Boeing Field King County International Airport

Name: Boeing Field King County International Airport
City: Seattle
Country: United States
Elevation: 21 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
QXE2136 N632QXEMB-17507:39 27-Sep-2021
SWA1250 N8565ZB737-80007:30 27-Sep-2021
DAL2260 N406DXA330-900neo07:26 27-Sep-2021
AAL2394 N903AAA321-20007:17 27-Sep-2021
ATN3569 N503AZB767-30007:14 27-Sep-2021
SWA118 N8738KB737 MAX 807:12 27-Sep-2021
SCX8722 N813SYB737-80006:47 27-Sep-2021
SKW2950 N744EVCRJ-70006:39 27-Sep-2021
FFT145 N210FRA320-20006:37 27-Sep-2021
ASA1199 N519ASB737-80006:35 27-Sep-2021
SWA1951 N952WNB737-70006:33 27-Sep-2021
ASA178 N612ASB737-70006:30 27-Sep-2021
DAL790 N824DNB737-90006:29 27-Sep-2021
SWA2280 N8508WB737-80006:27 27-Sep-2021
SWA1003 N285WNB737-70006:25 27-Sep-2021
DAL460 N717TWB757-20006:24 27-Sep-2021
SWA6123 N483WNB737-70006:22 27-Sep-2021
DAL661 N846DNB737-90006:20 27-Sep-2021
ASA619 N282AKB737-90006:19 27-Sep-2021
ASA1307 N318ASB737-90006:17 27-Sep-2021
ASA1460 N283AKB737-90006:15 27-Sep-2021
ASA931 N584ASB737-80006:12 27-Sep-2021
ASA541 N323ASB737-90006:10 27-Sep-2021
DAL1149 N864DNB737-90006:08 27-Sep-2021
SWA1740 N7704BB737-70006:07 27-Sep-2021
UAL1413 N17245B737-80006:05 27-Sep-2021
ASA1021 N277AKB737-90006:03 27-Sep-2021
ASA431 N302ASB737-90006:00 27-Sep-2021
HAL30 N395HAA330-20005:59 27-Sep-2021
ASA1461 N852VAA320-20005:58 27-Sep-2021
UAL2663 N38268B737-80005:55 27-Sep-2021
AAL578 N575UWA321-20005:49 27-Sep-2021
ASA717 N468ASB737-90005:47 27-Sep-2021
ASA21 N297AKB737-90005:45 27-Sep-2021
UAL262 N77536B737-80005:40 27-Sep-2021
DAL1539 N371DAB737-80005:36 27-Sep-2021
N180VG N180VGFalcon 200005:35 27-Sep-2021
ASA675 N855VAA320-20005:34 27-Sep-2021
ASA505 N559ASB737-80005:32 27-Sep-2021
ASA1401 N251AKB737-90005:30 27-Sep-2021
DAL8868 N180DNB767-30005:25 27-Sep-2021
ASA461 N592ASB737-80005:23 27-Sep-2021
AAL2586 N965ANB737-80005:21 27-Sep-2021
EJA706 N706QSChallenger 35005:19 27-Sep-2021
DAL1556 N108DQCSeries CS10005:18 27-Sep-2021
DAL1504 N379DAB737-80005:15 27-Sep-2021
ASA84 N288AKB737-90005:08 27-Sep-2021
DAL1334 N3759B737-80005:07 27-Sep-2021
UAL2223 N81449B737-90005:05 27-Sep-2021
UAL1641 N73445B737-90005:03 27-Sep-2021
ASA485 N309ASB737-90004:58 27-Sep-2021
N52SM N52SMBAe-125-100004:58 27-Sep-2021
ASA66 N585ASB737-80004:55 27-Sep-2021
AAL1241 N905AUA321-20004:46 27-Sep-2021
FDX17 N578FEMD-1104:45 27-Sep-2021
ASA1107 N569ASB737-80004:40 27-Sep-2021
SVL21 N970DMCessna 525B Citation CJ304:40 27-Sep-2021
JZA099 C-GVJZDHC-8-400 Dash 804:39 27-Sep-2021
ASA1055 N854VAA320-20004:37 27-Sep-2021
UAL2336 N78285B737-80004:36 27-Sep-2021
ASA1223 N564ASB737-80004:30 27-Sep-2021
ASA693 N265AKB737-90004:20 27-Sep-2021
DAL2197 N123DQCSeries CS10004:19 27-Sep-2021
ATN3411 N431AZB767-30004:17 27-Sep-2021
ASA988 N913AKB737 MAX 904:15 27-Sep-2021
FDX397 N574FEMD-1104:10 27-Sep-2021
N880P N880PCessna 560XL Citation Excel04:05 27-Sep-2021
DAL2806 N822DNB737-90003:59 27-Sep-2021
DAL417 N829DNB737-90003:57 27-Sep-2021
DAL318 N830NWA330-30003:55 27-Sep-2021
ASA1304 N835VAA320-20003:53 27-Sep-2021
ASA1481 N483ASB737-90003:52 27-Sep-2021
DAL925 N134DUCSeries CS10003:50 27-Sep-2021
N253RT N253RTChallenger 60503:45 27-Sep-2021
SKW3680 N265SYEMB-17503:42 27-Sep-2021
ASA477 N448ASB737-90003:38 27-Sep-2021
DAL604 N376DAB737-80003:29 27-Sep-2021
ACA543 C-GKOEA320-20003:23 27-Sep-2021
ASA3 N923VAA321neo03:13 27-Sep-2021
SWQ4536 N917XAB737-80003:12 27-Sep-2021
KEN25 N72KACessna 208 Caravan 103:08 27-Sep-2021
ASA367 N471ASB737-90003:05 27-Sep-2021
ASA23 N238AKB737-90002:55 27-Sep-2021
ASA896 N291BTB737 MAX 902:48 27-Sep-2021
ASA39 N440ASB737-90002:45 27-Sep-2021
AAL2879 N920USA321-20002:43 27-Sep-2021
ASA227 N594ASB737-80002:30 27-Sep-2021
ASA832 N517ASB737-80002:26 27-Sep-2021
ASA860 N529ASB737-80002:20 27-Sep-2021
N365SC N365SCG28002:19 27-Sep-2021
ASA729 N275AKB737-90002:18 27-Sep-2021
ASA11 N266AKB737-90002:15 27-Sep-2021
EVA026 B-17805B787-10 Dreamliner02:10 27-Sep-2021
UAL749 N37462B737-90002:06 27-Sep-2021
AAL2009 N155NNA321-20002:00 27-Sep-2021
N715JR N715JRKodiak 10001:05 27-Sep-2021
UAL447 N39463B737-90001:03 27-Sep-2021
ICE681 TF-FIUB757-20000:56 27-Sep-2021
UPS982 N401UPB757-20000:52 27-Sep-2021
SKW4131 N289SYEMB-17500:49 27-Sep-2021
DAL1413 N3745BB737-80000:37 27-Sep-2021
EJA147 N147QSGlobal 600000:37 27-Sep-2021
EGC957 N957BJCessna 560XL Citation Excel00:25 27-Sep-2021
ATN3531 N317AZB767-30000:04 27-Sep-2021
632GU N632GUCessna 560 Citation 500:01 27-Sep-2021
N225N N225NChallenger 60423:58 26-Sep-2021
COL1910 N1910ABAe-125-70023:50 26-Sep-2021
QXE2537 N627QXEMB-17523:44 26-Sep-2021
N488AM N488AMBAe-125-70023:20 26-Sep-2021
N183TS N183TSLegacy 50022:51 26-Sep-2021
EJA114 N114QSBD-700 Global 500022:08 26-Sep-2021
N2424U N2424UPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian21:55 26-Sep-2021
QXE2529 N435QXDHC-8-400 Dash 821:40 26-Sep-2021
N960GR N960GRBD-100 Challenger 30021:37 26-Sep-2021
DAL2701 N3744FB737-80021:17 26-Sep-2021
N494KQ N494KQKodiak 10020:55 26-Sep-2021
N830RR N830RRPC-1220:44 26-Sep-2021
N755PA N755PAG28020:42 26-Sep-2021
EJM626 N626ZFalcon 7X20:38 26-Sep-2021
N38TW N38TWPA-31T1-500 Cheyenne 120:18 26-Sep-2021
DAL894 N670DNB757-20019:25 26-Sep-2021
N501MB N501MBCessna 501 Citation 1SP18:58 26-Sep-2021
N944BC N944BCR44 Raven II18:51 26-Sep-2021
ASA9530 N928VAA321neo18:11 26-Sep-2021
N249N N249NDHC-2 Mk3 Turbo Beaver17:55 26-Sep-2021
N26XL N26XLCessna 560XL Citation Excel16:46 26-Sep-2021
DAL166 N410DZA330-900neo15:53 26-Sep-2021
ASA1401 N402ASB737-90004:17 26-Sep-2021
N116AA N116AACessna 525B Citation CJ304:12 26-Sep-2021
AAL1241 N157AAA321-20004:00 26-Sep-2021
ASA39 N273AKB737-90003:14 26-Sep-2021
FDX568 N869FDB777-200LR02:51 26-Sep-2021
ASA461 N581ASB737-80002:02 26-Sep-2021
N814RL N814RLR44 Raven01:19 26-Sep-2021
N710P N710PFalcon 50EX00:58 26-Sep-2021
AMF1997 N81820Beech 99 Airliner00:58 26-Sep-2021
N626BM N626BMLearjet 3500:18 26-Sep-2021
N919DJ N919DJR44 Raven II21:41 25-Sep-2021
DAL508 N538USB757-20020:58 25-Sep-2021
N126AL N126ALPC-1220:49 25-Sep-2021
N953AL N953ALEC-13518:52 25-Sep-2021
AMF1962 N111YVBeech 190016:41 25-Sep-2021
ASA891 N918AKB737 MAX 913:31 25-Sep-2021
N430LF N430LF429 GlobalRanger06:57 25-Sep-2021
N82CW N82CWG28004:27 25-Sep-2021
N721L N721LG55002:10 25-Sep-2021
EJM136 N74JKFalcon 7X01:18 25-Sep-2021
BOE8BA N208BACessna 208 Caravan 100:52 25-Sep-2021
BOE239 EW-546PAB737 MAX 800:11 25-Sep-2021
N83CW N83CWG650 ER23:51 24-Sep-2021
N461J N461JTBM-85023:18 24-Sep-2021
N1958M N1958MEC-13023:11 24-Sep-2021
N123NX N123NXPC-1220:47 24-Sep-2021
N217ECBeech 400 Beechjet20:09 24-Sep-2021
BOE470 TC-LYCB737 MAX 917:24 24-Sep-2021
N42AL N42ALCitation M201:49 24-Sep-2021
N39PL N39PLPC-1200:27 24-Sep-2021
N23PA N23PAGVII-G60000:17 24-Sep-2021
N19NG N19NGAB-206 JetRanger21:53 23-Sep-2021
N155MB N155MBR22 Beta19:46 23-Sep-2021
JCY824 N824TMChallenger 35002:17 23-Sep-2021
N29HG N29HGChallenger 35023:12 22-Sep-2021
N67CC N67CCCessna 525A Citation CJ222:20 22-Sep-2021
N40TH N40THFalcon 2000EX20:26 22-Sep-2021
N N72TTDHC-2 Mk3 Turbo Beaver19:45 22-Sep-2021
N51SE N51SEBD-700 Global Express02:16 22-Sep-2021
BOE1AU N21AUPC-1221:47 21-Sep-2021
N12SY N12SYBAe-125-70021:34 21-Sep-2021
N504LC N504LCPC-1217:37 21-Sep-2021
N887WM N887WMG650 ER05:55 21-Sep-2021
N77UW N77UWCitation Latitude02:33 21-Sep-2021
N18S N18SG45021:42 20-Sep-2021
JCY626 N626LPChallenger 60420:18 20-Sep-2021
N7QD N7QDAB-206 JetRanger19:41 20-Sep-2021
SWA118 N8722LB737 MAX 807:24 20-Sep-2021
N945AA N945AAVision SF5023:18 19-Sep-2021
N625MC N625MCPC-1221:45 19-Sep-2021
N721V N721VG55005:23 19-Sep-2021
N680BB N680BBG650 ER23:13 18-Sep-2021
BOE485 C-GEKXB737 MAX 800:14 18-Sep-2021
N8LP N8LPTBM 91019:25 17-Sep-2021
N900HD N900HDFalcon 900EX19:22 17-Sep-2021
00000000 N689SCChallenger 60501:23 17-Sep-2021
N505AJ N505AJ505 Jet Ranger X23:37 16-Sep-2021
N225RH N225RHAB-206 JetRanger22:27 16-Sep-2021
N227N N227NDHC-2 Mk3 Turbo Beaver21:41 15-Sep-2021
N9906 N9906EC-13521:37 15-Sep-2021
BOE021 16-46021B767-20019:56 15-Sep-2021
N519GP N519GPR22 Beta00:05 15-Sep-2021
BOE462 N462KCB767-20020:31 14-Sep-2021
N279SA N279SA26901:15 14-Sep-2021
N11WM N11WMFalcon 900EX03:07 13-Sep-2021
N8KU N8KUTBM-70023:57 12-Sep-2021
SWA4063 N7843AB737-70006:37 11-Sep-2021
N36SH N36SHR6602:03 10-Sep-2021
SWA6247 N967WNB737-70003:36 09-Sep-2021
N331DC N331DCFalcon 2000DX23:24 06-Sep-2021
N852KP N852KPCabri G220:38 04-Sep-2021
N456SB N456SBKodiak 10000:39 04-Sep-2021
BOE464 N464KCB767-20001:16 01-Sep-2021
BOE578 N536RLB737 MAX 822:12 31-Aug-2021
N459WM N459WMCessna 208 Caravan 101:24 30-Aug-2021
SWA1679 N229WNB737-70007:00 27-Aug-2021
N604VG N604VGChallenger 60402:55 25-Aug-2021
N456N N456NDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver21:55 22-Aug-2021
BOE701 N7201SB737 MAX 723:46 17-Aug-2021
N88MP N88MPCitation CJ4 Gen223:12 12-Aug-2021
BOE701 N514BJB737 MAX 917:48 11-Aug-2021
N71KP N71KPUH-1 Iroquois23:30 22-Jul-2021
N964CC N964CCR44 Raven II01:28 21-Jul-2021
N429LE N429LE429 GlobalRanger00:24 21-Jul-2021
N608WM N608WMEC-13500:31 10-Jul-2021
N341WP N341WPDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver20:53 08-Jul-2021
N31792 N31792R44 Raven21:12 13-Jun-2021
BOE305 N982BAB737 MAX 819:01 28-May-2021
BOE304 N981BAB737 MAX 823:55 26-May-2021
N144AH N144AHR44 Raven20:47 21-May-2021
BOE38F N38FTT-38 Talon19:29 16-Apr-2021
N789KB N789KBR44 Clipper II13:56 16-Apr-2021
BOE017 A6-FMPB737 MAX 817:27 09-Apr-2021
N97TM N97TMR6622:25 09-Mar-2021
N2242P N2242PR22 Alpha02:26 07-Mar-2021
N8045K N8045KR22 Beta21:12 05-Mar-2021
N447RC N447RCR44 Astro03:30 19-Feb-2021
N233N N233NDHC-2 Mk3 Turbo Beaver00:14 09-Feb-2021
N711AF N711AFDHC-6 Twin Otter20:34 27-Jan-2021
N100WR N100WRR2222:53 29-Dec-2020

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