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Name: Nashville International Airport
City: Nashville
Country: United States
Elevation: 599 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
RPA4766 N407YXEMB-175 LR20:49 11-Apr-2021
N44EL N510ABLearjet 6020:48 11-Apr-2021
SWA590 N255WNB737-70020:40 11-Apr-2021
DAL1729 N844DNB737-90020:37 11-Apr-2021
UAL1611 N77525B737-80020:27 11-Apr-2021
SWA1905 N297WNB737-70020:25 11-Apr-2021
EDV4633 N916XJCRJ-90020:23 11-Apr-2021
SWA1240 N799SWB737-70020:18 11-Apr-2021
TKM88 N808JMChallenger 35020:17 11-Apr-2021
RPA4776 N114HQEMB-175 LR20:13 11-Apr-2021
SWA8518 N452WNB737-70020:11 11-Apr-2021
ENY4290 N275NNEMB-17520:08 11-Apr-2021
SWA1813 N7830AB737-70020:04 11-Apr-2021
SWA152 N904WNB737-70020:02 11-Apr-2021
SWA2085 N227WNB737-70019:56 11-Apr-2021
SWA1281 N963WNB737-70019:45 11-Apr-2021
N868JS N868JSCessna 560XL Citation Excel19:40 11-Apr-2021
AAY1037 N230NVA320-20019:18 11-Apr-2021
AAL1100 N928AMA321-20019:14 11-Apr-2021
DAL2435 N383DNB737-80019:08 11-Apr-2021
SKW4807 N128SYEMB-17519:01 11-Apr-2021
AAL1798 N961NNB737-80018:51 11-Apr-2021
N907WL N907WLCessna 525 Citation CJ118:20 11-Apr-2021
UAL771 N76505B737-80018:18 11-Apr-2021
SWA2061 N8577ZB737-80017:53 11-Apr-2021
SWA8524 N8647AB737-80017:34 11-Apr-2021
N636JS N636JSBD-700 Global 500017:20 11-Apr-2021
NUS562 N562CLCessna 560 Citation 517:10 11-Apr-2021
N930CC N930CCLearjet 4017:05 11-Apr-2021
N595P N595PFalcon 2000S16:58 11-Apr-2021
N186DM N186DMBeech 1300 Commuter16:21 11-Apr-2021
N78RM N78RMPA-46-600TP M60016:07 11-Apr-2021
N62TL N62TLCessna 550 Citation 215:24 11-Apr-2021
JCM458 N458SFBeech 400 Beechjet15:08 11-Apr-2021
JTL1027 N1027PCessna 680 Citation Sovereign14:41 11-Apr-2021
EGC957 N957BJCessna 560XL Citation Excel13:51 11-Apr-2021
DAL2904 N928ATB717-20013:31 11-Apr-2021
SWA2283 N264LVB737-70006:16 11-Apr-2021
N917DP N917DP1126 Galaxy04:44 11-Apr-2021
JCM777 N777JQEMB-500 Phenom 10002:57 11-Apr-2021
SKW4606 N272SYEMB-17523:45 10-Apr-2021
N111M N111MBeech Super King Air 35023:03 10-Apr-2021
N558R N558RCitation Latitude20:41 10-Apr-2021
N93AJ N93AJCessna 550 Citation 219:53 10-Apr-2021
JCM311 N311JVBeech 400 Beechjet18:12 10-Apr-2021
N200BA N200BAG20017:11 10-Apr-2021
FDX1498 N733FDA300B4-60011:11 10-Apr-2021
N717D N717DCessna 560 Citation 501:10 10-Apr-2021
N623PM N623PMCessna 650 Citation 300:20 10-Apr-2021
SKW5877 N146SYEMB-17500:10 10-Apr-2021
N111Y N111YCitation Longitude23:18 09-Apr-2021
N615TK N615TKEMB-500 Phenom 10023:12 09-Apr-2021
N511RS N511RSFalcon 5023:10 09-Apr-2021
N918PT N918PTLearjet 7522:54 09-Apr-2021
N588BF N588BFLearjet 6022:14 09-Apr-2021
N106VU N106VUEC-13022:04 09-Apr-2021
N763JA N763JACitation Longitude21:56 09-Apr-2021
N104VU N104VUEC-13521:54 09-Apr-2021
N855DG N855DGFalcon 2000EX EASy20:39 09-Apr-2021
N394WJ N394WJBD-700 Global Express19:47 09-Apr-2021
JRT58 N758ALearjet 7519:27 09-Apr-2021
N540NG N540NGPC-1217:31 09-Apr-2021
N593HR N593HRBD-100 Challenger 30017:11 09-Apr-2021
PAT170 84-00176Beech 1300 Commuter16:38 09-Apr-2021
EJA558 N558QSCessna 560XL Citation Excel12:50 09-Apr-2021
FDX1498 N969FDB757-20010:36 09-Apr-2021
FTD557 N557ABLearjet 6009:37 09-Apr-2021
N324AD N324ADFalcon 90001:38 09-Apr-2021
JCM26 N26TCBAe-125-70001:07 09-Apr-2021
N880CC N880CCChallenger 60523:06 08-Apr-2021
N103MT N103MTBK-117C-222:49 08-Apr-2021
N122VR N122VRFalcon 200019:06 08-Apr-2021
SWA8500 N8807LB737 MAX 818:02 08-Apr-2021
N526DJ N526DJFalcon 200006:44 08-Apr-2021
QXE9987 N641QXEMB-17522:16 07-Apr-2021
N703RB N703RBVision SF5019:57 07-Apr-2021
N868HC N868HCCitation CJ418:54 07-Apr-2021
N98MH N98MHFalcon 900EX16:33 07-Apr-2021
N868SH N868SHFalcon 2000LX S01:03 07-Apr-2021
N68HC N68HCFalcon 2000LX S23:29 06-Apr-2021
N780HP N780HP429 GlobalRanger22:58 06-Apr-2021
N520CM N520CMG45022:14 06-Apr-2021
N621MM N621MMFalcon 7X20:12 06-Apr-2021
N5067L N5067LBeech 90 King Air19:50 06-Apr-2021
N750LL N750LLLearjet 7512:47 06-Apr-2021
N898TS N898TSFalcon 90002:59 06-Apr-2021
N800TH N800THBAe-125-70002:30 06-Apr-2021
N599LP N599LPHawker 75022:18 05-Apr-2021
N857HW N857HWEC-13018:35 05-Apr-2021
N705MP N705MP36918:26 05-Apr-2021
N45QQ N45QQLearjet 4516:47 05-Apr-2021
N798JS N798JSCessna 560 Citation 500:16 05-Apr-2021
N926TF N926TFCitation CJ421:35 04-Apr-2021
N524MT N524MTEC-13500:06 04-Apr-2021
N435PC N435PCPC-1222:28 03-Apr-2021
N120TM N120TMMerlin 321:55 03-Apr-2021
RPA9985 N246JQEMB-175 LR20:12 02-Apr-2021
RPA4867 N434YXEMB-17502:55 02-Apr-2021
JCM21 N21LJEMB-500 Phenom 10022:41 01-Apr-2021
N567HA N567HAR44 Raven II21:31 01-Apr-2021
N518HR N518HRBD-100 Challenger 30001:56 31-Mar-2021
N750HP N750HPUH-1 Iroquois23:20 30-Mar-2021
JCM332 N332AVBeech 400 Beechjet21:44 30-Mar-2021
N556R N556RAB-206 JetRanger21:43 30-Mar-2021
N43NC N43NCCessna 560 Citation 517:17 30-Mar-2021
N911AE N911AE40703:13 30-Mar-2021
N167BR N167BRFalcon 5016:26 29-Mar-2021
N378MQ N378MQ36006:07 27-Mar-2021
N5SY N5SYPA-42 Cheyenne III06:34 25-Mar-2021
ASH6039 N88332EMB-17516:53 24-Mar-2021
SKW9791 N181SYEMB-17504:33 23-Mar-2021
N670TC N670TCCessna 208 Caravan 120:46 22-Mar-2021
N408TV N408TV40716:37 22-Mar-2021
N770HP N770HPAB-206 JetRanger09:57 21-Mar-2021
VTE513 N17513EMB-13503:36 21-Mar-2021
MJR933 N933MAEMB-500 Phenom 10020:04 20-Mar-2021
N110VU N110VUEC-13518:45 20-Mar-2021
N167BD N167BDFalcon 90018:30 20-Mar-2021
RPA4867 N433YXEMB-17502:52 20-Mar-2021
N484AE N484AEAB-206 JetRanger16:20 18-Mar-2021
N108VU N108VUEC-13514:32 18-Mar-2021
DCM561 N241CALearjet 3505:07 17-Mar-2021
N403SH N403SHCabri G216:18 16-Mar-2021
JRT53 N753ALearjet 7521:55 15-Mar-2021
RPA4867 N102HQEMB-175 LR03:09 15-Mar-2021
N107VU N107VUEC-13001:08 10-Mar-2021
N164AE N164AEAB-206 JetRanger14:19 09-Mar-2021
N2BQ N2BQAB-206 JetRanger22:56 02-Mar-2021
N31PF N31PFLearjet 7014:46 01-Mar-2021
N861HW N861HWEC-13003:04 25-Feb-2021
N144EH N144EHR44 Raven II00:00 25-Feb-2021
N440AE N440AEAB-206 JetRanger00:54 09-Feb-2021
VTE919 N16919EMB-14502:17 06-Feb-2021
N558AE N558AEAB-206 JetRanger22:35 05-Feb-2021
N101DG N101DGAB-206 JetRanger19:40 03-Feb-2021
N133AE N133AEAB-206 JetRanger10:16 30-Jan-2021
N486AE N486AEAB-206 JetRanger16:57 24-Jan-2021
N166AE N166AEAB-206 JetRanger04:19 23-Jan-2021
N423AE N423AEAB-206 JetRanger04:02 23-Jan-2021
N447AE N447AEAB-206 JetRanger23:21 22-Jan-2021
N429AE N429AEAB-206 JetRanger18:56 19-Jan-2021
01172061 08-72061BK-117C-216:11 19-Jan-2021
N420AE N420AEAB-206 JetRanger23:10 17-Jan-2021
N134AE N134AEAB-206 JetRanger19:29 17-Jan-2021
N1807 N1807AB-206 JetRanger01:55 17-Jan-2021
N293AE N293AEAB-206 JetRanger16:31 15-Jan-2021
N105VU N105VUEC-13517:10 14-Jan-2021
N444AE N444AEAB-206 JetRanger04:53 14-Jan-2021
N886AE N886AEAB-206 JetRanger03:26 14-Jan-2021
N416AE N416AEAB-206 JetRanger02:54 14-Jan-2021
N465AE N465AEAB-206 JetRanger17:21 13-Jan-2021
N479AE N479AEAB-206 JetRanger20:00 12-Jan-2021
N1189 N1189R44 II17:01 05-Jan-2021
N888DV N888DVR6617:58 29-Dec-2020
N706MP N706MP36917:57 29-Dec-2020

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