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Name: John Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice Airport
City: Krakow
Country: Poland
Elevation: 791 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
LOT3923 SP-EQHDHC-8-400 Dash 815:47 03-Mar-2021
DESDT D-ESDTDA-4013:59 03-Mar-2021
DLH5YY D-AIBJA319-10013:50 03-Mar-2021
PLF032 018C-29513:18 03-Mar-2021
SPFBA SP-FBAPA-46-310P Malibu11:09 03-Mar-2021
PLF115 0224M-28 Skytruck10:19 03-Mar-2021
PLF288 013C-29510:15 03-Mar-2021
PLF118 0222M-28 Skytruck18:56 02-Mar-2021
PLF113 0223M-28 Skytruck18:36 02-Mar-2021
PLF117 0220M-28 Skytruck17:22 02-Mar-2021
PLF284 017C-29513:56 02-Mar-2021
WZZ35RM HA-LPOA320-20010:50 02-Mar-2021
RYR5891 SP-RSYB737-80020:21 01-Mar-2021
RYR8507 SP-RKCB737-80015:44 01-Mar-2021
RYR3MD SP-RKBB737-80015:06 01-Mar-2021
RYR9715 SP-RKVB737-80013:33 01-Mar-2021
PLF040A 027C-29512:43 01-Mar-2021
RYR7WJ SP-RKAB737-80010:29 01-Mar-2021
PLF117 0219M-28 Skytruck14:19 26-Feb-2021
SPOLU SP-OLUAB-206 JetRanger09:52 26-Feb-2021
SPAPG SP-APGCessna 15209:08 26-Feb-2021
PLF034 012C-29513:11 25-Feb-2021
SPGTO SP-GTOR6611:12 24-Feb-2021
PLF042 024C-29512:06 23-Feb-2021
RYR8507 SP-RSXB737-80020:29 22-Feb-2021
SPINN SP-INNSR22T09:00 18-Feb-2021
PLF117 0218M-28 Skytruck10:03 12-Feb-2021
SPSCAN SP-SCANKR-030 Topaz10:45 06-Feb-2021
WZZ803 HA-LTAA321-20015:53 21-Jan-2021
WZZ40 HA-LYHA320-20016:38 11-Jan-2021

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