Warsaw Chopin Airport

Name: Warsaw Chopin Airport
City: Warsaw
Country: Poland
Elevation: 362 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
LOT7LA SP-LVAB737 MAX 812:16 31-Jul-2021
LOT6PY SP-LNGEMB-19512:13 31-Jul-2021
LOT8PA SP-LVBB737 MAX 812:05 31-Jul-2021
LOT386 SP-EQKDHC-8-400 Dash 811:46 31-Jul-2021
DLH1JA D-AIUAA320-20011:37 31-Jul-2021
LOT8YM SP-LNKEMB-19511:34 31-Jul-2021
LOT4KH SP-LMAEMB-19011:23 31-Jul-2021
ENT7670 SP-ESFB737-80011:18 31-Jul-2021
LOT3908 OY-YBYDHC-8-400 Dash 811:04 31-Jul-2021
LOT48F SP-LNPEMB-19510:58 31-Jul-2021
LOT318 SP-LIMEMB-175 LR10:56 31-Jul-2021
LOT46 SP-LRFB787-8 Dreamliner10:54 31-Jul-2021
LOT4WR SP-LNHEMB-19510:52 31-Jul-2021
JDI51F SP-AAWLearjet 7510:46 31-Jul-2021
LOT266 SP-LNDEMB-19510:44 31-Jul-2021
LOT2TW SP-LNCEMB-19510:41 31-Jul-2021
LOT412 SP-LNEEMB-19510:39 31-Jul-2021
LOT40M SP-LDIEMB-17010:37 31-Jul-2021
LOT3PE SP-LMCEMB-19010:35 31-Jul-2021
TVP7495 OK-TVVB737-80010:29 31-Jul-2021
ENT72XK SP-ESGB737-80010:25 31-Jul-2021
LOT27 SP-LSEB787-9 Dreamliner10:21 31-Jul-2021
LOT6KY SP-LDFEMB-17010:01 31-Jul-2021
UAE179 A6-EPIB777-300ER09:43 31-Jul-2021
LOT3LC SP-LIBEMB-175 SD09:39 31-Jul-2021
LOT224 SP-EQIDHC-8-400 Dash 809:37 31-Jul-2021
ENT4598 SP-ENUB737-80008:45 31-Jul-2021
LOT8536 SP-LWGB737-80008:43 31-Jul-2021
SPLFH SP-LFHP.2008 JC08:27 31-Jul-2021
LOT2KH SP-LINEMB-175 LR07:13 31-Jul-2021
LOT2CB SP-LSFB787-9 Dreamliner06:26 31-Jul-2021
LOT6306 SP-LRBB787-8 Dreamliner06:20 31-Jul-2021
LOT7 SP-LREB787-8 Dreamliner05:46 31-Jul-2021
LOT530 SP-LDHEMB-17005:16 31-Jul-2021
LOT792 SP-LDGEMB-17004:30 31-Jul-2021
LOT85A SP-LICEMB-175 SD04:23 31-Jul-2021
QTR263 A7-BCTB787-8 Dreamliner04:00 31-Jul-2021
WZZ2484 G-WUKCA321-20019:53 30-Jul-2021
LOT35Y SP-LIOEMB-175 LR19:01 30-Jul-2021
LOT6LW SP-LNNEMB-19517:09 30-Jul-2021
LOT3816 SP-EQEDHC-8-400 Dash 816:48 30-Jul-2021
LOT136 SP-LIIEMB-175 LR16:47 30-Jul-2021
SPVOL SP-VOL40707:20 30-Jul-2021
LOT7048 SP-LIHEMB-175 LR22:15 29-Jul-2021
PPU01 SP-TPUBeech Super King Air 35011:33 29-Jul-2021
OKRLV OK-RLVG28020:29 27-Jul-2021
LOT9PU SP-LMBEMB-19012:35 27-Jul-2021
JDI007 SP-TOPG65010:49 27-Jul-2021
LOT3948 SP-LWBB737-80016:02 26-Jul-2021
LOT8538 SP-LNFEMB-19512:32 24-Jul-2021
SPMRX SP-MRXPA-46-310P Malibu18:25 17-Jul-2021
SPHTA SP-HTAP.2008 JC14:29 07-Jul-2021
SPHPC SP-HPCR44 Raven I05:56 06-Jul-2021
SRN900 SP-SPHATR-72-20007:20 02-Jul-2021
LOT484 SP-LIAEMB-175 SD19:35 29-Jun-2021
DHX900 A9C-DHMB767-20016:35 29-Jun-2021
SPTPC SP-TPCAT-3 L10009:07 30-May-2021
SPSAT SP-SATAW.16909:14 25-May-2021
SPOKW SP-OKWEC-13007:41 20-May-2021
CSA9400 OK-GFQATR-72-50010:17 29-Apr-2021
SPKOL SP-KOLCessna 15217:42 27-Apr-2021
JDI19J SP-DLBLegacy 60009:41 13-Apr-2021
DHX900P A9C-DHJB767-20013:46 28-Feb-2021

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