFalcon 2000EX EASy11:48 23-Sep-2021
LN506TJ N506TJ429 GlobalRanger23:41 21-Sep-2021
N166HL N166HLCessna 680 Citation Sovereign16:13 19-Sep-2021
N505TJ N505TJ429 GlobalRanger15:46 18-Sep-2021
STY745 N745TTLearjet 4521:33 17-Sep-2021
N260FX N260FXLearjet 6002:20 16-Sep-2021
N300WZ N300WZR44 Raven II18:21 10-Sep-2021
N5699V N5699V280 Shark22:47 08-Sep-2021
EJA643 N643QSCessna 560XL Citation Excel17:40 07-Sep-2021
N260WH N260WHEC-120 Colibri13:43 31-Jul-2021
CFIGO C-FIGOS-7623:29 14-Jun-2021
N34NX N34NX40714:38 21-May-2021
N441HQ N441HQR44 Raven12:54 22-Mar-2021

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