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Name: Aalborg Airport
City: Aalborg
Country: Denmark
Elevation: 10 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
KLM1337 PH-EXPEMB-17520:05 24-Oct-2020
SAS1219 SE-ROSA320neo17:48 24-Oct-2020
OYAWH OY-AWHPC-1216:44 24-Oct-2020
FHV02 OY-FHBBN-2 Islander16:11 24-Oct-2020
OYJAC OY-JACPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian13:31 24-Oct-2020
NFA015P OY-CLPCessna 650 Citation 317:48 23-Oct-2020
DIETB D-IETB390 Premier 114:56 23-Oct-2020
OYRSE OY-RSEPC-1214:29 23-Oct-2020
LG172 C-172Challenger 60408:38 23-Oct-2020
LG537 B-537C-130J Hercules12:36 22-Oct-2020
DAF8844 B-536C-130J Hercules12:12 22-Oct-2020
FHV01 OY-FHABN-2 Islander11:07 22-Oct-2020
LG215 C-215Challenger 60409:20 19-Oct-2020
DOC85 LN-OOWEC-13517:40 13-Oct-2020
LG583 B-583C-130J Hercules09:01 02-Oct-2020
DAF8253 C-168Challenger 60411:10 17-Sep-2020
OYBFK OY-BFKCessna 17211:23 16-Sep-2020
OYKEJ OY-KEJRV-816:02 14-Aug-2020

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