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Name: Nashville International Airport
City: Nashville
Country: United States
Elevation: 599 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SWA680 N908WNB737-70020:11 03-Aug-2020
ASA1470 N487ASB737-90020:08 03-Aug-2020
SKW22OC N715SKCRJ-70020:02 03-Aug-2020
SWA1059 N8575ZB737-80020:01 03-Aug-2020
SWA1668 N265WNB737-70019:59 03-Aug-2020
SWA1697 N255WNB737-70019:52 03-Aug-2020
N93AJ N93AJCessna 550 Citation 219:49 03-Aug-2020
DAL1318 N861NWA330-20019:44 03-Aug-2020
SWA346 N558WNB737-70019:27 03-Aug-2020
SWA2001 N904WNB737-70019:25 03-Aug-2020
NKS806 N648NKA320-20019:22 03-Aug-2020
SWA2111 N8522PB737-80019:18 03-Aug-2020
AAL1009 N316PFB737-80019:15 03-Aug-2020
RPA5812 N208JQEMB-175 LR19:12 03-Aug-2020
RPA4402 N115HQEMB-175 LR19:01 03-Aug-2020
RPA3464 N746YXEMB-17518:58 03-Aug-2020
AAY2763 N308NVA319-10018:56 03-Aug-2020
DAL840 N589NWB757-30018:47 03-Aug-2020
UAL2294 N452UAA320-20018:38 03-Aug-2020
JRT54 N754ALearjet 7518:26 03-Aug-2020
JIA5350 N557NNCRJ-90017:04 03-Aug-2020
EJA637 N637QSCitation Latitude16:54 03-Aug-2020
N178EP N178EPR22 Mariner14:50 03-Aug-2020
N503ABLearjet 6004:35 03-Aug-2020
SKW5213 N165SYEMB-17502:25 03-Aug-2020
SWA639 N7737EB737-70002:23 03-Aug-2020
EJA436 N436QSEMB-505 Phenom 30002:16 03-Aug-2020
N906CM N906CMFalcon 90023:14 02-Aug-2020
N78RM N78RMPA-46-600TP M60023:08 02-Aug-2020
N62TL N62TLCessna 550 Citation 222:48 02-Aug-2020
N120TM N120TMMerlin 321:56 02-Aug-2020
N311JV N311JVBeech 400 Beechjet21:04 02-Aug-2020
N83PM N83PMCitation Latitude21:02 02-Aug-2020
N744XP N744XPBAe-125-70019:06 02-Aug-2020
RPA9922 N108HQEMB-175 LR18:29 02-Aug-2020
N101VUBK-117C-217:27 02-Aug-2020
N119JJChallenger 35016:32 02-Aug-2020
N458SF N458SFBeech 400 Beechjet15:40 02-Aug-2020
N7KC N7KCFalcon 900EX14:40 02-Aug-2020
N911VU N911VUPC-1206:31 02-Aug-2020
N283RA N283RACessna 525B Citation CJ304:35 02-Aug-2020
N110VU N110VUEC-13503:59 02-Aug-2020
N500PT N500PTFalcon 5003:34 02-Aug-2020
N840SW N840SWLearjet 3122:59 01-Aug-2020
N1013 N1013BD-100 Challenger 30022:56 01-Aug-2020
N167BD N167BDFalcon 90021:54 01-Aug-2020
JCM407 N407TCBeech 400 Beechjet17:31 01-Aug-2020
N800TH N800THBAe-125-70017:15 01-Aug-2020
N558R N558RCitation Latitude16:55 01-Aug-2020
N612MW N612MWCalidus15:54 01-Aug-2020
N810GT N810GTChallenger 60415:03 01-Aug-2020
FDX1498 N690FEA300B4-60010:40 01-Aug-2020
N780HP N780HP429 GlobalRanger23:49 31-Jul-2020
N868SH N868SHFalcon 2000LX S20:30 31-Jul-2020
N599LP N599LPHawker 75018:01 31-Jul-2020
N509AB N509ABLearjet 3116:21 31-Jul-2020
LYC2225 N409LCC-130 Hercules12:46 31-Jul-2020
FDX1498 N786FDB757-20010:48 31-Jul-2020
FDX1715 N966FDB757-20009:49 31-Jul-2020
N888DV N888DVR6601:52 31-Jul-2020
N106VU N106VUEC-13023:06 30-Jul-2020
JCM615 N615JDHawker 900XP21:05 30-Jul-2020
N926TF N926TFCitation CJ419:40 30-Jul-2020
FDX1715 N987FDB757-20009:59 30-Jul-2020
JCM26 N26TCBAe-125-70000:16 30-Jul-2020
N311BP N311BPFalcon 50EX00:07 30-Jul-2020
N85PK N85PKHawker 900XP23:14 29-Jul-2020
JCM285 N285XPBAe-125-70023:03 29-Jul-2020
FTD561 N561ABLearjet 6020:34 29-Jul-2020
N621MM N621MMFalcon 7X23:10 28-Jul-2020
N50TC N50TCBAe-125-70020:35 28-Jul-2020
SKW9790 N174SYEMB-17520:17 27-Jul-2020
N520CM N520CMG45019:56 27-Jul-2020
N552AE N552AEAB-206 JetRanger16:49 27-Jul-2020
N435PC N435PCPC-1212:57 27-Jul-2020
JCM732 N732AABAe-125-70021:44 26-Jul-2020
N615TK N615TKEMB-500 Phenom 10016:38 26-Jul-2020
N782RP N782RPFalcon 90021:30 25-Jul-2020
N855DG N855DGFalcon 2000EX EASy21:24 24-Jul-2020
N370PH N370PHEC-13516:49 24-Jul-2020
N880CC N880CCChallenger 60517:03 23-Jul-2020
N167BR N167BRFalcon 5003:03 23-Jul-2020
N718HC N718HCBAe-125-70002:34 23-Jul-2020
N68HC N68HCFalcon 2000LX S19:12 22-Jul-2020
SWA1422 N7749BB737-70016:03 20-Jul-2020
N763JA N763JACitation Longitude21:21 19-Jul-2020
N105VU N105VUEC-13507:20 19-Jul-2020
N510CX N510CXCessna 750 Citation X06:10 18-Jul-2020
N465AE N465AEAB-206 JetRanger05:35 18-Jul-2020
N518HR N518HRBD-100 Challenger 30020:41 17-Jul-2020
72225 11-72225BK-117C-219:51 15-Jul-2020
SKW1361 N964SWCRJ-20022:16 14-Jul-2020
N5067L N5067LBeech 90 King Air20:12 14-Jul-2020
N98MH N98MHFalcon 900EX19:21 11-Jul-2020
00000000 N593HRBD-100 Challenger 30023:39 10-Jul-2020
N750HP N750HPUH-1 Iroquois20:51 10-Jul-2020
N332AV N332AVBeech 400 Beechjet00:12 10-Jul-2020
N511RS N511RSFalcon 5019:58 09-Jul-2020
N87PK N87PKHawker 900XP19:39 09-Jul-2020
N898TS N898TSFalcon 90006:16 08-Jul-2020
N108VU N108VUEC-13523:30 06-Jul-2020
N111Y N111YCessna 680 Citation Sovereign20:49 06-Jul-2020
N104VU N104VUEC-13512:10 05-Jul-2020
MJR932 N932MAEMB-500 Phenom 10017:24 01-Jul-2020
N701MP N701MPAB-206 JetRanger14:24 29-Jun-2020
SKW1397 N213SYEMB-17521:25 26-Jun-2020
N350PS N350PSAS-350/55011:39 18-Jun-2020
N65UP N65UPEC-13509:30 17-Jun-2020
N233AEAB-206 JetRanger17:45 13-Jun-2020
N2BQ N2BQAB-206 JetRanger12:09 08-Jun-2020
N103VU N103VUBK-117C-202:50 07-Jun-2020
N703MP N703MPAB-206 JetRanger01:31 31-May-2020
SKW1357 N144SYEMB-17518:39 28-May-2020
N501FJ N501FJCessna 501 Citation 1SP18:45 22-May-2020
N323DB N323DBBeech Super King Air 35013:44 18-May-2020
N318AE N318AEAB-206 JetRanger01:33 13-May-2020
N484AE N484AEAB-206 JetRanger05:19 08-May-2020
N293AE N293AEAB-206 JetRanger02:13 08-May-2020
N770HP N770HPAB-206 JetRanger19:09 22-Apr-2020
72113 09-72113BK-117C-210:03 09-Apr-2020
P43JT N43JTBeech 90 King Air04:54 05-Apr-2020
CPZ3259 N631CZEMB-175 LR10:35 02-Apr-2020
SKW5249 N143SYEMB-17501:21 01-Apr-2020

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