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Name: Nashville International Airport
City: Nashville
Country: United States
Elevation: 599 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SKW3706 N170PQCRJ-90022:57 21-Jan-2021
SWA2522 N8651AB737-80022:53 21-Jan-2021
AAY1043 N234NVA320-20022:49 21-Jan-2021
FFT1031 N371FRA320neo22:46 21-Jan-2021
DAL828 N392DAB737-80022:24 21-Jan-2021
SWA4971 N7740AB737-70022:20 21-Jan-2021
DAL2014 N986ATB717-20022:12 21-Jan-2021
SWA229 N913WNB737-70022:11 21-Jan-2021
SWA4790 N214WNB737-70022:00 21-Jan-2021
AAL757 N9029FA319-10021:57 21-Jan-2021
N620S N620SCL-600 Challenger 60021:51 21-Jan-2021
ASA1468 N457ASB737-90021:49 21-Jan-2021
SKW4765 N203SYEMB-17521:47 21-Jan-2021
SWA3905 N7823AB737-70021:42 21-Jan-2021
SWA4754 N438WNB737-70021:37 21-Jan-2021
RCH920 01-0196C-17 Globemaster 321:31 21-Jan-2021
JRT54 N754ALearjet 7521:25 21-Jan-2021
SWA2640 N8514FB737-80021:23 21-Jan-2021
NKS300 N618NKA320-20021:12 21-Jan-2021
JCM732 N732AABAe-125-70021:00 21-Jan-2021
SWA682 N7748AB737-70020:44 21-Jan-2021
N86CW N86CWG28020:42 21-Jan-2021
VTE3003 N16511EMB-13520:39 21-Jan-2021
AAL785 N930NNB737-80020:19 21-Jan-2021
SWA3127 N266WNB737-70020:12 21-Jan-2021
N807N N807NEMB-505 Phenom 30020:04 21-Jan-2021
EJA797 N797QSChallenger 35020:04 21-Jan-2021
RRPA5800 N824MDEMB-17018:36 21-Jan-2021
N N321KMEMB-500 Phenom 10016:27 21-Jan-2021
SWA3956 N7825AB737-70014:20 21-Jan-2021
N911JB N911JBCessna 525B Citation CJ312:56 21-Jan-2021
FDX1498 N937FDB757-20012:22 21-Jan-2021
FTD561 N561ABLearjet 6011:37 21-Jan-2021
FDX1715 N742FDA300B4-60010:30 21-Jan-2021
OLV442 N442MSBAe-125-70007:46 21-Jan-2021
N458SF N458SFBeech 400 Beechjet02:23 21-Jan-2021
PAT781 84-00176Beech 1300 Commuter01:06 21-Jan-2021
JCM285 N285XPBAe-125-70000:18 21-Jan-2021
N918PT N918PTLearjet 7523:30 20-Jan-2021
N615TK N615TKEMB-500 Phenom 10023:14 20-Jan-2021
N135LF N135LFEC-13522:35 20-Jan-2021
N44EL N510ABLearjet 6022:33 20-Jan-2021
N435PC N435PCPC-1218:49 20-Jan-2021
VTE3001 N27512EMB-13513:55 20-Jan-2021
SKW9791 N178SYEMB-17504:16 20-Jan-2021
N332AV N332AVBeech 400 Beechjet01:13 20-Jan-2021
N406EH N406EHEC-13500:20 20-Jan-2021
SWA682 N235WNB737-70020:41 19-Jan-2021
EJA549 N549QSCitation Latitude19:37 19-Jan-2021
N855DG N855DGFalcon 2000EX EASy19:22 19-Jan-2021
N429AE N429AEAB-206 JetRanger18:56 19-Jan-2021
JRT51 N451ALearjet 4517:01 19-Jan-2021
01172061 08-72061BK-117C-216:11 19-Jan-2021
RPA4867 N104HQEMB-175 LR04:06 19-Jan-2021
N45QQ N45QQLearjet 4503:03 19-Jan-2021
N599LP N599LPHawker 75000:34 19-Jan-2021
N111M N111MBeech Super King Air 35023:51 18-Jan-2021
JRT53 N753ALearjet 7522:29 18-Jan-2021
N167BD N167BDFalcon 90020:34 18-Jan-2021
N926TF N926TFCitation CJ420:31 18-Jan-2021
N615HC N615HCFalcon 900LX19:59 18-Jan-2021
N700NR N700NRCitation Bravo18:43 18-Jan-2021
JCM777 N777JQEMB-500 Phenom 10016:22 18-Jan-2021
N420AE N420AEAB-206 JetRanger23:10 17-Jan-2021
N65UP N65UPEC-13522:28 17-Jan-2021
N98MH N98MHFalcon 900EX22:10 17-Jan-2021
N106VU N106VUEC-13020:12 17-Jan-2021
N134AE N134AEAB-206 JetRanger19:29 17-Jan-2021
N443SL N443SLLearjet 4519:28 17-Jan-2021
N827LS N827LSR44 Raven I18:18 17-Jan-2021
N868HC N868HCCitation CJ402:44 17-Jan-2021
N1807 N1807AB-206 JetRanger01:55 17-Jan-2021
N930CC N930CCLearjet 4019:48 16-Jan-2021
RPA4867 N425YXEMB-17503:53 16-Jan-2021
ASH6036 N87360EMB-17503:29 16-Jan-2021
SKW5877 N153SYEMB-17501:08 16-Jan-2021
N780HP N780HP429 GlobalRanger21:06 15-Jan-2021
QXE9987 N632QXEMB-17520:36 15-Jan-2021
N311BP N311BPFalcon 50EX20:16 15-Jan-2021
N93AJ N93AJCessna 550 Citation 218:50 15-Jan-2021
N5067L N5067LBeech 90 King Air17:15 15-Jan-2021
N293AE N293AEAB-206 JetRanger16:31 15-Jan-2021
N898TS N898TSFalcon 90023:45 14-Jan-2021
N682RS N682RSCessna 650 Citation 321:26 14-Jan-2021
N105VU N105VUEC-13517:10 14-Jan-2021
N444AE N444AEAB-206 JetRanger04:53 14-Jan-2021
N886AE N886AEAB-206 JetRanger03:26 14-Jan-2021
N416AE N416AEAB-206 JetRanger02:54 14-Jan-2021
SKW4206 N304SYEMB-17500:58 14-Jan-2021
N518HR N518HRBD-100 Challenger 30000:45 14-Jan-2021
N110VU N110VUEC-13522:33 13-Jan-2021
N465AE N465AEAB-206 JetRanger17:21 13-Jan-2021
N818RC N818RCBD-100 Challenger 30004:57 13-Jan-2021
N40KD N40KD40721:57 12-Jan-2021
N800TH N800THBAe-125-70020:46 12-Jan-2021
N782RP N782RPFalcon 90020:43 12-Jan-2021
N593HR N593HRBD-100 Challenger 30020:40 12-Jan-2021
N479AE N479AEAB-206 JetRanger20:00 12-Jan-2021
N705MP N705MP36919:31 12-Jan-2021
N868SH N868SHFalcon 2000LX S14:35 12-Jan-2021
N540NG N540NGPC-1223:46 11-Jan-2021
N104VU N104VUEC-13519:27 10-Jan-2021
N418FM N418FMPC-1222:47 09-Jan-2021
JCM26 N26TCBAe-125-70000:34 07-Jan-2021
01172137 10-72137BK-117C-223:35 05-Jan-2021
ENY9857 N213NNEMB-17522:24 05-Jan-2021
N558R N558RCitation Latitude18:48 05-Jan-2021
N1189 N1189R44 II17:01 05-Jan-2021
N120TM N120TMMerlin 300:25 05-Jan-2021
N86UR N86URCessna 550 Citation 202:46 04-Jan-2021
N526DJ N526DJFalcon 200000:49 03-Jan-2021
N43NC N43NCCessna 560 Citation 523:59 02-Jan-2021
N740HP N740HPAB-206 JetRanger22:06 02-Jan-2021
N107VU N107VUEC-13003:25 02-Jan-2021
N2BQ N2BQAB-206 JetRanger12:00 30-Dec-2020
N888DV N888DVR6617:58 29-Dec-2020
N880CC N880CCChallenger 60517:57 29-Dec-2020
N706MP N706MP36917:57 29-Dec-2020

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