Lehigh Valley International Airport

Name: Lehigh Valley International Airport
City: Allentown
Country: United States
Elevation: 393 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
ABX3161 N768AXB767-20002:48 09-May-2021
N641DJ N641DJ4000 Hawker Horizon23:00 08-May-2021
ECJ21 N721ECLearjet 3521:38 08-May-2021
DPJ493 N493TMBeech 400 Beechjet19:20 08-May-2021
N828RN N828RNCessna 208 Caravan 117:17 08-May-2021
N2244 N2244PC-1216:23 08-May-2021
FDX1497 N670FEA300B4-60010:45 08-May-2021
N320TM N320TMBAe-125-70021:41 07-May-2021
N939AM N939AMCitation CJ420:12 07-May-2021
N2300H N2300HR22 Beta17:24 07-May-2021
FDX1740 N672FEA300B4-60009:51 07-May-2021
N914AS N914ASPA-31T1-500 Cheyenne 123:20 06-May-2021
N804 N804Beech 1300 Commuter16:27 06-May-2021
ECJ31 N315JLBAe-125-70015:55 06-May-2021
N817LV N817LVEC-13514:27 06-May-2021
N484LF N484LFBK-117C-213:38 06-May-2021
N350KD N350KDBeech Super King Air 35022:25 05-May-2021
N237X N237XFalcon 7X15:23 04-May-2021
N337CM N337CMCessna 510 Citation Mustang21:47 30-Apr-2021
N877H N877HChallenger 60402:31 28-Apr-2021
N457UT N457UTLearjet 6021:35 26-Apr-2021
LBQ900 N26VWPC-1216:21 23-Apr-2021
N4055N N4055NR44 II17:26 22-Apr-2021
N815RD N815RDTBM-70012:36 20-Apr-2021
N535MK N535MKPC-1215:09 16-Apr-2021
N487DT N487DT390 Premier 119:35 15-Apr-2021
N651WB N651WBTBM-85020:01 13-Apr-2021
N57CD N57CDOH-23 Raven15:32 13-Apr-2021
N531TC N531TC26917:41 02-Apr-2021
N743TT N743TTLearjet 4521:14 26-Mar-2021
N344AP N344APG650 ER23:44 21-Mar-2021
N343AP N343APFalcon 7X21:31 17-Mar-2021
N297PJ N297PJG-4 Gulfstream 401:15 18-Feb-2021
N484WC N484WCBeech Super King Air 35022:48 04-Feb-2021
N480PP N480PP48017:57 30-Jan-2021

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