Mohammed V International Airport

Name: Mohammed V International Airport
City: Casablanca
Country: Morocco
Elevation: 656 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
RAM500B CN-RAMB787-9 Dreamliner05:11 24-Sep-2021
MAC486 CN-NMNA320-20005:03 24-Sep-2021
RAM510Z CN-RGJB737-80004:58 24-Sep-2021
RAM522T CN-RGFB737-80004:54 24-Sep-2021
RAM961U CN-RGTB787-8 Dreamliner22:23 23-Sep-2021
MAC112F CN-NMFA320-20021:49 23-Sep-2021
RAM733M CN-ROLB737-80020:26 23-Sep-2021
RAM328 CN-ROWB767-30020:19 23-Sep-2021
RAM771C CN-RGVB737-80020:16 23-Sep-2021
AFR1496 F-GTATA321-20020:05 23-Sep-2021
RAM911 CN-RGBB787-8 Dreamliner20:01 23-Sep-2021
RAM715Z CN-MAYB737 MAX 819:58 23-Sep-2021
RAM969C CN-RGPEMB-19019:54 23-Sep-2021
MAI114 5T-CLLEMB-17519:34 23-Sep-2021
RAM833L CN-ROHB737-80019:20 23-Sep-2021
RAM438 CN-COGATR-72-60019:07 23-Sep-2021
RAM412 CN-COJATR-72-60018:24 23-Sep-2021
RAM765B CN-ROBB737-80018:11 23-Sep-2021
CNKAS CN-KASBD-700 Global 500018:01 23-Sep-2021
RAM955V CN-RNUB737-80017:53 23-Sep-2021
RAM408 CN-COIATR-72-60012:01 23-Sep-2021
RAM402D CN-RGREMB-19009:10 23-Sep-2021
RAM424 CN-RGIB737-80023:54 22-Sep-2021
FRV1203 CN-MVIB737-80010:17 22-Sep-2021
CNTRS CN-TRSG28017:43 21-Sep-2021
RAM797L CN-ROKB737-80020:03 20-Sep-2021
RAM953Q CN-ROTB737-80018:31 20-Sep-2021
RAM833L CN-RGGB737-80019:12 18-Sep-2021
RAM833L CN-RGCB787-8 Dreamliner19:41 17-Sep-2021
CNRAK CN-RAKFalcon 900EX13:31 17-Sep-2021
FRV1214 CN-RGAB747-40013:25 17-Sep-2021
FRV1437 CN-MMYCessna 560XL Citation Excel09:56 17-Sep-2021
RAM751A CN-ROPB737-80022:27 13-Sep-2021
CGA102 9S-AKDA320-20020:54 01-Sep-2021
AFR362V F-GTAEA321-20007:29 30-Aug-2021
AFR382V F-GTAUA321-20018:01 26-Aug-2021
RAM945 CN-RNJB737-80013:29 25-Aug-2021
CNTJS CN-TJSHawker 900XP09:51 13-Aug-2021
AFR364V F-GRXAA319-10007:15 09-Aug-2021
RAM209M CN-RGUB787-8 Dreamliner08:51 05-Jun-2021
RAM8163 CN-RNLB737-70022:17 27-Feb-2021
RAM271 CN-RNVB737-70020:18 25-Feb-2021
RAM554 CN-RODB737-70009:35 25-Feb-2021

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