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Name: Boeing Field King County International Airport
City: Seattle
Country: United States
Elevation: 21 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
UPS982 N331UPB767-30012:09 27-Oct-2020
UPS996 N281UPMD-1112:07 27-Oct-2020
UPS988 N312UPB767-30011:21 27-Oct-2020
EJA537 N537QSCitation Latitude05:09 27-Oct-2020
N542LM N542LMLearjet 3504:01 27-Oct-2020
N450BC N450BCLearjet 4503:21 27-Oct-2020
N420KM N420KMCessna 750 Citation X01:54 27-Oct-2020
AMF1971 N1924TBeech 99 Airliner01:21 27-Oct-2020
AMF1961 N111YVBeech 190001:12 27-Oct-2020
N78ZE N78ZECessna 750 Citation X00:15 27-Oct-2020
N419CE N419CECitation CJ423:46 26-Oct-2020
ASA9802 N290AKB737-90023:45 26-Oct-2020
N240B N240BLearjet 3123:42 26-Oct-2020
QXE2117 N437QXDHC-8-400 Dash 823:26 26-Oct-2020
SKW3632 N301SYEMB-17523:17 26-Oct-2020
AAL1165 N850NNB737-80023:10 26-Oct-2020
DAL749 N322NBA319-10023:06 26-Oct-2020
EJA407 N407QSEMB-505 Phenom 30022:50 26-Oct-2020
ASA211 N448ASB737-90022:09 26-Oct-2020
N3417H N3417H26921:50 26-Oct-2020
ASA247 N471ASB737-90021:28 26-Oct-2020
QXE2003 N447QXDHC-8-400 Dash 820:52 26-Oct-2020
JZA95 C-GJZHDHC-8-400 Dash 820:43 26-Oct-2020
BOE002 N779XX777 920:21 26-Oct-2020
UAL690 N17244B737-80020:17 26-Oct-2020
AAL564 N907AAA321-20020:16 26-Oct-2020
ASA7 N925VAA321neo20:11 26-Oct-2020
ASA9810 N491ASB737-90019:55 26-Oct-2020
EJA771 N771QSChallenger 35019:51 26-Oct-2020
DAL378 N3768B737-80019:50 26-Oct-2020
N300JM N300JMR22 Beta II19:48 26-Oct-2020
GTI8234 N640GTB767-30019:46 26-Oct-2020
UAL1289 N37267B737-80019:43 26-Oct-2020
DAL143 N405DXA330-900neo18:40 26-Oct-2020
AAL710 N186USA321-20018:24 26-Oct-2020
BOE1AU N21AUPC-1218:11 26-Oct-2020
UAL382 N68452B737-90017:56 26-Oct-2020
N250HM N250HMG20017:52 26-Oct-2020
N17A N17ALearjet 36 A17:43 26-Oct-2020
ASA1382 N361VAA320-20017:19 26-Oct-2020
N721L N721LG55017:04 26-Oct-2020
ASA25 N472ASB737-90016:47 26-Oct-2020
DAL724 N834DNB737-90015:36 26-Oct-2020
N424TJ N424TJHawker 900XP14:52 26-Oct-2020
ASA602 N851VAA320-20014:43 26-Oct-2020
N780JS N780JSCessna 525B Citation CJ306:08 26-Oct-2020
N102DS N102DSCessna 510 Citation Mustang04:10 26-Oct-2020
N212AL N212ALPC-1200:52 26-Oct-2020
N420CH N420CHCessna 525B Citation CJ323:53 25-Oct-2020
XOJ769 N769XJCessna 750 Citation X23:38 25-Oct-2020
N24YP N24YPLegacy 50023:31 25-Oct-2020
N144AH N144AHR44 Raven23:16 25-Oct-2020
N11CP N11CPCessna 560XL Citation Excel23:15 25-Oct-2020
N6531N N6531NBeech 1300 Commuter22:41 25-Oct-2020
N443DB N443DBChallenger 35021:32 25-Oct-2020
N18GB N18GBCessna 650 Citation 321:29 25-Oct-2020
N1958M N1958MEC-13021:09 25-Oct-2020
N202EX N202EXFalcon 2000EX19:48 25-Oct-2020
N7670B N7670BBD-100 Challenger 30018:34 25-Oct-2020
N923LF N923LFA-10907:22 25-Oct-2020
N253RT N253RTChallenger 60503:09 25-Oct-2020
N501MB N501MBCessna 501 Citation 1SP00:49 25-Oct-2020
N626LP N626LPChallenger 60422:38 24-Oct-2020
N473PC N473PCPC-1221:56 24-Oct-2020
N599TM N599TMBeech 400 Beechjet20:12 24-Oct-2020
N248SE N248SECessna 525B Citation CJ302:16 24-Oct-2020
EJM136 N74JKFalcon 7X01:44 24-Oct-2020
N277JJ N277JJBeech 1300 Commuter00:04 24-Oct-2020
EJA624 N624QSCitation Latitude00:03 24-Oct-2020
N800BJ N800BJPC-1223:15 23-Oct-2020
JCY131 N131KSBD-100 Challenger 30021:17 23-Oct-2020
BOE127 N316SE737MAX 820:17 23-Oct-2020
BOE604 N115AM737MAX 919:04 23-Oct-2020
N8KU N8KUTBM-70018:34 23-Oct-2020
N422BM N422BMG20001:23 23-Oct-2020
N29HG N29HGChallenger 35000:11 23-Oct-2020
N225RH N225RHAB-206 JetRanger23:08 22-Oct-2020
N155MB N155MBR22 Beta19:40 22-Oct-2020
BOE120 N27520737MAX 918:00 22-Oct-2020
N116AA N116AACessna 525B Citation CJ317:04 22-Oct-2020
OAE272 N432AXB767-30015:51 22-Oct-2020
EJM4 N271DVG650 ER07:55 22-Oct-2020
EJA637 N637QSCitation Latitude00:13 22-Oct-2020
N115XP N115XPBeech 400 Beechjet21:28 21-Oct-2020
BOE116 N37516737MAX 919:13 21-Oct-2020
N331DC N331DCFalcon 2000DX16:54 21-Oct-2020
N5000X N5000XG-5 Gulfstream 500:01 21-Oct-2020
N11WM N11WMFalcon 900EX22:34 20-Oct-2020
JTL217 N217ECBeech 400 Beechjet20:53 20-Oct-2020
N112KQ N112KQKodiak 10020:44 20-Oct-2020
JCY689 N689SCChallenger 60503:21 20-Oct-2020
N456N N456NDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver22:39 19-Oct-2020
N494KQ N494KQKodiak 10020:06 19-Oct-2020
BOE053 18-46053B767-20020:00 19-Oct-2020
BOE803 N8703J737MAX 819:44 19-Oct-2020
N3MC N3MCCessna 525 Citation CJ119:24 19-Oct-2020
N547DH N547DHVision SF5002:30 19-Oct-2020
N445DB N445DBBD-700 Global 500000:35 19-Oct-2020
N71OP N710PFalcon 50EX22:31 18-Oct-2020
N550BJ N550BJCitation Bravo20:08 18-Oct-2020
TWY69 N696HSChallenger 60504:40 18-Oct-2020
N142HQ N142HQG45001:11 18-Oct-2020
N42AL N42ALCitation M223:27 17-Oct-2020
N244 N244PC-1200:54 17-Oct-2020
N226N N226NPC-1223:10 16-Oct-2020
N903DP N903DPCessna 208 Caravan 122:45 16-Oct-2020
BOE123 N37523737MAX 921:48 16-Oct-2020
BOE117 N47517737MAX 921:21 16-Oct-2020
N919DJ N919DJR44 Raven II17:55 16-Oct-2020
N225N N225NChallenger 60402:56 16-Oct-2020
BOE042 N8740A737MAX 817:18 15-Oct-2020
BOE193 N8747Q737MAX 819:24 14-Oct-2020
BOE811 PR-XMM737MAX 821:43 12-Oct-2020
N229N N229NCessna 560 Citation 502:06 12-Oct-2020
N786CS N786CSFalcon 7X23:14 11-Oct-2020
N755PA N755PAG28018:04 11-Oct-2020
NSH9 N900AHFalcon 200000:12 11-Oct-2020
BOE191 N8745K737MAX 821:06 09-Oct-2020
BOE058 HP-9908CMP737MAX 918:56 09-Oct-2020
BOE09X N109XCL-30 Silver Star23:16 08-Oct-2020
BOE126 N315SD737MAX 820:43 08-Oct-2020
QXE2082 N445QXDHC-8-400 Dash 803:40 08-Oct-2020
N478NW N478NW36922:49 07-Oct-2020
QXE2091 N450QXDHC-8-400 Dash 813:54 04-Oct-2020
QXE2856 N446QXDHC-8-400 Dash 819:59 03-Oct-2020
N407KS N407KS40706:18 03-Oct-2020
N429LE N429LE429 GlobalRanger23:41 02-Oct-2020
BOE38F N38FTT-38 Talon21:10 02-Oct-2020
BOE192 N8746Q737MAX 820:51 02-Oct-2020
BOE16X N416XCL-30 Silver Star19:20 02-Oct-2020
N456SB N456SBKodiak 10000:30 02-Oct-2020
N279SA N279SA26918:43 30-Sep-2020
N7201S737MAX 717:39 30-Sep-2020
N77UW N77UWCitation Latitude02:06 25-Sep-2020
BOE464 N464KCB767-20021:30 24-Sep-2020
N726AF N726AFBD-700 Global Express05:24 24-Sep-2020
N7049E N7049ER44 Raven II01:10 23-Sep-2020
N72TT N72TTDHC-2 Mk3 Turbo Beaver17:41 19-Sep-2020
N2424U N2424UPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian21:08 17-Sep-2020
BOE003 N779XY777 922:25 14-Sep-2020
N604EM N604EMChallenger 60419:50 11-Sep-2020
N605LT N605LTChallenger 60502:16 11-Sep-2020
BOE601 XA-MAZ737MAX 821:09 10-Sep-2020
N608WM N608WMEC-13501:11 08-Sep-2020
N688MC N688MCCessna 208 Caravan 118:25 07-Sep-2020
N4044D N4044DR22 Beta22:48 02-Sep-2020
N176AF N176AFS-7620:41 27-Aug-2020
BOE38T N38TZT-38 Talon00:27 21-Aug-2020
N37BM N37BMLearjet 3102:21 14-Aug-2020
BOE004 N786BJ737MAX 8 BBJ19:00 11-Aug-2020
N23UP N23UPR6619:09 09-Aug-2020
N211HS N211HSG65020:27 06-Aug-2020
N2AF N2AF429 GlobalRanger01:19 06-Aug-2020
BOE801 EI-HAT737MAX 8 20022:39 04-Aug-2020
N71KP N71KPUH-1 Iroquois20:17 29-Jul-2020
N31792 N31792R44 Raven00:29 24-Jul-2020
BOE106 169558P-8A Poseidon20:03 09-Jul-2020
N856TC N856TCKodiak 10000:58 08-Jul-2020
N519GP N519GPR22 Beta23:04 02-Jul-2020
N811TT N811TT26920:48 02-Jul-2020
BOE301 TC-SOI737MAX 819:16 26-Jun-2020
N789KB N789KBR44 Clipper II22:55 25-Jun-2020
N9906 N9906EC-13518:31 19-Jun-2020
N18NT N18NTDHC-2 Mk3 Turbo Beaver22:55 18-Jun-2020
N974CW N974CW26923:37 16-Jun-2020
N223VR N223VRR44 Raven II17:21 08-Jun-2020
N748AF N748AFBK-117C-217:07 27-May-2020
N19LD N19LDCessna Bird Dog18:47 12-May-2020
N227N N227NDHC-2 Mk3 Turbo Beaver20:33 11-May-2020
N249N N249NDHC-2 Mk3 Turbo Beaver19:58 11-May-2020
N429KS N429KSDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver02:16 02-May-2020
N97TM N97TMR6620:04 01-May-2020
N7530M N7530MR44 Clipper II21:38 27-Apr-2020
N233N N233NDHC-2 Mk3 Turbo Beaver18:35 22-Apr-2020
N44UK N44UKR44 Raven II17:25 13-Apr-2020
N100WR N100WRR2221:05 12-Apr-2020
N422RXR44 Raven23:49 10-Apr-2020
N715JR N715JRDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver19:09 07-Apr-2020
N450P N450PDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver19:08 07-Apr-2020
N74836 N74836R44 Raven II19:57 02-Apr-2020
N985P N985PDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver20:39 28-Mar-2020

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