Laurence G Hanscom Field

Name: Laurence G Hanscom Field
City: Bedford
Country: United States
Elevation: 133 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
EJM616 N616KGG650 ER03:46 17-Jun-2021
N324JT N324JTCitation Bravo00:47 17-Jun-2021
TWY926 N926SSChallenger 60400:41 17-Jun-2021
EJA537 N537QSCitation Latitude00:13 17-Jun-2021
N510MG N510MGG-4 Gulfstream 423:34 16-Jun-2021
N141L N141LBeech Super King Air 35022:53 16-Jun-2021
N353PT N353PTPC-1222:41 16-Jun-2021
PHJ56 N56WZCessna 560XL Citation Excel22:11 16-Jun-2021
JAS82 N859AGChallenger 60521:44 16-Jun-2021
TWY825 N103SWBD-700 Global Express21:41 16-Jun-2021
EJM618 N618KGG28021:06 16-Jun-2021
N63TP N63TPTBM-70020:35 16-Jun-2021
N506RT N506RTChallenger 65018:52 16-Jun-2021
OLV70 N70HWCessna 525 Citation CJ118:31 16-Jun-2021
N330GW N330GWHawker 900XP17:23 16-Jun-2021
EJA383 N383QSEMB-505 Phenom 30017:19 16-Jun-2021
N857JS N857JSCessna 560XL Citation Excel17:15 16-Jun-2021
N280BC N280BCG45016:53 16-Jun-2021
N18B N18BGVII-G50016:38 16-Jun-2021
EJM57 N57HJG-4 Gulfstream 412:45 16-Jun-2021
DPJ617 N617MWCessna 560XL Citation Excel04:04 16-Jun-2021
LN805AH N805AHBeech 1300 Commuter00:44 16-Jun-2021
N605KG N605KGAW13923:58 15-Jun-2021
N800PF N800PFCessna 525 Citation CJ123:34 15-Jun-2021
N32NS N32NSVision SF5023:01 15-Jun-2021
JTL505 N505PJEMB-505 Phenom 30022:58 15-Jun-2021
MMN421 N421DD4000 Hawker Horizon21:26 15-Jun-2021
CJE324 N324WKG20021:17 15-Jun-2021
N313RF N313RFBD-700 Global Express19:45 15-Jun-2021
N171WT N171WTR44 Raven16:54 15-Jun-2021
TWY928 N926ECChallenger 60515:05 15-Jun-2021
CNS47 N916AFPC-1214:34 15-Jun-2021
TWY892 N989JRBD-700 Global 500013:35 15-Jun-2021
EJM626 N626ZFalcon 7X06:40 15-Jun-2021
N125TM N125TMBD-100 Challenger 30003:35 15-Jun-2021
N469RS N469RSCessna 560XL Citation Excel00:52 15-Jun-2021
N605LC N605LCChallenger 60522:44 14-Jun-2021
JAS84 N712AGChallenger 60503:18 14-Jun-2021
N526AB N526ABCitation M220:35 13-Jun-2021
N111RF N111RFTBM-70016:53 13-Jun-2021
N444RL N444RLEclipse 50014:47 13-Jun-2021
N321WA N321WABD-700 Global 500000:41 13-Jun-2021
N45JE N45JEG55021:09 12-Jun-2021
TWY76 N605DSChallenger 60520:11 12-Jun-2021
N270LE N270LEG650 ER18:56 12-Jun-2021
N818ME N818MEG-4 Gulfstream 423:59 11-Jun-2021
EJM378 N707JCBD-100 Challenger 30021:14 11-Jun-2021
N135RU N135RUCitation M219:29 11-Jun-2021
N420FG N420FGHA-420 HondaJet16:23 11-Jun-2021
N3157H N3157HR44 Raven II15:56 11-Jun-2021
N4NY N4NYPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian20:04 10-Jun-2021
N148MW N148MWEMB-500 Phenom 10018:09 10-Jun-2021
N228RE N228REG-4 Gulfstream 403:28 10-Jun-2021
N626JS N626JSGlobal 600021:54 09-Jun-2021
MTH5TB N105TBG-1159 Gulfstream 217:32 08-Jun-2021
N72XF N72XFBD-700 Global Express16:02 08-Jun-2021
EJM500 N97AKBD-700 Global 500002:45 08-Jun-2021
GAJ909 N909UPCessna 750 Citation X00:39 08-Jun-2021
N510CT N510CTFalcon 2000EX EASy02:41 07-Jun-2021
N780PS-7619:45 04-Jun-2021
N627JW N627JWBD-700 Global 500002:39 03-Jun-2021
N4AT N4ATCitation Bravo23:34 02-Jun-2021
N607AH N607AHPC-1216:38 01-Jun-2021
TWY63 N603LChallenger 60421:39 31-May-2021
TWY50 N50NLFalcon 7X19:23 31-May-2021
N508GD N508GDGVII-G50022:30 23-May-2021
LJY606 N606KGCessna 680 Citation Sovereign19:07 18-May-2021
N30RT N30RTS-7611:51 17-May-2021
EJM399 N399NCBD-100 Challenger 30017:59 16-May-2021
N453TB N453TBTBM-85022:16 15-May-2021
TWY925 N900SWBD-700 Global Express20:45 13-May-2021
MTH8TB N448TBFalcon 2016:02 11-May-2021
N51NL N51NLAW.16918:46 30-Apr-2021
N617DV N617DVFalcon 900EX20:42 26-Mar-2021
N95TV N95TVAB-206 JetRanger12:38 24-Mar-2021
N312CE N312CER6621:17 11-Feb-2021
F-BUPCDR.400 10012:13 04-Feb-2021
N77MG N77MGR4419:17 11-Jan-2021

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