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Name: Copernicus Wroc?aw Airport
City: Wroc?aw
Country: Poland
Elevation: 404 ft.

© Tobias Hottinger

© Tobias Hottinger

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
KLM1271 PH-EXTEMB-17512:22 26-Oct-2020
RYR45LX SP-RKDB737-80010:41 26-Oct-2020
RYR6RY SP-RSGB737-80009:53 26-Oct-2020
RYR28AV EI-DHOB737-80008:29 26-Oct-2020
SWT1984 EC-INVATR 72 212F04:42 26-Oct-2020
RYR8KE EI-DPWB737-80020:09 25-Oct-2020
RYR28AV SP-RKAB737-80016:48 25-Oct-2020
IGA535 SP-MRBSaab 34016:31 25-Oct-2020
MDMUC M-DMUCGVII-G50016:05 25-Oct-2020
ENT7058 SP-ESDB737-80007:12 24-Oct-2020
SRN762 SP-KPZSaab 34008:36 23-Oct-2020
DECMR D-ECMRSR-2212:30 22-Oct-2020
RYR6DB SP-RKNB737-80009:14 21-Oct-2020
SP-HXGEC-13517:10 20-Oct-2020
LPR21 SP-DXAEC-13513:51 14-Oct-2020
JDI80H SP-KHIChallenger 35012:37 12-Oct-2020
SPTBF SP-TBFGulfstream G15011:23 11-Oct-2020
LPR13 SP-HXMEC-13522:26 10-Oct-2020
SPACN SP-ACNAT-3 R10009:21 05-Oct-2020
LPR13 SP-HXWEC-13517:52 29-Sep-2020
SP-HXHEC-13515:45 23-Sep-2020
DECRQ D-ECRQCessna 17212:07 19-Sep-2020
SP-HXOEC-13511:12 17-Sep-2020
SP-MCRR6614:28 08-Sep-2020
SPMDB SP-MDBAS-350/55014:24 08-Sep-2020
MMJLD M-MJLDCitation Latitude13:40 04-Sep-2020
D-HKKOEC-13013:46 28-Aug-2020
SP-GGKR44 Raven II15:20 28-Jul-2020
URICH UR-ICHEC-15510:03 23-Jul-2020
SPCHS SP-CHSR6606:45 01-Jul-2020

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