Oslo Gardermoen Airport

Name: Oslo Gardermoen Airport
City: Oslo
Country: Norway
Elevation: 681 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
SAS462 SE-ROXA320neo17:01 22-May-2022
NOZ641 LN-ENQB737-80016:59 22-May-2022
NOZ347 LN-ENTB737-80016:57 22-May-2022
NOZ1107 LN-DYRB737-80016:55 22-May-2022
SAS1904 EI-GECCRJ-90016:53 22-May-2022
SAS1327 SE-RUCA320neo16:53 22-May-2022
KLM1149 PH-NXAEMB-195 E216:49 22-May-2022
FOX46W LN-DYIB737-80016:47 22-May-2022
BTI15M YL-ABDCSeries CS30016:46 22-May-2022
FOX45G LN-FGGB737 MAX 816:44 22-May-2022
SAS69C LN-RRHB737-80016:43 22-May-2022
WIF53X LN-WIBDHC-8-100 Dash 816:42 22-May-2022
FOX91S LN-FGBB737-80016:42 22-May-2022
NOZ191 LN-ENPB737-80016:37 22-May-2022
NOZ383 LN-NIGB737-80016:35 22-May-2022
SAS806 EI-SIHA320neo16:34 22-May-2022
DLH1UV D-AIZDA320-20016:30 22-May-2022
SAS4038 LN-RGMA320neo16:27 22-May-2022
NOZ543 LN-ENSB737-80016:21 22-May-2022
NOZ431 LN-NHGB737-80016:19 22-May-2022
MDT9 LN-AGRFalcon 7X16:18 22-May-2022
NOZ9T LN-ENVB737-80016:16 22-May-2022
NJE773Y CS-LTBCitation Latitude16:13 22-May-2022
DLH8RJ D-AIZOA320-20016:10 22-May-2022
SAS4525 OY-KANA320-20016:09 22-May-2022
SAS33R SE-DOXA320neo16:08 22-May-2022
SAS375 LN-RGNA320neo16:00 22-May-2022
TAP764K CS-TVBA320neo15:44 22-May-2022
WIF335 LN-WIGDHC-8-100 Dash 815:35 22-May-2022
SAS7118 LN-TUMB737-70015:23 22-May-2022
WIF92F LN-WIVDHC-8-100 Dash 815:02 22-May-2022
VKG1587 OY-VKFA330-20014:48 22-May-2022
SAS4113 LN-RREB737-80014:46 22-May-2022
LBD1 LN-WOWDA-4214:42 22-May-2022
XRO234 D-CEMOHawker 75012:49 22-May-2022
NOZ3LB LN-ENNB737-80011:24 22-May-2022
BNO92J LN-SAACitation Latitude10:43 22-May-2022
MDT5 LN-STBChallenger 35009:19 22-May-2022
SAS483 OY-KAPA320-20007:58 22-May-2022
ETH714 ET-AORB787-8 Dreamliner06:25 22-May-2022
HELIDOC LN-OORBK-117C-219:20 21-May-2022
HEP02 LN-ORBAW.16918:31 21-May-2022
SAS286 SE-ROAA320neo17:34 21-May-2022
NBT911 LN-FNCB787-9 Dreamliner10:47 21-May-2022
LNKGW LN-KGWBeech 1300 Commuter07:00 21-May-2022
SAS61K SE-RJXB737-70019:59 20-May-2022
GMA853 M-EDZEBD-700 Global Express12:25 20-May-2022
MDT2 LN-TRGBeech 1300 Commuter12:10 20-May-2022
LOADR41 5699C-130J Hercules10:59 20-May-2022
DIESL40 5607C-130J Hercules10:45 20-May-2022
ETI52V SE-RIVCessna 560XL Citation Excel03:08 20-May-2022
SWN91T SE-DUYCRJ-20001:35 20-May-2022
LNAKG LN-AKGCessna 206 Stationair15:27 19-May-2022
NWG19 LN-AVABeech 1300 Commuter09:27 19-May-2022
AKK2 LN-ANPBeech 1300 Commuter05:16 19-May-2022
RTG5290 LN-RTOFalcon 2000LX S10:50 18-May-2022
DCAWO D-CAWOCessna 560XL Citation Excel18:06 16-May-2022
MDT4 LN-AOCG28012:34 16-May-2022
HELIDOC LN-OOUBK-117C-216:46 15-May-2022
MDT12 LN-MDTChallenger 35011:55 15-May-2022
SAS1470 OY-KBEA321-20018:16 13-May-2022
RAVEN17 041Falcon 2012:18 13-May-2022
DOC16 LN-OOABK-117C-219:17 12-May-2022
NBT911 LN-FNBB787-9 Dreamliner13:34 12-May-2022
DOC48 LN-OUJEC-13507:22 12-May-2022
DRAGN11 83-0497Beech 1300 Commuter16:24 09-May-2022
DOC LN-OUCEC-13516:31 08-May-2022
RTG6093 LN-RMABeech 1300 Commuter13:52 04-May-2022
LNOMR LN-OMREC-120 Colibri12:55 20-Apr-2022
DOC02 LN-OOTBK-117C-215:25 18-Apr-2022
SAS9219 OY-KBLA321-20015:17 13-Apr-2022
SAS9219 LN-RKKA321-20016:31 07-Apr-2022
SAS9219 OY-KBFA321-20019:44 05-Apr-2022
MUSTG62 5601C-130J Hercules15:34 29-Mar-2022
LONGSHIP LN-FNGB787-9 Dreamliner12:43 23-Feb-2022
LONG3 LN-LNOB787-9 Dreamliner12:38 21-Jan-2022
N LN-OOBBK-117C-214:48 02-Sep-2021

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