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Name: Katowice International Airport
City: Katowice
Country: Poland
Elevation: 995 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
RYR6908 SP-RSAB737-80022:41 25-Oct-2020
WZZ49SN HA-LYZA320-20020:01 25-Oct-2020
AMQ1M SP-NVMG28017:44 25-Oct-2020
RYR77WM SP-RSXB737-80014:53 25-Oct-2020
WZZ801 HA-LJBA320neo10:51 25-Oct-2020
AMQ669 9H-GAXB737-80009:50 25-Oct-2020
WZZ920 HA-LYFA320-20009:26 25-Oct-2020
RYR4321 SP-RKCB737-80022:18 24-Oct-2020
ENT5216 SP-ESCB737-80020:21 24-Oct-2020
SPLFD SP-LFDP.2008 JC13:13 23-Oct-2020
SWT3KT EC-LYJATR-72-50005:54 23-Oct-2020
ENT5442 SP-ESBB737-80021:57 22-Oct-2020
ENT79SX SP-ENMB737-80021:09 22-Oct-2020
ENT4094 SP-ENQB737-80019:59 22-Oct-2020
ENT7702 SP-ENXB737-80014:08 22-Oct-2020
AMQ489 9H-FRAB737-80013:03 22-Oct-2020
DLH9967 I-ADJTEMB-19518:05 21-Oct-2020
ENT7182 SP-ESHB737-80010:56 21-Oct-2020
WZZ87 HA-LWGA320-20009:00 21-Oct-2020
SPMSG SP-MSGEMB-505 Phenom 30015:20 18-Oct-2020
ENT5216 SP-ENPB737-80020:31 17-Oct-2020
FIN8923 OH-LKPEMB-19013:58 17-Oct-2020
FIN8921 OH-LKHEMB-19013:18 09-Oct-2020
ENT4092 SP-ENVB737-80018:12 08-Oct-2020
WZZ6567 HA-LXVA321-20013:50 06-Oct-2020
SPGMF SP-GMFEMB-810 Seneca09:59 06-Oct-2020
WZZ103 HA-LXMA321-20009:29 04-Oct-2020
ENT106T SP-EXB737MAX 816:35 01-Oct-2020
SPNCC SP-NCC505 Jet Ranger X13:15 25-Sep-2020
SPWER SP-WERP.2008 JC10:43 09-Aug-2020
EIRDA EI-RDAEMB-175 STD14:23 02-Jul-2020
ENT58ZK SP-ENWB737-80019:45 17-May-2020

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