Rotterdam Airport

Name: Rotterdam Airport
City: Rotterdam
Country: Netherlands
Elevation: -15 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
PHLAB PH-LABCessna 550 Citation 217:17 23-Sep-2021
PHWMM PH-WMMCessna 525 Citation CJ116:09 23-Sep-2021
OOEXE OO-EXETBM-85015:08 23-Sep-2021
PHWIS PH-WISCitation CJ410:41 23-Sep-2021
VQBXG VQ-BXGFalcon 8X22:00 22-Sep-2021
PHMDL PH-MDLCessna 17215:51 22-Sep-2021
N31NL N31NLPitts S-2 Special14:13 22-Sep-2021
PHCYP PH-CYPPC-1218:04 21-Sep-2021
PHDVK PH-DVKPC-2417:35 21-Sep-2021
PVG693P EC-LZOB767-30014:41 21-Sep-2021
PHFVJ PH-FVJCessna 17213:13 21-Sep-2021
TRA5244 PH-HXIB737-80019:13 20-Sep-2021
HYP032 9H-TGRCessna 525B Citation CJ317:20 20-Sep-2021
HBGPH HB-GPHBeech 1300 Commuter18:12 19-Sep-2021
XRO547 PH-LAUFalcon 900EX06:00 19-Sep-2021
PHXYZ PH-XYZDR.400 140B16:21 17-Sep-2021
N165SL N165SLP-180 Avanti14:36 13-Sep-2021
PHABM PH-ABMCessna 17208:46 13-Sep-2021
PHFAR PH-FARM-2011:19 12-Sep-2021
PHALB PH-ALBBeech 36 Bonanza13:11 10-Sep-2021
PHPME PH-PMETB-10 Tobago09:01 10-Sep-2021
N61AJ N61AJCessna 421 Golden Eagle16:27 09-Sep-2021
PHTIM PH-TIMDR.400 180 Regent17:41 07-Sep-2021
HEX01 OY-CKPBeech 1300 Commuter14:40 06-Sep-2021
OOMST OO-MSTCessna 510 Citation Mustang14:57 05-Sep-2021
PHADE PH-ADECessna 17213:04 24-Aug-2021
PHHRM PH-HRMCessna 560XL Citation Excel11:28 24-Aug-2021
HYP034 9H-KOMCitation M211:50 22-Aug-2021
GVAAC G-VAACCherokee PA-2817:47 15-Aug-2021
GRDAS G-RDASCessna 17215:06 15-Aug-2021
PHSEL PH-SELCessna 17211:04 14-Aug-2021
PHNDA PH-NDAPA-12 Super Cruiser15:55 12-Aug-2021
PHSVP PH-SVPCherokee PA-2819:34 04-Aug-2021
PHRES PH-RESCessna 17213:19 02-Aug-2021
LIFELN2 PH-MAAEC-13517:25 17-Jul-2021
PHTIO PH-TIOCessna 18210:21 29-Jun-2021
PHNEH PH-NEHJ-5 Autocar08:04 04-Jun-2021
PHATW PH-ATWCessna 17212:55 24-May-2021
PHVII PH-VIIRV-716:31 30-Mar-2021
XGO2RD D-IIVAP-180 Avanti13:15 19-Mar-2021
PHHLR PH-HLRDR.400 140B (135CDi)16:12 24-Feb-2021
GBSME G-BSMEJunior Bo.208C14:35 21-Feb-2021
PHAMD PH-AMDEuropa Tri-Gear09:15 20-Feb-2021
N147LD N147LDSR-2210:38 24-Jan-2021
U3ZT6 PH-PADCherokee PA-2814:39 15-Jan-2021
N183TY N183TYR44 II15:14 04-Jan-2021
LIFELN2 PH-DOCEC-13513:51 29-Dec-2020

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