Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

Name: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
City: Nairobi
Country: Kenya
Elevation: 5330 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
KQA785 5Y-CYDB737-80017:26 23-Oct-2021
MWI050 ET-ARBB737-70017:08 23-Oct-2021
JMA8645 5Y-JXHDHC-8-400 Dash 817:05 23-Oct-2021
JMA8665 5Y-JXDDHC-8-400 Dash 817:02 23-Oct-2021
KQA533 5Y-KYEB737-80016:59 23-Oct-2021
ETD950 A6-DDCB777-200LR16:57 23-Oct-2021
RWD402 9XR-WMDHC-8-400 Dash 816:53 23-Oct-2021
KQA611 5Y-CYEB737-80016:49 23-Oct-2021
JMA8657 5Y-JXBDHC-8-400 Dash 816:38 23-Oct-2021
KQA671 5Y-FFHEMB-19016:36 23-Oct-2021
UAE9318 A6-EGWB777-300ER16:31 23-Oct-2021
KQA415 5Y-KYDB737-80016:29 23-Oct-2021
DHX403 A9C-DHSB767-30015:55 23-Oct-2021
JMA8693 5Y-JXIDHC-8-400 Dash 815:10 23-Oct-2021
KQA427 5Y-FFGEMB-19015:08 23-Oct-2021
KQA465 5Y-FFDEMB-19014:20 23-Oct-2021
KQA761 5Y-FFBEMB-19013:55 23-Oct-2021
KQA485 5Y-FFEEMB-19013:43 23-Oct-2021
5YJWF 5Y-JWFFokker 7013:18 23-Oct-2021
KQA2883 5Y-KZBB787-8 Dreamliner12:52 23-Oct-2021
FJE189 5Y-FQBB737-40010:23 23-Oct-2021
KQA305 5Y-KZFB787-8 Dreamliner07:50 23-Oct-2021
KQA419 5Y-FFKEMB-19001:14 23-Oct-2021
ATLAS962 224C-27J Spartan16:25 22-Oct-2021
KQA111 5Y-KZGB787-8 Dreamliner15:59 22-Oct-2021
N726AF N726AFBD-700 Global Express09:14 22-Oct-2021
ATLAS962 226C-27J Spartan09:21 21-Oct-2021
5YSRI 5Y-SRIPC-1205:44 21-Oct-2021
PRIME100 KAF308Fokker 7010:31 19-Oct-2021
5YZBG 5Y-ZBGCessna 208 Caravan 109:09 18-Oct-2021
5YPAA 5Y-PAACessna 680 Citation Sovereign08:06 18-Oct-2021
KQA311 5Y-KZDB787-8 Dreamliner06:01 18-Oct-2021
KQA213 5Y-CYCB737-80001:08 13-Oct-2021
RHINO01 83-0494Beech 1300 Commuter15:52 06-Oct-2021
5Y-FMADHC-8-400 Dash 808:28 06-Oct-2021
ATLAS960 222C-27J Spartan09:02 30-Sep-2021
KQA311 5Y-KZHB787-8 Dreamliner02:05 08-Sep-2021
5YBYX 5Y-BYXCessna F406 Caravan 211:03 02-Sep-2021
5YGAS 5Y-GASBeech 190014:01 09-Mar-2021

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