Jersey Airport

Name: Jersey Airport
City: Saint Helier
Country: Jersey
Elevation: 277 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
VLJ829R F-HGRICitation M207:48 28-Jan-2022
NPT23J G-JMCKB737-40006:50 28-Jan-2022
REV954B G-REXABeech 1300 Commuter20:49 27-Jan-2022
VPBTW VP-BTWFalcon 900LX20:25 27-Jan-2022
N930SA N930SATBM 93014:45 27-Jan-2022
ORT27K 2-FIFIBeech 1300 Commuter11:29 27-Jan-2022
GMA698 G-JSNSG28015:57 26-Jan-2022
2KOOL 2-KOOLCherokee PA-2815:15 26-Jan-2022
2LIVE 2-LIVEPC-1213:47 26-Jan-2022
2RNWL 2-RNWLCitation M213:57 24-Jan-2022
GMA768 G-SCCACessna 510 Citation Mustang19:50 23-Jan-2022
MSAIL M-SAILPC-1216:32 22-Jan-2022
N747YK N747YKCessna 31010:55 22-Jan-2022
GBOTH G-BOTHCessna 18213:51 20-Jan-2022
N42LR N42LRDA-4213:57 19-Jan-2022
GBSCS G-BSCSCherokee PA-2814:27 18-Jan-2022
N199MW N199MWEMB-720 Minuano12:54 17-Jan-2022
GJACL G-JACLP.201013:59 13-Jan-2022
2MUJJ 2-MUJJEA55013:24 11-Jan-2022
GJACN G-JACNP.2008 JC11:21 09-Jan-2022
N780AC N780ACPA-30 Twin Comanche16:53 28-Dec-2021
FHJSB F-HJSBCitation M218:09 06-Dec-2021
N369AN N369ANCessna 18215:12 30-Oct-2021
GJACB G-JACBCherokee PA-2814:35 26-Oct-2021
2GOLD 2-GOLDCherokee PA-2810:44 31-Aug-2021
N7155N N7155NCessna 18213:50 13-Jul-2021
GNESW G-NESWEMB-810 Seneca11:00 31-Dec-2020

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