Exeter International Airport

Name: Exeter International Airport
City: Exeter
Country: United Kingdom
Elevation: 102 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
TOM1NT G-TAWCB737-80022:21 16-May-2022
SHF576 ZH892CH-47 Chinook19:48 16-May-2022
GWVIP G-WVIPBeech 1300 Commuter16:05 16-May-2022
GBIYR G-BIYRPA-18 Super Cub17:21 14-May-2022
GSKRA G-SKRASkyRanger 912(1)15:32 14-May-2022
G-LEOSDR.400 120 Dauphin 8011:12 14-May-2022
GOMAS G-OMASCessna 15009:48 14-May-2022
GBOOF G-BOOFCherokee PA-2809:39 14-May-2022
CBM77 G-OLIVBeech 1300 Commuter19:35 13-May-2022
9HFLY 9H-FLYCherokee PA-2817:55 13-May-2022
GBNNZ G-BNNZCherokee PA-2817:53 13-May-2022
EIRDN EI-RDNEMB-175 STD12:17 13-May-2022
GZIVA G-ZIVASR22T GTS11:49 13-May-2022
GKIMK G-KIMKP-68 Observer10:41 13-May-2022
GCEYR G-CEYRMT-0310:19 13-May-2022
GFLBB G-FLBBDHC-8-400 Dash 815:08 11-May-2022
GIPGL G-IPGLA-10914:35 11-May-2022
MARINE11 ZZ387Lynx14:10 09-May-2022
GCDTA G-CDTAEV-97 TeamEurostar UK12:54 08-May-2022
GCEEC G-CEECX-Air Hawk14:28 07-May-2022
GTACK G-TACKG-10914:22 07-May-2022
GAVGZ G-AVGZAmbassadeur13:05 07-May-2022
GTBXX G-TBXXTB20 Trinidad10:20 07-May-2022
N2299L N2299LBeech 33 Bonanza08:23 07-May-2022
GCTSK G-CTSKDA-4012:27 06-May-2022
GIINK G-IINKSR-2211:52 06-May-2022
HLE70 G-DAASBK-117C-214:51 05-May-2022
GRONS G-RONSDR.400 180 Regent12:42 05-May-2022
SHF265 ZA714CH-47 Chinook17:12 03-May-2022
GCIWI G-CIWIEV-97 Eurostar SL14:31 30-Apr-2022
GCTSG G-CTSGDA-4014:56 28-Apr-2022
2RIOH 2-RIOHNavion18:58 21-Apr-2022
GTWIZ G-TWIZCommander15:30 20-Apr-2022
EZE021P G-IACZATR-72-60010:32 18-Apr-2022
GBFVU G-BFVUCessna 15010:21 22-Mar-2022
VALINT61 ZZ395Lynx12:52 22-Feb-2022
LOG42SP G-LMRBATR-42-50014:45 12-Feb-2022
GFBEG G-WTWOA21013:41 10-Feb-2022
GASVG G-ASVGEmeraude14:22 17-Oct-2021
GBZKL G-BZKLPA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow15:16 16-Oct-2021
GBUTH G-BUTHJodel DR.220 2+214:30 11-Apr-2021

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