London Gatwick Airport

Name: London Gatwick Airport
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Elevation: 202 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
EZY8050 G-EZOMA320-20021:55 23-Oct-2021
EZY78XH G-EZBFA319-10021:51 23-Oct-2021
EZY67BQ G-UZLBA320neo21:49 23-Oct-2021
EZY93CH G-EZDMA319-10021:46 23-Oct-2021
EZY8596 G-EZPBA320-20021:27 23-Oct-2021
TOM753 G-FDZXB737-80021:24 23-Oct-2021
EZY28HN G-EZFWA319-10021:22 23-Oct-2021
EZY8202 G-EZBCA319-10021:11 23-Oct-2021
EZY8010 G-EZWAA320-20021:05 23-Oct-2021
EZY53RW G-EZTVA320-20021:02 23-Oct-2021
EZY8380 G-EZGGA319-10020:58 23-Oct-2021
EZY75GM G-UZHUA320neo20:53 23-Oct-2021
EZY838 G-EZOAA320-20020:22 23-Oct-2021
AWC552 G-POWKA320-20020:12 23-Oct-2021
EZY704 G-EZBRA319-10020:01 23-Oct-2021
EZY5102 G-EZUPA320-20020:00 23-Oct-2021
EZY8892 G-EZTRA320-20019:56 23-Oct-2021
EZY8028 G-EZBZA319-10019:39 23-Oct-2021
EZY61JA G-UZLFA320neo19:21 23-Oct-2021
EZY46TL G-EZOXA320-20019:15 23-Oct-2021
TOM4625 G-TUMCB737 MAX 819:07 23-Oct-2021
EZY16WK G-EZTAA320-20018:57 23-Oct-2021
EZY8440 G-EZAGA319-10018:51 23-Oct-2021
EZY18XV G-EZTGA320-20018:41 23-Oct-2021
EZY19TK G-UZMEA321neo18:31 23-Oct-2021
EZY5368 G-UZHXA320neo18:22 23-Oct-2021
EZY32DW G-EZOFA320-20018:18 23-Oct-2021
EZY5318 G-EZTJA320-20018:16 23-Oct-2021
EZY8700 G-EZUTA320-20018:00 23-Oct-2021
EZY79VT G-EZDJA319-10017:08 23-Oct-2021
EZY51AN G-EZTHA320-20016:57 23-Oct-2021
EZY59BN G-EZDXA319-10016:39 23-Oct-2021
TOM2JB G-FDZZB737-80016:08 23-Oct-2021
EZY98GN G-EZGIA319-10015:50 23-Oct-2021
ENT448 SP-ENRB737-80015:47 23-Oct-2021
EZY93DV G-UZMJA321neo15:31 23-Oct-2021
AWC321W G-POWMA320-20015:11 23-Oct-2021
EZY9007 G-EZBEA319-10014:39 23-Oct-2021
EZY285R G-EZGXA320-20014:05 23-Oct-2021
AWC612 G-POWUA321-20013:49 23-Oct-2021
EZY8430 G-EZDAA319-10009:38 23-Oct-2021
BAW25K G-VIIXB777-20007:58 23-Oct-2021
BAW8VA G-VIIRB777-20007:41 23-Oct-2021
TOM3WJ G-TUIJB787-9 Dreamliner23:33 22-Oct-2021
EZY49BT G-UZHDA320neo22:41 22-Oct-2021
EZY72DJ G-EZFIA319-10022:01 22-Oct-2021
EZY49XR G-EZRYA320-20020:10 22-Oct-2021
GBHOR G-BHORCherokee PA-2816:11 22-Oct-2021
GGBSL G-GBSLBeech 76 Duchess15:21 22-Oct-2021
GBNSR G-BNSRFirefly15:02 22-Oct-2021
EZS9070 HB-JZZA320-20005:53 22-Oct-2021
VPBAT VP-BATGlobal 750019:48 21-Oct-2021
GCEZI G-CEZICherokee PA-2815:32 16-Oct-2021
GEDVL G-EDVLPA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow11:33 12-Oct-2021
BAW9273 G-DBCKA319-10011:49 06-Oct-2021
HLE60 G-KSSTAW.16901:33 03-Oct-2021
NAX8904 SE-RTBB737 MAX 816:08 30-Sep-2021
GBUIJ G-BUIJCherokee PA-2813:45 29-Sep-2021
BAW9274 G-EUPLA319-10008:41 28-Sep-2021
BAW9270 G-EUYCA320-20011:42 27-Sep-2021
EZY96HA G-EZGNA319-10022:21 26-Sep-2021
BAW9260 G-EUPWA319-10011:44 25-Sep-2021
EZY9002 G-EZBWA319-10018:37 24-Sep-2021
BAW9271 G-EUYBA320-20008:42 22-Sep-2021
BAW9270 G-EUUMA320-20008:51 21-Sep-2021
NAX2HM SE-RTCB737 MAX 808:54 17-Sep-2021
BAW9276 G-EUPGA319-10009:36 11-Sep-2021
BAW9270 G-DBCAA319-10008:31 07-Sep-2021
EZY9001 G-EZBTA319-10011:07 06-Sep-2021
EZY9004 G-EZNMA319-10014:59 03-Sep-2021
BAW9278 G-DBCJA319-10008:24 29-Aug-2021
EZY18GR G-EZAOA319-10021:36 19-Aug-2021
EZY9007 G-EZTMA320-20013:11 09-Aug-2021
EZY73RN G-EZAVA319-10017:38 15-Jul-2021
GCKRK G-CKRKCabri G214:41 02-Jul-2021
EZY9002 G-EZBVA319-10013:16 19-Jun-2021
EZY9002 G-EZBYA319-10011:30 16-Jun-2021
GBLJO G-BLJOCessna 15210:54 15-Jun-2021
EZY9008 G-EZAPA319-10011:07 14-Jun-2021
GBOSO G-BOSOCessna 15211:10 08-Jun-2021
EZY9012 G-EZPGA319-10013:53 21-May-2021
GCIXB G-CIXBG-10913:00 11-May-2021
GAEDU G-AEDUDH-90 Dragonfly14:43 19-Apr-2021
GBRGW G-BRGWMinicab JB-0115:36 31-Mar-2021
GBMUZ G-BMUZCherokee PA-2812:00 17-Jan-2021

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