Billund Airport

Name: Billund Airport
City: Billund
Country: Denmark
Elevation: 247 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
KLM25G PH-BGQB737-70016:45 28-Jan-2022
SAS9239 OY-RCKA320neo16:43 28-Jan-2022
RYR8DU 9H-QDYB737-80015:59 28-Jan-2022
SUS9165 OY-JJJ4000 Hawker Horizon14:31 28-Jan-2022
RYR9633 9H-QBOB737-80011:29 28-Jan-2022
OYPDO OY-PDOCherokee PA-2809:36 28-Jan-2022
OYPDI OY-PDICherokee PA-2809:20 28-Jan-2022
SWN4632 SE-RLMB737-80005:51 28-Jan-2022
SUS9161 OY-JJI4000 Hawker Horizon16:22 26-Jan-2022
GZR26 N40264000 Hawker Horizon12:52 25-Jan-2022
MMD6239 OY-CKKFalcon 2000LX S16:22 22-Jan-2022
GRL902 OY-JJCBAe-125-70023:24 21-Jan-2022
OYPPC OY-PPCCessna 18215:08 20-Jan-2022
MMD22 OY-SKKFalcon 8X18:57 17-Jan-2022
SUS3G OY-LLGChallenger 65017:54 15-Jan-2022
OYPPS OY-PPSEMB-810 Seneca13:22 13-Jan-2022
PHZCZ PH-ZCZBeech 1300 Commuter09:43 13-Jan-2022
MMD11 OY-EKCFalcon 7X21:04 12-Jan-2022
BBB10 OY-WLDGVII-G50012:33 09-Jan-2022
OYCFY OY-CFYCessna 17214:55 05-Jan-2022
OYBVN OY-BVNBeech 33 Bonanza12:32 19-Dec-2021
OYNDP OY-NDPCessna 525A Citation CJ213:21 11-Dec-2021
OYBIU OY-BIUCessna 17212:49 02-Dec-2021
OYTNA OY-TNACessna 525B Citation CJ310:21 26-Nov-2021
OYHRO OY-HROR44 Raven II14:54 22-Nov-2021
OYJJN OY-JJNCessna 501 Citation 1SP10:26 12-Nov-2021
OYHDC OY-HDCAB-206 JetRanger11:34 08-Nov-2021
DEEOE D-EEOEBeech 33 Bonanza12:18 27-Oct-2021
GDE454 OY-GDCEMB-19512:03 11-Oct-2021
GDE70B OY-GDAEMB-19511:40 11-Oct-2021
SUS651A OY-JJK4000 Hawker Horizon10:50 08-Oct-2021
SA OY-XSADuo Discus xLT11:31 30-Aug-2021
N988MM N988MMCessna 525B Citation CJ320:59 11-Jul-2021
OYOTX OY-OTXDG-808xB Competition10:41 15-Jun-2021
GCDDA G-CDDATB20 Trinidad18:14 24-Apr-2021
45C9F8 OY-ROXGlider14:45 24-Apr-2021
OY9407 OY-9266EV-97 Eurostar09:07 20-Apr-2021
DIAVA D-IAVAPA-23 Aztec13:36 16-Apr-2021
OYATO OY-ATODHC-1 Chipmunk11:53 17-Jan-2021

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