East Seven Airport

Codes: FLEG/
Name: East Seven Airport
City: Kanshela
Country: Zambia
Elevation: 4000 ft.

Photos at East Seven Airport

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Weather at East Seven Airport

Time (UTC)DescriptionTempratureWindCloud coverageVisibilityPressureHumidity
21-Jun-2024 12:00Clear Sky29°C7 mph, SE0%10000m1014hPa25%
21-Jun-2024 15:00Few Clouds28°C11 mph, SE11%10000m1014hPa27%
21-Jun-2024 18:00Scattered Clouds23°C9 mph, SE27%10000m1017hPa41%
21-Jun-2024 21:00Clear Sky15°C4 mph, SE0%10000m1020hPa65%
22-Jun-2024 00:00Clear Sky15°C7 mph, SE0%10000m1019hPa62%
22-Jun-2024 03:00Clear Sky12°C4 mph, SE1%10000m1021hPa71%
22-Jun-2024 06:00Clear Sky17°C9 mph, SE0%10000m1021hPa55%
22-Jun-2024 09:00Clear Sky25°C7 mph, SE0%10000m1019hPa31%
22-Jun-2024 12:00Clear Sky29°C7 mph, SE0%10000m1014hPa24%
22-Jun-2024 15:00Clear Sky26°C9 mph, SE0%10000m1014hPa28%
22-Jun-2024 18:00Clear Sky20°C9 mph, SE0%10000m1019hPa44%
22-Jun-2024 21:00Clear Sky15°C4 mph, SE0%10000m1021hPa62%
23-Jun-2024 00:00Clear Sky14°C7 mph, SE0%10000m1020hPa60%
23-Jun-2024 03:00Clear Sky12°C4 mph, SE1%10000m1021hPa72%
23-Jun-2024 06:00Clear Sky17°C9 mph, SE0%10000m1022hPa55%
23-Jun-2024 09:00Clear Sky25°C9 mph, E0%10000m1019hPa31%
23-Jun-2024 12:00Clear Sky29°C7 mph, SE3%10000m1015hPa22%
23-Jun-2024 15:00Clear Sky26°C11 mph, SE4%10000m1015hPa28%
23-Jun-2024 18:00Clear Sky19°C7 mph, SE2%10000m1020hPa45%
23-Jun-2024 21:00Clear Sky14°C9 mph, SE0%10000m1022hPa59%
24-Jun-2024 00:00Clear Sky13°C9 mph, SE0%10000m1021hPa69%
24-Jun-2024 03:00Clear Sky12°C7 mph, SE0%10000m1021hPa78%
24-Jun-2024 06:00Clear Sky16°C9 mph, SE0%10000m1022hPa64%
24-Jun-2024 09:00Clear Sky24°C9 mph, E0%10000m1020hPa36%
24-Jun-2024 12:00Clear Sky27°C7 mph, SE2%10000m1015hPa26%
24-Jun-2024 15:00Clear Sky24°C11 mph, SE6%10000m1016hPa36%
24-Jun-2024 18:00Few Clouds16°C9 mph, SE23%10000m1021hPa60%
24-Jun-2024 21:00Scattered Clouds15°C7 mph, SE40%10000m1021hPa67%
25-Jun-2024 00:00Scattered Clouds13°C9 mph, SE37%10000m1020hPa72%
25-Jun-2024 03:00Clear Sky11°C4 mph, SE6%10000m1021hPa85%
25-Jun-2024 06:00Clear Sky15°C9 mph, SE5%10000m1022hPa65%
25-Jun-2024 09:00Clear Sky24°C9 mph, E1%10000m1019hPa34%
25-Jun-2024 12:00Few Clouds27°C7 mph, E13%10000m1015hPa24%
25-Jun-2024 15:00Clear Sky25°C9 mph, SE3%10000m1015hPa27%
25-Jun-2024 18:00Clear Sky18°C9 mph, SE2%10000m1019hPa48%
25-Jun-2024 21:00Clear Sky15°C7 mph, SE0%10000m1021hPa63%
26-Jun-2024 00:00Clear Sky14°C9 mph, SE0%10000m1020hPa69%
26-Jun-2024 03:00Clear Sky12°C7 mph, SE5%10000m1020hPa73%
26-Jun-2024 06:00Scattered Clouds16°C11 mph, SE38%10000m1021hPa57%
26-Jun-2024 09:00Overcast Clouds24°C11 mph, E96%10000m1019hPa32%