Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Name: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
City: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands
Elevation: -11 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
BCS15Q LZ-CGPB737-30000:41 28-Jan-2022
TRA44N PH-HZWB737-80023:50 27-Jan-2022
GTI563 N498MCB747-40022:46 27-Jan-2022
TRA64V PH-HXEB737-80022:33 27-Jan-2022
TRA11Q PH-HXBB737-80022:22 27-Jan-2022
TFL82V PH-TFOB737 MAX 822:20 27-Jan-2022
TRA7X PH-HXLB737-80022:16 27-Jan-2022
TRA18V PH-HSMB737-80022:06 27-Jan-2022
PHGOV PH-GOVB737-70022:04 27-Jan-2022
TRA22A PH-HSKB737-80022:02 27-Jan-2022
KLM84A PH-BXEB737-80022:00 27-Jan-2022
TRA1A PH-HSAB737-80021:57 27-Jan-2022
TRA6906 PH-HXOB737-80021:53 27-Jan-2022
TFL663 PH-TFNB737 MAX 821:49 27-Jan-2022
TRA86P PH-XRCB737-70021:46 27-Jan-2022
KLM30M PH-BXZB737-80021:43 27-Jan-2022
N29DE N29DEVision SF5021:41 27-Jan-2022
KLM1706 PH-BXYB737-80021:36 27-Jan-2022
EJU604X OE-IZJA320-20021:17 27-Jan-2022
IBE3054 EC-IZHA320-20021:14 27-Jan-2022
KLM1032 PH-BXIB737-80021:01 27-Jan-2022
TFL2PY PH-TFRB737 MAX 820:53 27-Jan-2022
TRA45R PH-HZVB737-80020:43 27-Jan-2022
DLH4HJ D-AILEA319-10020:40 27-Jan-2022
KLM1118 PH-EXSEMB-17520:29 27-Jan-2022
KLM1184 PH-EXWEMB-17520:24 27-Jan-2022
TRA6822 PH-HZOB737-80020:01 27-Jan-2022
SERMB SE-RMBCessna 525B Citation CJ319:54 27-Jan-2022
NJE7QF CS-CHIChallenger 35019:24 27-Jan-2022
PHWMM PH-WMMCessna 525 Citation CJ119:18 27-Jan-2022
KLM1832 PH-BGQB737-70018:59 27-Jan-2022
TRA6W PH-HXIB737-80018:57 27-Jan-2022
KLM36S PH-BXVB737-80018:49 27-Jan-2022
KLM824 PH-BVAB777-300ER18:46 27-Jan-2022
KLM38M PH-NXFEMB-195 E218:33 27-Jan-2022
KLM1592 PH-EXNEMB-17518:30 27-Jan-2022
KLM58A PH-EXPEMB-17518:29 27-Jan-2022
KLM94L PH-NXEEMB-195 E218:22 27-Jan-2022
KLM50C PH-BGFB737-70018:19 27-Jan-2022
KLM88T PH-BGAB737-80018:17 27-Jan-2022
KLM87N PH-BGXB737-70017:28 27-Jan-2022
NCG01 PH-CGN22815:56 27-Jan-2022
DCAWN D-CAWNCitation Latitude14:29 27-Jan-2022
EJU7974 OE-IVTA320-20013:55 27-Jan-2022
KLM64Y PH-EXCEMB-19013:42 27-Jan-2022
KLM142 PH-BHPB787-9 Dreamliner13:36 27-Jan-2022
NJE197M CS-LTKCitation Latitude13:34 27-Jan-2022
VLG67B EC-NFHA320neo13:05 27-Jan-2022
KLM89C PH-EZPEMB-19010:19 27-Jan-2022
IJM011 OE-ISXFalcon 7X10:08 27-Jan-2022
TRA2N PH-HZLB737-80009:48 27-Jan-2022
EJU19AC OE-LKFA319-10008:19 27-Jan-2022
SLM994 CS-TKYA330-900neo07:46 27-Jan-2022
TFL365 PH-OYIB767-30007:30 27-Jan-2022
KLM18S PH-BCGB737-80007:09 27-Jan-2022
KLM98G PH-EZGEMB-19007:05 27-Jan-2022
KLM62E PH-EZXEMB-19006:44 27-Jan-2022
KLM44R PH-BXBB737-80006:10 27-Jan-2022
KLM86 PH-BQGB777-20005:44 27-Jan-2022
KLM268 PH-AKFA330-30005:29 27-Jan-2022
KLM174 PH-BKGB787-10 Dreamliner05:27 27-Jan-2022
TFL589 PH-TFUB737 MAX 821:16 26-Jan-2022
KLM1032 PH-BXNB737-80021:01 26-Jan-2022
KLM76T PH-BXCB737-80020:49 26-Jan-2022
EJU604X OE-LKKA319-10020:38 26-Jan-2022
FYG123 PH-TLPFalcon 7X19:53 26-Jan-2022
TRA44U PH-HSFB737-80018:40 26-Jan-2022
KLM20P PH-BXTB737-90018:31 26-Jan-2022
KLM32E PH-BXSB737-90018:26 26-Jan-2022
KLM6WT PH-EXTEMB-17518:08 26-Jan-2022
XRO079 PH-STBFalcon 90017:14 26-Jan-2022
VLG863D EC-NCSA320neo16:54 26-Jan-2022
9HJLK 9H-JLKFalcon 7X16:17 26-Jan-2022
CND922P PH-CDHB737-80013:57 26-Jan-2022
MIFFY M-IFFYCessna 510 Citation Mustang12:19 26-Jan-2022
TRA412P PH-HZIB737-80011:46 26-Jan-2022
KLM769 PH-BQOB777-20010:47 26-Jan-2022
KLM52G PH-EZAEMB-19010:35 26-Jan-2022
KLM856 PH-BQMB777-20003:42 26-Jan-2022
TFL447 PH-TFPB737 MAX 822:21 25-Jan-2022
TFL84D PH-TFTB737 MAX 821:28 25-Jan-2022
EJU604X OE-LQLA319-10020:50 25-Jan-2022
XRO897 PH-IWSFalcon 7X17:04 25-Jan-2022
TRA9H PH-HSCB737-80016:00 25-Jan-2022
KLM96L PH-EZVEMB-19013:57 25-Jan-2022
KLM272 PH-BQKB777-20005:23 25-Jan-2022
KLM588 PH-AOEA330-20004:42 25-Jan-2022
TRA7X PH-HZJB737-80022:22 24-Jan-2022
OOPRM OO-PRMCessna 510 Citation Mustang20:31 24-Jan-2022
KLM38M PH-NXGEMB-195 E218:41 24-Jan-2022
KLM36G PH-NXBEMB-195 E213:34 24-Jan-2022
EJU45PD OE-IZGA320-20012:35 24-Jan-2022
TRA94X PH-HSWB737-80012:22 24-Jan-2022
XRO372 PH-AJXFalcon 7X11:46 24-Jan-2022
KLM656 PH-BHEB787-9 Dreamliner11:20 24-Jan-2022
KLM592 PH-BQNB777-20008:40 24-Jan-2022
TRA052 PH-HZXB737-80007:23 24-Jan-2022
CND112 PH-CDFB737-80006:20 24-Jan-2022
TRA6604 PH-HZNB737-80020:31 23-Jan-2022
MMD3056 PH-CGVFalcon 2000LX S19:07 23-Jan-2022
EJU51KH OE-LQAA319-10017:16 23-Jan-2022
XRO616 PH-LAUFalcon 900EX14:19 23-Jan-2022
KLM68K PH-NXDEMB-195 E213:12 23-Jan-2022
EJU39QN OE-IVRA320-20021:35 22-Jan-2022
EJU72DA OE-IVSA320-20021:20 22-Jan-2022
CND662 PH-CDEB737-80013:25 22-Jan-2022
EJU13LT OE-IJEA320-20010:02 22-Jan-2022
KLM781 PH-AOAA330-20009:41 22-Jan-2022
PHTDX PH-TDXDA-4220:11 21-Jan-2022
GAC772N OE-FFBCessna 510 Citation Mustang10:07 21-Jan-2022
PHSFF PH-SFFPC-1218:21 19-Jan-2022
ZXP24 PH-PXXAW13911:29 19-Jan-2022
N458FS N458FSChallenger 35007:43 17-Jan-2022
KLM168 PH-BVVB777-300ER11:50 16-Jan-2022
KLM758 PH-BVGB777-300ER09:34 16-Jan-2022
NJE228B CS-DLMFalcon 2000EX EASy17:39 14-Jan-2022
XRO586 PH-NDKFalcon 90013:14 14-Jan-2022
KLM28K PH-BXHB737-80005:55 13-Jan-2022
TRA6672 PH-HXGB737-80015:09 11-Jan-2022
LIFELN1 PH-TTREC-13510:21 09-Jan-2022
NCG01 PH-CGC22816:26 02-Jan-2022
KLM9876 PH-AKDA330-30014:13 24-Dec-2021
LIFELN1 PH-HVBEC-13522:51 17-Nov-2021
PHECE PH-ECEEC-120 Colibri13:51 17-Nov-2021
NCG04 PH-PXYAW13919:46 03-Sep-2021
PHLEN PH-LENCessna 17210:45 16-Jun-2021
PHFLE PH-FLECessna 17211:24 02-Apr-2021
PHJLM PH-JLMPelican PL13:51 21-Mar-2021
ZXP03 PH-PXCEC-13522:49 23-Jan-2021
CQRH6 PH-RYF26912:18 22-Jan-2021
VXS085 G-MERBFalcon 90009:52 08-Jan-2021

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