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Name: Bergen Airport, Flesland
City: Bergen
Country: Norway
Elevation: 170 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
WIF1JQ LN-WDGDHC-8-400 Dash 820:21 11-Apr-2021
WIF94X LN-RDYDHC-8-400 Dash 819:46 11-Apr-2021
SAS291 LN-RGHB737-80019:28 11-Apr-2021
WIF48A LN-RDVDHC-8-400 Dash 819:15 11-Apr-2021
WIF617 LN-WECEMB-190 E218:52 11-Apr-2021
BHL736 LN-ONES-92 Helibus18:20 11-Apr-2021
BHL651 LN-ONTS-92 Helibus18:11 11-Apr-2021
WIF7SK LN-RDZDHC-8-400 Dash 817:35 11-Apr-2021
WIF9CA LN-WEBEMB-190 E217:22 11-Apr-2021
PIP984A LN-PFADA-4017:10 11-Apr-2021
WIF517 LN-WFODHC-8-300 Dash 817:09 11-Apr-2021
PIP974B LN-PFBDA-4016:31 11-Apr-2021
WIF536 LN-WFSDHC-8-300 Dash 814:18 11-Apr-2021
PIP52E LN-PFEDA-4212:50 11-Apr-2021
PIP672T LN-FTTDA-4211:11 11-Apr-2021
DOC59 LN-OOTBK-117C-215:23 10-Apr-2021
WIF3AZ LN-WDFDHC-8-400 Dash 816:54 09-Apr-2021
BHL734 LN-ONBS-92 Helibus15:57 09-Apr-2021
BHL756 LN-OIDS-92 Helibus11:16 09-Apr-2021
BHL738 LN-ONAS-92 Helibus10:26 09-Apr-2021
BHL720 LN-OIGS-92 Helibus10:13 09-Apr-2021
HKS280 LN-OQLS-92 Helibus09:49 09-Apr-2021
BHL728 LN-OIBS-92 Helibus18:44 08-Apr-2021
DOC32 LN-OUFEC-13508:32 08-Apr-2021
HKSRSQ9 LN-OQSS-92 Helibus07:01 02-Apr-2021
HKSSAR6 LN-OAWAS-332 Super Puma14:07 25-Mar-2021
ALI01 LN-OXHAW.16919:36 22-Mar-2021
HKSRSQ8 LN-OMHAS-332 Super Puma17:29 20-Mar-2021
ALI02 LN-OXIAW.16911:13 28-Feb-2021
BHL253 LN-ONIS-92 Helibus17:52 25-Feb-2021
HKSRSQ9 LN-OQQS-92 Helibus01:58 31-Jan-2021

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