Niederrhein Airport

Name: Niederrhein Airport
City: Weeze
Country: Germany
Elevation: 106 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
RWL544 D-GJPAPA-44 Seminole14:07 28-Jan-2022
RYR2114 9H-QDNB737-80013:31 28-Jan-2022
DETFE D-ETFECherokee PA-2811:32 28-Jan-2022
RYR5WD 9H-QBGB737-80017:43 26-Jan-2022
TLI149 D-EMEBSR-2018:01 25-Jan-2022
RWL1333 D-EXXAPA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow13:18 24-Jan-2022
DELLD D-ELLDPA-28RT-201 Arrow 412:53 24-Jan-2022
DEZYA D-EZYADA-4012:59 19-Jan-2022
DEHBH D-EHBHCessna 17211:35 29-Dec-2021
DEFTO D-EFTOCessna 15210:41 22-Dec-2021
DKBUB D-KBUBSF-25C Falke 200014:13 21-Nov-2021
N143LA N143LAPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian14:59 15-Nov-2021
DEDVD D-EDVDCessna 17215:01 24-Oct-2021
DKNNN D-KNNNG-10914:57 09-Oct-2021
DEFXB D-EFXBAT-01 A-21010:00 05-Oct-2021
DEDUB D-EDUBTB-10 Tobago15:36 20-Sep-2021
2BOYS 2-BOYSCommander10:40 13-Sep-2021
PHPHA PH-PHA48009:20 17-Aug-2021
D3949 D-3949Duo Discus11:46 14-Aug-2021
PHDAI PH-DAIDA-4009:02 11-Aug-2021
PH9M8 PH-9M8Paramotor M307:00 18-Jul-2021
APACHE33 Q-1977 Apache12:10 07-Jul-2021
DISGS D-ISGSAP-68TP-600 Viator10:46 07-Jul-2021
DEFXX D-EFXXAT-01 A-21008:28 07-Jul-2021
DHEMV D-HEMVEC-120 Colibri07:38 28-Jun-2021
DEFXZ D-EFXZAT-01 A-21008:07 23-Jun-2021
BBA35 C-GIAVGlobal 750019:02 15-Jun-2021
DFAIR D-FAIRAntonov An-212:42 17-May-2021
PHUNN PH-UNNEC-120 Colibri09:52 14-Apr-2021
DECYY D-ECYYWA-51 Pacific13:41 30-Mar-2021
DESMM D-ESMMCherokee PA-2813:31 30-Mar-2021
DMDCV D-MDCVCalidus16:01 06-Mar-2021
DEFXH D-EFXHAT-01 A-21015:36 16-Feb-2021
PHKGJ PH-KGJEC-120 Colibri13:38 25-Jan-2021
DHSTB D-HSTBR44 Raven I09:04 14-Jan-2021

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