Lelystad Airport

Name: Lelystad Airport
City: Lelystad
Country: Netherlands
Elevation: -13 ft.

Photos at Lelystad Airport

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PH-WAI, 07-Apr-2018
© Luis Vaz

PH-MAD, 07-Apr-2018
© Luis Vaz

PH-BUK, 07-Apr-2018
© Luis Vaz

PH-IRO, 07-Apr-2018
© Luis Vaz

PH-ALW, 07-Apr-2018
© Luis Vaz

PH-OFA, 07-Apr-2018
© Luis Vaz

PH-ACT, 07-Apr-2018
© Luis Vaz

PH-FLE, 07-Apr-2018
© Luis Vaz

PH-ATT, 07-Apr-2018
© Luis Vaz

B-73, 07-Apr-2018
© Luis Vaz

PH-MLO, 07-Apr-2018
© Luis Vaz

PH-FHF, 07-Apr-2018
© Luis Vaz

Weather at Lelystad Airport

Time (UTC)DescriptionTempratureWindCloud coverageVisibilityPressureHumidity
21-Feb-2024 03:00Overcast Clouds9°C13 mph, SW100%10000m1019hPa90%
21-Feb-2024 06:00Overcast Clouds9°C11 mph, SW100%10000m1018hPa92%
21-Feb-2024 09:00Overcast Clouds8°C13 mph, S100%10000m1016hPa91%
21-Feb-2024 12:00Overcast Clouds9°C18 mph, S100%10000m1011hPa83%
21-Feb-2024 15:00Light Rain9°C22 mph, S100%10000m1006hPa86%
21-Feb-2024 18:00Light Rain8°C22 mph, S100%10000m1003hPa92%
21-Feb-2024 21:00Light Rain8°C22 mph, SW100%10000m1000hPa92%
22-Feb-2024 00:00Light Rain8°C16 mph, SW100%7836m999hPa98%
22-Feb-2024 03:00Light Rain8°C13 mph, SW100%10000m998hPa94%
22-Feb-2024 06:00Overcast Clouds8°C11 mph, SW100%10000m996hPa95%
22-Feb-2024 09:00Overcast Clouds9°C16 mph, S100%10000m993hPa91%
22-Feb-2024 12:00Overcast Clouds10°C18 mph, S97%10000m987hPa91%
22-Feb-2024 15:00Moderate Rain11°C25 mph, S100%10000m980hPa93%
22-Feb-2024 18:00Moderate Rain10°C29 mph, SW100%10000m977hPa74%
22-Feb-2024 21:00Light Rain5°C22 mph, W70%10000m986hPa83%
23-Feb-2024 00:00Light Rain5°C22 mph, SW73%10000m990hPa76%
23-Feb-2024 03:00Light Rain4°C20 mph, SW40%10000m991hPa77%
23-Feb-2024 06:00Light Rain3°C20 mph, SW53%6307m991hPa95%
23-Feb-2024 09:00Light Rain5°C22 mph, S93%10000m992hPa81%
23-Feb-2024 12:00Light Rain5°C20 mph, SW78%10000m993hPa85%
23-Feb-2024 15:00Light Rain6°C16 mph, SW99%10000m993hPa82%
23-Feb-2024 18:00Light Rain5°C11 mph, S94%10000m993hPa86%
23-Feb-2024 21:00Broken Clouds4°C16 mph, S64%10000m993hPa83%
24-Feb-2024 00:00Scattered Clouds4°C13 mph, S43%10000m993hPa83%
24-Feb-2024 03:00Overcast Clouds3°C16 mph, S94%10000m992hPa93%
24-Feb-2024 06:00Light Rain4°C16 mph, S95%10000m993hPa83%
24-Feb-2024 09:00Broken Clouds4°C18 mph, S83%10000m995hPa83%
24-Feb-2024 12:00Broken Clouds5°C18 mph, S69%10000m997hPa75%
24-Feb-2024 15:00Overcast Clouds6°C13 mph, S96%10000m998hPa67%
24-Feb-2024 18:00Light Rain4°C13 mph, S89%10000m1000hPa80%
24-Feb-2024 21:00Overcast Clouds4°C11 mph, S98%10000m1000hPa80%
25-Feb-2024 00:00Light Rain4°C16 mph, SE99%10000m999hPa81%
25-Feb-2024 03:00Overcast Clouds4°C16 mph, S100%10000m999hPa85%
25-Feb-2024 06:00Light Rain3°C9 mph, S100%66m1000hPa98%
25-Feb-2024 09:00Overcast Clouds4°C9 mph, S100%4876m1001hPa95%
25-Feb-2024 12:00Overcast Clouds5°C11 mph, W93%10000m1002hPa78%
25-Feb-2024 15:00Overcast Clouds6°C9 mph, SW97%10000m1002hPa67%
25-Feb-2024 18:00Overcast Clouds5°C9 mph, SW98%10000m1002hPa77%
25-Feb-2024 21:00Overcast Clouds4°C11 mph, E100%10000m1001hPa83%
26-Feb-2024 00:00Overcast Clouds4°C13 mph, E100%10000m1000hPa80%