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Name: Nashville International Airport
City: Nashville
Country: United States
Elevation: 599 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SWA140 N8609AB737-80021:09 21-Oct-2020
SWA2113 N7837AB737-70021:07 21-Oct-2020
SWA1582 N422WNB737-70021:05 21-Oct-2020
DAL1531 N360NBA319-10021:02 21-Oct-2020
SWA2260 N966WNB737-70021:00 21-Oct-2020
RPA3464 N865RWEMB-17020:53 21-Oct-2020
ASA1468 N236AKB737-90020:51 21-Oct-2020
SKW5916 N141SYEMB-17520:46 21-Oct-2020
SWA2271 N8583ZB737-80020:42 21-Oct-2020
FTH125 N125DZCessna 750 Citation X20:38 21-Oct-2020
SWA3335 N253WNB737-70020:36 21-Oct-2020
N122VR N122VRFalcon 200020:34 21-Oct-2020
SWA6705 N7823AB737-70020:33 21-Oct-2020
DAL1729 N811DZB737-90020:28 21-Oct-2020
SWA1217 N8549ZB737-80020:23 21-Oct-2020
SWA2157 N564WNB737-70020:22 21-Oct-2020
SWA2096 N8626BB737-80020:20 21-Oct-2020
RPA4517 N446YXEMB-17520:18 21-Oct-2020
SWA2031 N8604KB737-80020:01 21-Oct-2020
SWA103 N8608NB737-80019:55 21-Oct-2020
SWA6693 N228WNB737-70019:45 21-Oct-2020
VTE3003 N16511EMB-13519:36 21-Oct-2020
PRD42 N842SSG20019:27 21-Oct-2020
AAL1009 N961NNB737-80019:23 21-Oct-2020
JCM285 N285XPBAe-125-70019:22 21-Oct-2020
N655CM N655CMBeech 400 Beechjet19:07 21-Oct-2020
N409VP N409VPCessna 525A Citation CJ219:01 21-Oct-2020
N389HC N389HCTBM 90018:52 21-Oct-2020
EJA684 N684QSCitation Latitude18:34 21-Oct-2020
RPA4524 N133HQEMB-175 LR18:19 21-Oct-2020
N601QA N601QAChallenger 601 3A18:16 21-Oct-2020
N718HC N718HCBAe-125-70018:03 21-Oct-2020
N733FL N733FLCessna 750 Citation X16:14 21-Oct-2020
N723HC N723HCLearjet 6016:06 21-Oct-2020
N37FE N37FEBD-100 Challenger 30015:55 21-Oct-2020
RPA5800 N215JQEMB-175 LR15:46 21-Oct-2020
AAL2690 N107USA320-20014:59 21-Oct-2020
FDX1498 N934FDB757-20010:24 21-Oct-2020
FDX1715 N987FDB757-20010:04 21-Oct-2020
N44EL N510ABLearjet 6007:54 21-Oct-2020
JCM777 N777JQEMB-500 Phenom 10004:30 21-Oct-2020
SKW3212 N732SKCRJ-70002:24 21-Oct-2020
PAT319 84-00176Beech 1300 Commuter02:00 21-Oct-2020
N558R N558RCitation Latitude01:56 21-Oct-2020
SWA857 N749SWB737-70001:45 21-Oct-2020
GAJ829 N829UPBeech Super King Air 35023:44 20-Oct-2020
SWA341 N939WNB737-70022:51 20-Oct-2020
N83ML N83ML429 GlobalRanger22:10 20-Oct-2020
N540NG N540NGPC-1221:31 20-Oct-2020
N588BF N588BFLearjet 6021:26 20-Oct-2020
SKW5369 N142SYEMB-17521:07 20-Oct-2020
N5SY N5SYPA-42 Cheyenne III20:58 20-Oct-2020
N703RB N703RBVision SF5020:53 20-Oct-2020
N713LV N713LVEMB-505 Phenom 30020:00 20-Oct-2020
N910EC N910ECCessna 208 Caravan 119:44 20-Oct-2020
SWA2127 N241WNB737-70018:01 20-Oct-2020
N43NC N43NCCessna 560 Citation 516:52 20-Oct-2020
N510CX N510CXCessna 750 Citation X14:45 20-Oct-2020
N911VU N911VUPC-1207:31 20-Oct-2020
P43JT N43JTBeech 90 King Air05:55 20-Oct-2020
AAY1068 N226NVA320-20004:17 20-Oct-2020
AAY2763 N223NVA320-20003:31 20-Oct-2020
SKW3212 N730EVCRJ-70003:02 20-Oct-2020
RPA4434 N436YXEMB-17502:47 20-Oct-2020
SWA2199 N7877HB737-70002:05 20-Oct-2020
N1027P N1027PCessna 680 Citation Sovereign01:42 20-Oct-2020
NKS1841 N919NKA320neo23:48 19-Oct-2020
N299PR N299PRFalcon 50EX18:08 19-Oct-2020
N957JS N957JSCessna 750 Citation X11:37 19-Oct-2020
N518HR N518HRBD-100 Challenger 30004:13 19-Oct-2020
SWA857 N426WNB737-70001:43 19-Oct-2020
N324AD N324ADFalcon 90022:16 18-Oct-2020
N101VUBK-117C-222:11 18-Oct-2020
N615HC N615HCFalcon 900LX22:03 18-Oct-2020
N167BD N167BDFalcon 90020:53 18-Oct-2020
EJA307 N307QSCessna 680 Citation Sovereign20:07 18-Oct-2020
N450MT N450MTEC-13519:49 18-Oct-2020
N926TF N926TFCitation CJ418:12 18-Oct-2020
N623PM N623PMCessna 650 Citation 316:39 18-Oct-2020
00000000 N593HRBD-100 Challenger 30016:00 18-Oct-2020
N119JJChallenger 35015:26 18-Oct-2020
N526DJ N526DJFalcon 200007:19 18-Oct-2020
N108VU N108VUEC-13523:22 17-Oct-2020
N662AE N662AEEC-13021:59 17-Oct-2020
N621MM N621MMFalcon 7X16:04 17-Oct-2020
N509AB N509ABLearjet 3110:16 17-Oct-2020
N911AE N911AE40709:19 17-Oct-2020
N7KC N7KCFalcon 900EX00:08 17-Oct-2020
N704CL N704CLCitation Longitude21:46 16-Oct-2020
N5067L N5067LBeech 90 King Air19:22 16-Oct-2020
N763JA N763JACitation Longitude16:50 16-Oct-2020
N62TL N62TLCessna 550 Citation 216:27 16-Oct-2020
ENY9857 N211NNEMB-17522:01 15-Oct-2020
JRT54 N754ALearjet 7515:45 15-Oct-2020
TWY495 N233EHFalcon 200003:29 15-Oct-2020
JRT53 N753ALearjet 7521:51 14-Oct-2020
JCM407 N407TCBeech 400 Beechjet19:11 14-Oct-2020
N810GT N810GTChallenger 60419:19 13-Oct-2020
N98MH N98MHFalcon 900EX19:08 13-Oct-2020
N868HC N868HCCitation CJ418:26 13-Oct-2020
N818RC N818RCBD-100 Challenger 30017:31 13-Oct-2020
N352DZ N352DZEMB-500 Phenom 10017:26 13-Oct-2020
SKW5602 N146SYEMB-17502:00 13-Oct-2020
N511RS N511RSFalcon 5017:35 12-Oct-2020
N93AJ N93AJCessna 550 Citation 217:15 11-Oct-2020
N435PC N435PCPC-1216:12 11-Oct-2020
N782RP N782RPFalcon 90019:02 10-Oct-2020
N501FJ N501FJCessna 501 Citation 1SP19:48 09-Oct-2020
SKW9790 N177SYEMB-17520:20 08-Oct-2020
JCM26 N26TCBAe-125-70019:44 08-Oct-2020
RPA4422 N106HQEMB-175 LR03:18 08-Oct-2020
N868SH N868SHFalcon 2000LX S01:57 08-Oct-2020
N556R N556RAB-206 JetRanger21:43 07-Oct-2020
N900LJ N900LJFalcon 90001:03 07-Oct-2020
N520CM N520CMG45020:51 06-Oct-2020
JTL83 N83TFCessna 525B Citation CJ316:05 06-Oct-2020
N106VU N106VUEC-13022:08 04-Oct-2020
N65UP N65UPEC-13506:25 04-Oct-2020
N429AE N429AEAB-206 JetRanger19:26 03-Oct-2020
RPA4487 N422YXEMB-17502:37 02-Oct-2020
N68HC N68HCFalcon 2000LX S23:46 01-Oct-2020
N107VU N107VUEC-13022:30 27-Sep-2020
N50TC N50TCBAe-125-70023:20 24-Sep-2020
LNWEX LN-WEXEMB-190 E215:47 23-Sep-2020
N880CC N880CCChallenger 60521:40 20-Sep-2020
N465AE N465AEAB-206 JetRanger19:07 17-Sep-2020
N311BP N311BPFalcon 50EX17:55 17-Sep-2020
N388AM N388AMEC-13014:04 16-Sep-2020
N524HC N524HCLearjet 3118:04 13-Sep-2020
N C-FOKZ40700:18 12-Sep-2020
N332AV N332AVBeech 400 Beechjet16:42 23-Aug-2020
N45QQ N45QQLearjet 4505:00 16-Aug-2020
N579DGR44 Raven II18:57 08-Aug-2020
N178EP N178EPR22 Mariner14:50 03-Aug-2020
N888DV N888DVR6601:52 31-Jul-2020
N701MP N701MPAB-206 JetRanger14:24 29-Jun-2020
N350PS N350PSAS-350/55011:39 18-Jun-2020
N2BQ N2BQAB-206 JetRanger12:09 08-Jun-2020
N703MP N703MPAB-206 JetRanger01:31 31-May-2020
N318AE N318AEAB-206 JetRanger01:33 13-May-2020
N484AE N484AEAB-206 JetRanger05:19 08-May-2020
N770HP N770HPAB-206 JetRanger19:09 22-Apr-2020

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