Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Name: Liverpool John Lennon Airport
City: Liverpool
Country: United Kingdom
Elevation: 80 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
RYR9896 EI-EVHB737-80016:18 28-Jan-2022
EZY15PE G-EZUNA320-20016:01 28-Jan-2022
GAVCV G-AVCVCessna 18215:11 28-Jan-2022
RYR4TH EI-EPDB737-80014:40 28-Jan-2022
LNX15SM G-SMSMFalcon 2000LX S13:09 28-Jan-2022
RYR9QV EI-DWRB737-80011:43 28-Jan-2022
EZY606 G-EZTKA320-20011:34 28-Jan-2022
EZY67LE G-EZWUA320-20008:35 28-Jan-2022
EZY616 G-EZUCA320-20020:48 27-Jan-2022
EZY612 G-EZDFA319-10017:37 27-Jan-2022
PLINE33 G-RVNRP-68 Observer16:08 27-Jan-2022
GEGCD G-EGCDCessna 17214:53 26-Jan-2022
N203CD N203CDSR-2014:45 26-Jan-2022
GHUKA G-HUKA36913:53 26-Jan-2022
MFRZN M-FRZNChallenger 60517:15 25-Jan-2022
GZZOT G-ZZOTEMB-810 Seneca15:50 25-Jan-2022
BIO02 OY-VNSP-68 Observer17:34 24-Jan-2022
N71UK N71UKSR22T16:46 24-Jan-2022
N616CM N616CMTBM-85017:24 22-Jan-2022
2CYFR 2-CYFRSR22T GTS15:27 21-Jan-2022
GGYAV G-GYAVCessna 17215:11 20-Jan-2022
MPORT M-PORTBD-700 Global 500014:43 20-Jan-2022
GGMAD G-GMADBeech Super King Air 35018:22 17-Jan-2022
GRVNX G-BSLUCherokee PA-2816:24 16-Jan-2022
GBCCF G-BCCFCherokee PA-2810:04 16-Jan-2022
GBGMP G-BGMPCessna 17219:54 31-Dec-2021
EZY9002 G-EZBZA319-10012:32 28-Dec-2021
HLL45 G-TAJBBK-117C-209:33 27-Dec-2021
EZY9005 G-EZDHA319-10013:35 20-Dec-2021
GNATT G-NATTCommander11:20 15-Dec-2021
GOGUN G-OGUNAS-350/55016:00 12-Dec-2021
GRVRN G-RVRNCherokee PA-2814:30 12-Dec-2021
GYAWW G-YAWWPA-28RT-201 Arrow 416:01 25-Nov-2021
GDGFD G-DGFDR44 Clipper II12:02 24-Nov-2021
GBOYV G-BOYVPA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow14:37 21-Nov-2021
N19DW N19DWSR22T15:37 17-Nov-2021
EZY9001 G-EZDAA319-10018:49 02-Nov-2021
GDLEE G-DLEETampico16:01 10-Oct-2021
EZY9001 G-EZBDA319-10010:45 03-Oct-2021
GRIPA G-RIPAP-68 Observer15:34 01-Oct-2021
EZY9001 G-EZIYA319-10011:40 28-Sep-2021
GSIJW G-SIJWB-125 Bulldog16:18 27-Sep-2021
GRVRK G-RVRKPA-38 Tomahawk15:18 29-Aug-2021
GLFSL G-LFSLPA-38 Tomahawk10:45 15-Aug-2021
GRVRO G-RVROPA-38 Tomahawk09:16 25-Jul-2021
GLFSN G-LFSNPA-38 Tomahawk16:57 22-Jul-2021
GRVRM G-RVRMPA-38 Tomahawk12:48 10-Jul-2021
GOLFT G-OLFTCommander11:57 03-Jun-2021
GOBIO G-INXSR22 Beta10:15 08-Jan-2021

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