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Name: Modlin Airport
City: Warsaw
Country: Poland
Elevation: 341 ft.

© Luis Vaz

© Luis Vaz

© Luis Vaz

© Luis Vaz

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
RYR3HB EI-EVEB737-80018:58 24-Sep-2020
SPVOL SP-VOL40717:26 24-Sep-2020
RYR3WL SP-RKGB737-80020:07 23-Sep-2020
MOLEG M-OLEGLegacy 60016:16 23-Sep-2020
SPISS SP-ISSBeech 90 King Air10:51 23-Sep-2020
SPTVA SP-TVAP.2006T16:36 22-Sep-2020
DELRD D-ELRDCessna 17210:08 20-Sep-2020
SPMMB SP-MMBP.2006T16:45 15-Sep-2020
SPMIS SP-MISPA-44 Seminole14:10 14-Sep-2020
SPNDA SP-NDAKatana 2007:53 14-Sep-2020
SPNUT SP-NUTPC-1208:56 13-Sep-2020
JDI10A SP-ZAKBD-700 Global 500017:41 11-Sep-2020
SPNKN SP-NKNKatana 2006:07 10-Sep-2020
AMQ10H SP-VDHBD-100 Challenger 30013:21 07-Sep-2020
AMQ8A SP-GECG28016:37 06-Sep-2020
SPYNZ SP-YNZLiM-113:14 05-Sep-2020
SPAAW SP-AAWLearjet 7511:15 05-Sep-2020
SPTBF SP-TBFGulfstream G15014:54 31-Aug-2020
AMQ7V SP-DLVCessna 525 Citation CJ116:50 29-Aug-2020
SPNST SP-NSTEMB-810 Seneca16:11 28-Aug-2020
AMQ3Z SP-CEZLearjet 6009:43 25-Aug-2020
SPKLN SP-KLNCitation Bravo08:14 23-Jul-2020
SPRPW SP-RPWBeech 1300 Commuter15:29 11-May-2020
SPWOL SP-WOLR44 II05:31 14-Apr-2020

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