Maastricht Aachen Airport

Name: Maastricht Aachen Airport
City: Maastricht
Country: Netherlands
Elevation: 375 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
LGT5503 VQ-BWSB747-40005:33 24-Sep-2021
IMX358 HB-AFLATR-72-20005:02 24-Sep-2021
N676WT N676WTBeech 1300 Commuter14:46 23-Sep-2021
N468AM N468AMFalcon 200011:38 23-Sep-2021
FHBGH F-HBGHTBM-85017:27 22-Sep-2021
PHCPT PH-CPTCAP-1014:53 22-Sep-2021
OOHEY OO-HEYR44 Clipper II13:15 21-Sep-2021
PHRTC PH-RTCEV-97 Sportstar RTC07:47 21-Sep-2021
NATO06 LX-N90450E-3 (TF33) Sentry16:27 20-Sep-2021
PHOTK PH-OTKCessna 17213:16 20-Sep-2021
AFL7724 VP-BEEA321-20005:42 20-Sep-2021
PHJFS PH-JFSPC-1209:09 19-Sep-2021
PHDFB PH-DFBDA-4211:21 14-Sep-2021
PHVTK PH-VTKPC-1216:37 12-Sep-2021
PHAAI PH-AAIAS-350/55016:39 08-Sep-2021
DEAWK D-EAWKBeech 36 Bonanza12:05 27-Aug-2021
P4KCG P4-KCGEMB-19009:44 26-Aug-2021
DKCVV D-KCVVH 36 Dimona08:42 24-Aug-2021
PHAJF PH-AJFPA-18 Super Cub15:13 23-Aug-2021
SXI2140 G-FLBCDHC-8-400 Dash 811:45 17-Aug-2021
DEZBH D-EZBHPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian11:54 14-Aug-2021
WIF9091 LN-WDFDHC-8-400 Dash 811:34 14-Aug-2021
OOMDA OO-MDACessna R182 Skylane RG14:34 15-Jun-2021
PHHGB PH-HGBR44 Raven II11:49 13-Apr-2021
DKERY D-KERYRF-5B Sperber08:21 05-Mar-2021
178B7H PH-CAQPelican PL10:23 20-Feb-2021
ZXP02 PH-PXBEC-13519:10 19-Feb-2021
OOF80 OO-F80MCR-4 Pick Up11:58 13-Feb-2021
PHIRO PH-IROCessna 17212:34 12-Feb-2021

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