Eindhoven Airport

Name: Eindhoven Airport
City: Eindhoven
Country: Netherlands
Elevation: 74 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
TRA17P PH-HZOB737-80020:30 23-Oct-2021
TFL67G PH-TFOB737 MAX 820:14 23-Oct-2021
TYW213F D-CHZFCitation Bravo19:11 23-Oct-2021
AOJ74J OE-HWJCessna 750 Citation X19:06 23-Oct-2021
TFL566 ES-SAMA320-20018:23 23-Oct-2021
TRA12F PH-HSWB737-80015:50 23-Oct-2021
PHDKF PH-DKFCessna 17215:03 23-Oct-2021
MMF20 T-057A330-20010:11 22-Oct-2021
GRZLY32 D-667CH-47 Chinook11:20 21-Oct-2021
NAF11 V-11G-4 Gulfstream 409:55 21-Oct-2021
NAF71 G-781C-130 Hercules19:52 20-Oct-2021
KING01 J-006F-16 Fighting Falcon09:31 20-Oct-2021
PHBSF PH-BSFCessna 17213:11 16-Oct-2021
MMF18 T-058A330-20013:33 15-Oct-2021
NAF51 T-235DC-1006:01 15-Oct-2021
MMF16 T-054A330-20013:42 13-Oct-2021
PHLVC PH-LVCHot Air Balloon16:06 09-Oct-2021
GRZLY32 D-101CH-47 Chinook11:22 30-Sep-2021
WILDCT03 S-447AS-332 Mk2 Super Puma12:39 27-Sep-2021
PHPGM PH-PGMHot Air Balloon17:33 21-Sep-2021
PHGBH PH-GBHHot Air Balloon16:39 18-Sep-2021
PHGRL PH-GRLHot Air Balloon16:25 18-Sep-2021
UNCLE51 16-08199CH-47 Chinook09:50 17-Sep-2021
PHPDH PH-PDHHot Air Balloon16:31 13-Sep-2021
PHGRX PH-GRXHot Air Balloon17:12 05-Sep-2021
PHTDH PH-TDHHot Air Balloon17:00 05-Sep-2021
NAF36 G-988C-130 Hercules13:22 05-Sep-2021
PHVBL PH-VBLHot Air Balloon16:51 03-Sep-2021
WILDC2 S-419AS-332 Mk2 Super Puma13:20 03-Sep-2021
GCMCD G-CMCDHot Air Balloon17:09 02-Sep-2021
PHMIA PH-MIAHot Air Balloon17:55 01-Sep-2021
GAVAV G-AVAVSeafire10:22 30-Aug-2021
PHGRR PH-GRRHot Air Balloon17:58 24-Aug-2021
PHZZR PH-ZZRPioneer 300 Kite13:57 14-Aug-2021
PHFAJ PH-FAJHot Air Balloon17:57 13-Aug-2021
COWBY21 J-367F-16 Fighting Falcon12:23 11-Aug-2021
PHJNY PH-JNYHot Air Balloon18:19 10-Aug-2021
PHBBC PH-BBCCessna 18217:47 03-Aug-2021
PHBAP PH-BAPHot Air Balloon18:30 02-Aug-2021
PHZLV PH-ZLVPS-28 Cruiser13:19 31-Jul-2021
PHBRB PH-BRBHot Air Balloon18:54 22-Jul-2021
PHGRV PH-GRVHot Air Balloon18:43 22-Jul-2021
PHAAA PH-AAAHot Air Balloon04:05 12-Jul-2021
PHNBR PH-NBRHot Air Balloon18:34 07-Jul-2021
PHNBA PH-NBAPS-28 Cruiser13:12 24-Jun-2021
AA107F ZZ388Lynx11:04 22-Jun-2021
PHKST PH-KSTHot Air Balloon19:16 16-Jun-2021
PHOZM PH-OZMHot Air Balloon18:50 15-Jun-2021
PH1243 PH-1243SF-25C Falke 170015:23 13-Jun-2021
PHOOO PH-OOOHot Air Balloon18:50 07-Jun-2021
PHDEC PH-DEC8 Decathlon19:08 18-May-2021
PHPJL PH-PJLCessna 17209:29 23-Mar-2021
R20430 11-20430AH-60 Black Hawk13:31 16-Mar-2021
SNAKE01 J-616F-16 Fighting Falcon10:09 15-Jan-2021

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