Guernsey Airport

Name: Guernsey Airport
City: Guernsey
Country: Guernsey
Elevation: 336 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
AUR611Y G-NSEYEMB-19520:03 16-May-2022
AUR7ET G-ORAIATR-72-60019:41 16-May-2022
BCI343 G-ISLMATR-72-50019:28 16-May-2022
SXN75A G-USHALearjet 7519:14 16-May-2022
AUR9LG G-OATRATR-72-60017:20 16-May-2022
N559C N559CEMB-810 Seneca17:15 16-May-2022
GBZIJ G-BZIJDR.500 200i President16:29 16-May-2022
MARIE M-ARIEBAe-125-70015:15 16-May-2022
N479BC N479BCSR22T11:34 16-May-2022
N101DW N101DWPA-32R-300 Cherokee Lance10:48 16-May-2022
AUR79B G-OGFCATR-72-60021:10 15-May-2022
N6039X N6039XCommander16:04 15-May-2022
2NAOM 2-NAOMEclipse 50015:47 15-May-2022
N302JG N302JGTBM-70014:54 15-May-2022
SSZ2S M-SPECBeech Super King Air 35013:49 15-May-2022
FHUMM F-HUMMDA-4009:16 14-May-2022
SSZ8 M-SPEKBeech Super King Air 35017:37 13-May-2022
N700CS N700CSTBM-70016:45 13-May-2022
GGFTA G-GFTACherokee PA-2816:16 13-May-2022
N940PS N940PSTBM 94014:38 13-May-2022
2LAND 2-LANDCommander12:55 13-May-2022
N287TB N287TBSR22T G5 GTS11:23 11-May-2022
N36GT N36GTTB20 Trinidad17:39 10-May-2022
N855MS N855MSEclipse 50011:58 10-May-2022
2HELI 2-HELIA-10915:12 08-May-2022
N70AS N70ASBN-2 Islander12:47 04-May-2022
N28SN N28SNSR22T12:02 04-May-2022
GOYIO G-OYIODR.400 120 Petit Prince10:16 03-May-2022
2MLBU 2-MLBUPA-46-310P Malibu09:06 03-May-2022
2LISS 2-LISSEclipse 50011:41 01-May-2022
2CAZZ 2-CAZZEclipse 50008:47 25-Apr-2022
N116SB N116SBCommander12:11 23-Apr-2022
2KOOL 2-KOOLCherokee PA-2814:27 20-Apr-2022
GGOTH G-GOTHCherokee PA-2811:43 18-Apr-2022
GBOTH G-BOTHCessna 18212:34 15-Apr-2022
N122ZT N122ZTSR-2210:19 10-Apr-2022
2LOKI 2-LOKIEclipse 50007:04 05-Apr-2022
2YULL 2-YULLSR-2013:53 02-Apr-2022
GJOID G-JOIDSR-2012:06 30-Mar-2022
DEABY D-EABYM-2011:34 27-Mar-2022
FGENJ F-GENJTB20 Trinidad11:46 26-Mar-2022
2MUJJ 2-MUJJEA55013:51 12-Mar-2022
2AKOP 2-AKOPCommander13:54 10-Mar-2022
N100VA N100VAEclipse 50016:06 09-Mar-2022
GFREY G-FREYSR-2011:07 04-Mar-2022
2TABS 2-TABSEclipse 50015:41 19-Feb-2022
2JSEG 2-JSEGEclipse 50008:20 19-Feb-2022
N6088F N6088FCommander11:53 21-Jan-2022
N990NA N990NAEclipse 50015:12 07-Aug-2021
GPBEE G-PBEER44 Raven12:31 31-Jul-2021
N36FD N36FDEclipse 50014:21 02-Jul-2021

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