London Gatwick Airport

Name: London Gatwick Airport
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Elevation: 202 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
EJU58UA OE-IJZA320-20018:16 22-May-2022
VLG21XU EC-LZNA320-20018:15 22-May-2022
CAI67RN OM-FEXB737-80018:12 22-May-2022
EJU81XF OE-ICNA320-20018:11 22-May-2022
EZY81DK G-EZRYA320-20018:11 22-May-2022
NOZ1308 LN-DYUB737-80018:05 22-May-2022
AUR610A G-NSEYEMB-19518:04 22-May-2022
EZY84TA G-UZHLA320neo18:04 22-May-2022
EZY56NG G-EZGHA319-10018:02 22-May-2022
VLG7BA EC-NFIA320neo17:58 22-May-2022
EZY42NU G-EZWLA320-20017:57 22-May-2022
EZY15QA G-EZWCA320-20017:54 22-May-2022
WUK377 G-WUKTA321neo17:49 22-May-2022
RYR759X EI-EKJB737-80017:47 22-May-2022
BAW2789 EC-LYMA320-20017:44 22-May-2022
TOM4757 EI-XINB787-9 Dreamliner17:42 22-May-2022
EZY29LM G-EZRXA320-20017:40 22-May-2022
VLG4XP EC-LUOA320-20017:40 22-May-2022
EZY49GV G-EZOTA320-20017:37 22-May-2022
BAW2561 G-GATJA320-20017:34 22-May-2022
VLG84PK EC-MGEA320-20017:34 22-May-2022
EJU48HG OE-IVLA320-20017:30 22-May-2022
EZY27CT G-EZAOA319-10017:30 22-May-2022
EZY36TH G-EZAVA319-10017:26 22-May-2022
EJU37HF OE-ICKA320-20017:25 22-May-2022
EZY57CZ G-EZTAA320-20017:22 22-May-2022
EZY46QL G-EZBVA319-10017:17 22-May-2022
NSZ2768 SE-RPFB737-80017:16 22-May-2022
EZY29ZY G-EZUWA320-20017:12 22-May-2022
EZY48PB G-EZTTA320-20017:09 22-May-2022
EZY39XU G-EZDJA319-10017:08 22-May-2022
EZY67YL G-EZGXA320-20017:06 22-May-2022
EZY61AR G-EZAGA319-10017:02 22-May-2022
EZY24NT G-EZOUA320-20017:00 22-May-2022
EZY82RB G-EZBHA319-10016:50 22-May-2022
WUK1BX G-WUKOA321neo16:48 22-May-2022
EZY79VE G-EZBJA319-10016:45 22-May-2022
EZY52DX G-UZMCA321neo16:43 22-May-2022
EZY12YP G-UZMHA321neo16:38 22-May-2022
TGW752 9V-OFKB787-8 Dreamliner16:36 22-May-2022
EZY72CN G-EZAYA319-10016:33 22-May-2022
EZY28EP G-EZDAA319-10016:28 22-May-2022
EZY53DT G-UZHRA320neo16:13 22-May-2022
EZY34ZM G-EZRTA320-20016:06 22-May-2022
EZY75MV G-EZTVA320-20016:04 22-May-2022
EZY15CP G-EZIYA319-10015:55 22-May-2022
EZY57XG G-UZMGA321neo15:44 22-May-2022
EZY89WP G-EZWUA320-20015:42 22-May-2022
EZY72UT G-EZOIA320-20015:38 22-May-2022
EZY52KH G-EZDVA319-10015:35 22-May-2022
EZY62FG G-EZFWA319-10015:25 22-May-2022
EZY81HC G-EZWZA320-20015:23 22-May-2022
TOM5727 9H-MLPA320-20014:47 22-May-2022
BAW8629 G-GATUA320-20014:10 22-May-2022
BAW2633 G-GATKA320-20014:04 22-May-2022
EZY83HE G-EZGRA319-10014:01 22-May-2022
BAW2811 G-MIDOA320-20013:43 22-May-2022
EZY6463 G-EZWIA320-20013:29 22-May-2022
EZY85CZ G-EZDIA319-10010:50 22-May-2022
BAW25K G-VIIPB777-20010:08 22-May-2022
GBKBW G-BKBWTB-10 Tobago09:37 22-May-2022
BAW61T G-VIIOB777-20008:23 22-May-2022
EZS9070 HB-JXKA320-20005:34 22-May-2022
TOM79E G-POWKA320-20023:11 21-May-2022
ENT448 SP-ENRB737-80018:44 21-May-2022
TOM1EK G-TAWIB737-80017:37 21-May-2022
GCBHA G-CBHATB-10 Tobago15:55 21-May-2022
EZY96TX G-EZOAA320-20015:32 21-May-2022
BAW2763 G-GATNA320-20018:34 20-May-2022
TOM5515 G-POWMA320-20016:23 20-May-2022
TOM8BW G-TUMOB737 MAX 801:25 20-May-2022
N890BB N890BBFalcon 900DX12:13 19-May-2022
GBNSR G-BNSRFirefly11:28 19-May-2022
CXI32BY OY-RUZA320-20006:58 19-May-2022
HLE21 G-LNACAW.16913:09 18-May-2022
BAW2663 G-MIDYA320-20019:46 14-May-2022
SWG9070 C-FYSDB737-80018:59 14-May-2022
N225RB N225RBSR22T18:44 13-May-2022
GGBSL G-GBSLBeech 76 Duchess16:18 12-May-2022
N505MF N505MF505 Jet Ranger X13:30 25-Apr-2022
HLE60 G-KSSCAW.16916:03 24-Apr-2022
SWG9052 C-FYDYB737-80001:10 21-Apr-2022
PLE01 G-PICUAW.16913:07 19-Apr-2022
RRR878 ZZ338A330-20010:20 14-Apr-2022
GCKRK G-CKRKCabri G210:57 11-Apr-2022
GCOGS G-COGS40715:06 22-Mar-2022
VQBRL VQ-BRLA321-20021:41 09-Mar-2022
GBSNX G-BSNXCherokee PA-2810:51 07-Mar-2022
N999PX N999PXChallenger 60400:48 31-Jan-2022
GOLSF G-OLSFCherokee PA-2818:47 20-Jan-2022
GHAYZ G-HAYZAS-350/55012:03 15-Dec-2021
HLE21 G-KSSTAW.16915:15 11-Dec-2021
GUNNS G-UNNSH-45 Partizan15:52 28-Nov-2021
GLYZA G-LYZACabri G210:24 06-Nov-2021
GCIXB G-CIXBG-10913:00 11-May-2021
GAEDU G-AEDUDH-90 Dragonfly14:43 19-Apr-2021
GBRGW G-BRGWMinicab JB-0115:36 31-Mar-2021

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