Oslo Gardermoen Airport

Name: Oslo Gardermoen Airport
City: Oslo
Country: Norway
Elevation: 681 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
BCS63H G-DHKCB757-20023:44 25-Jul-2021
BCS3314 D-AEASA300B4-60023:13 25-Jul-2021
NAX109B LN-ENNB737-80022:25 25-Jul-2021
SAS1474 LN-RGLA320neo22:17 25-Jul-2021
SAS4124 SE-ROLA320neo22:13 25-Jul-2021
NAX393 SE-RPFB737-80022:02 25-Jul-2021
AFR1274 F-GUGFA318-10021:54 25-Jul-2021
SAS9229 LN-RRFB737-80021:45 25-Jul-2021
DLH6HT D-AIWAA320-20021:39 25-Jul-2021
SAS69J SE-RUDA320neo21:34 25-Jul-2021
NAX1053 SE-RRJB737-80021:28 25-Jul-2021
KLM1151 PH-BGHB737-70021:09 25-Jul-2021
SAS4718 LN-RNWB737-70021:01 25-Jul-2021
SAS4479 SE-ROKA320neo20:41 25-Jul-2021
FOX455 LN-FGBB737-80020:41 25-Jul-2021
NAX8413 LN-ENTB737-80020:21 25-Jul-2021
NAX8409 LN-NODB737-80020:17 25-Jul-2021
NAX7W LN-NHAB737-80020:00 25-Jul-2021
NAX3DB SE-RPSB737-80019:56 25-Jul-2021
WIF78B LN-WIWDHC-8-100 Dash 819:51 25-Jul-2021
SAS2308 LN-RNUB737-70019:41 25-Jul-2021
SAS4044 LN-TULB737-70019:38 25-Jul-2021
NAX387 LN-NGMB737-80019:35 25-Jul-2021
FOX415 LN-FGAB737-80019:31 25-Jul-2021
NAX9EG SE-RPUB737-80019:21 25-Jul-2021
SAS39A SE-ROZA320neo18:57 25-Jul-2021
SAS74M LN-RRWB737-80018:57 25-Jul-2021
LPA137 SE-KXISaab 34018:51 25-Jul-2021
SWR417B HB-JCOCSeries CS30018:31 25-Jul-2021
NAX59BG SE-RRNB737-80017:55 25-Jul-2021
NAX5LG LN-NGZB737-80017:21 25-Jul-2021
NAX191 LN-DYKB737-80017:02 25-Jul-2021
JFA40E LX-NEWPC-1216:55 25-Jul-2021
DLH5KH D-AILAA319-10016:46 25-Jul-2021
SAS319 SE-REXB737-70016:37 25-Jul-2021
SAS69C SE-RUEA320neo16:19 25-Jul-2021
SAS56M SE-RERB737-70016:15 25-Jul-2021
SAS274 LN-RGIB737-80014:55 25-Jul-2021
VKG1587 OY-TCFA321-20014:33 25-Jul-2021
SAS7416 SE-RUFA320neo14:02 25-Jul-2021
ETI51V SE-RIVCessna 560XL Citation Excel13:51 25-Jul-2021
DOC LN-OOPBK-117C-213:04 25-Jul-2021
SAS4519 SE-RJXB737-70012:51 25-Jul-2021
SAS1317 SE-RETB737-70008:09 25-Jul-2021
AKK8 LN-XAXFalcon 8X18:33 24-Jul-2021
SAS4638 SE-RUAA320neo13:43 24-Jul-2021
HEX02 OY-JJTBeech 90 King Air10:04 24-Jul-2021
SAS4042 SE-RUBA320neo20:39 23-Jul-2021
SAS9270 LN-RPJB737-70020:37 23-Jul-2021
SAS4517 LN-TUMB737-70015:36 23-Jul-2021
MABST M-ABSTGlobal 650015:02 23-Jul-2021
BNOG LN-BSFBeech 1300 Commuter14:34 23-Jul-2021
MDT9 LN-AGRFalcon 7X14:31 23-Jul-2021
NWG12 SE-KDKBeech 1300 Commuter10:04 22-Jul-2021
MDT2 LN-TRGBeech 1300 Commuter14:33 21-Jul-2021
SAS9270 LN-RRJB737-80009:52 21-Jul-2021
LNMER LN-MERPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian10:46 20-Jul-2021
AKK2 LN-ANPBeech 1300 Commuter17:28 15-Jul-2021
IBK8905 EI-FHJB737-80014:49 14-Jul-2021
MDT6 LN-SUNChallenger 60415:06 12-Jul-2021
NAX1TD LN-NIGB737-80013:52 12-Jul-2021
DOC15 LN-OUEEC-13517:00 10-Jul-2021
DOC16 LN-OOWEC-13518:17 28-Jun-2021
IBK1BY EI-FHKB737-80016:17 28-Jun-2021
DOC LN-OOSBK-117C-214:02 14-Jun-2021
SAS9222 LN-RGBB737-80010:34 01-Jun-2021
MDT11 LN-SOVCessna 680 Citation Sovereign15:47 27-May-2021
SAS73L LN-RRTB737-80008:24 18-May-2021
SAS9270 LN-RGGB737-80013:01 15-May-2021

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