Leipzig Halle Airport

Name: Leipzig Halle Airport
City: Leipzig
Country: Germany
Elevation: 465 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
DLH1EK D-AIZWA320-20016:02 22-May-2022
JAR24 OE-EGOPC-1215:59 22-May-2022
BCS37B D-AEAFA300B4-60015:56 22-May-2022
BOX531 D-AALSB777-200LR15:21 22-May-2022
BOX505 D-AALMB777-200LR15:19 22-May-2022
BOX507 D-AALLB777-200LR14:43 22-May-2022
DHK395 G-DHLYB777-200LR14:15 22-May-2022
BCS7JG D-AEAJA300B4-60013:44 22-May-2022
BOX2599 D-AALGB777-200LR13:24 22-May-2022
BCS62A D-AEAHA300B4-60012:30 22-May-2022
BCS6769 D-AEARA300B4-60011:47 22-May-2022
BCS5GU D-AEAKA300B4-60011:03 22-May-2022
BOX589 D-AALEB777-200LR10:37 22-May-2022
BCS545 EI-HECA330-30010:09 22-May-2022
DEKBL D-EKBLTB-10 Tobago10:00 22-May-2022
DETBB D-ETBBCessna 17209:50 22-May-2022
ABR593 EI-STNB737-40009:40 22-May-2022
BCS341 D-ALEJA330-20009:26 22-May-2022
BCS2215 D-ALEPB757-20009:09 22-May-2022
BCS543 D-AZMOA300B4-60002:33 22-May-2022
GTI423 N775SAB777-200LR23:19 21-May-2022
BCS8533 D-AEAMA300B4-60023:11 21-May-2022
MNB9345 TC-MCDA300B4-60023:02 21-May-2022
BCS963 D-AEABA300B4-60022:09 21-May-2022
BCS56W EI-DGUA300B4-60021:55 21-May-2022
BCS32E EI-OZLA300B4-60021:40 21-May-2022
BCS210P OE-LNJB757-20020:08 21-May-2022
BCS20D D-AEAIA300B4-60019:31 21-May-2022
NWG11 LN-AWELearjet 4518:06 21-May-2022
BCS115 D-ALETB757-20017:42 21-May-2022
BCS86N LZ-CGUB737-40017:01 21-May-2022
BCS3611 D-AEAAA300B4-60011:01 21-May-2022
SRN209P SP-KPCSaab 34010:51 21-May-2022
BCS2JE D-ALEUB757-20005:38 21-May-2022
BCS80A EC-NLUB737-40005:29 21-May-2022
BCS2213 OE-LNFB757-20005:23 21-May-2022
BCS72J OE-LNUB757-20002:00 21-May-2022
BCS62A D-AEACA300B4-60023:47 20-May-2022
DHK103 G-BMRBB757-20023:29 20-May-2022
SOP7617 TC-MCCA300B4-60023:23 20-May-2022
BCS189 OY-SRPB767-20023:20 20-May-2022
BCS125 D-AEAEA300B4-60023:17 20-May-2022
BCS58L D-ALEVB757-20023:15 20-May-2022
BCS137 OE-LNIB757-20023:12 20-May-2022
BCS7859 D-AEASA300B4-60023:06 20-May-2022
BCS5447 D-AEADA300B4-60023:01 20-May-2022
BCS44C D-AEATA300B4-60022:58 20-May-2022
BCS1685 EC-NHFB757-20022:48 20-May-2022
BCS2881 EC-KLDB757-20022:45 20-May-2022
BCS2WP LZ-CGOB737-30022:42 20-May-2022
BCS59X EI-OZMA300B4-60022:39 20-May-2022
BCS3YK LZ-CGXB737-40022:32 20-May-2022
BCS80A OE-LNQB757-20022:29 20-May-2022
BCS9VE S5-ABOA300B4-60022:26 20-May-2022
IGA5337 SP-MRFB767-20022:24 20-May-2022
BCS7511 9H-CGBA321-20022:21 20-May-2022
BCS21Q LZ-CGWB737-40022:13 20-May-2022
BCS43A OE-LNWB757-20022:13 20-May-2022
BCS95B EC-FTRB757-20022:06 20-May-2022
BCS5917 LZ-CGQB737-30022:03 20-May-2022
BCS7YL SE-RLBB767-20021:56 20-May-2022
BCS46J D-AEAQA300B4-60021:47 20-May-2022
BCS33G D-AEAGA300B4-60021:38 20-May-2022
CGF4027 LZ-CGPB737-30021:36 20-May-2022
BBD5101 TF-BBJB737-40021:27 20-May-2022
BCS3MU 9H-CGAA321-20021:23 20-May-2022
BCS14A LZ-CGSB737-40021:19 20-May-2022
BCS71R LZ-CXBB737-80021:02 20-May-2022
BCS86N OE-LNKB757-20020:57 20-May-2022
BCS4983 D-ALEQB757-20020:54 20-May-2022
BCS2961 EI-STHB737-40020:50 20-May-2022
BCS115 D-ALENB757-20020:40 20-May-2022
BCS57E OE-LNOB757-20020:30 20-May-2022
BBD3789 TF-BBKB737-40020:03 20-May-2022
BCS5571 TF-BBLB737-40019:59 20-May-2022
BCS3TW EI-STVB737-40006:37 20-May-2022
BCS179 OE-LNXB757-20001:28 20-May-2022
DHK2121 G-BMRDB757-20023:33 19-May-2022
BCS4983 D-ALESB757-20022:07 19-May-2022
BCS961 OE-LNLB757-20021:34 19-May-2022
BCS2TY D-AEAOA300B4-60021:07 19-May-2022
BCS189 OY-SRLB767-20021:53 18-May-2022
DESGH D-ESGHCessna 17211:26 18-May-2022
MXM3722 UR-ZYDAntonov An-124 Ruslan04:18 17-May-2022
DFHBG D-FHBGTBM-85019:20 15-May-2022
DILCG D-ILCGCessna 525A Citation CJ216:57 14-May-2022
IFA327 D-IVAG390 Premier 112:35 11-May-2022
ADB316F UR-82007Antonov An-124 Ruslan12:21 09-May-2022
DELJI D-ELJIR-1180 Aiglon16:41 08-May-2022
CVK7001 UR-CNNAntonov An-1211:34 06-May-2022
HBQAT HB-QATHot Air Balloon05:24 04-May-2022
N243KF N243KFPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian16:41 03-May-2022
PHISF PH-ISFSportcruiser07:59 03-May-2022
GNSUK G-NSUKEMB-810 Seneca12:58 15-Apr-2022
DKBUK D-KBUKSF-25C Rotax Falke11:46 13-Apr-2022
DOWBF D-OWBFHot Air Balloon08:00 06-Mar-2022
DKWSJ D-KWSJL-13SW Vivat13:07 06-Jan-2022
DMDLH D-MDLHC42 B13:32 03-Nov-2021
DESTF D-ESTFBreezer09:44 17-Oct-2021
DONIK D-ONIKHot Air Balloon15:10 16-Oct-2021
DESOM D-ESOMSR-2209:53 10-Oct-2021
DECNL D-ECNLCessna 15009:48 03-Oct-2021
DEKGN D-EKGNZ-14315:17 21-Aug-2021
DOSWH D-OSWHHot Air Balloon18:35 21-Jun-2021
DORHL D-ORHLHot Air Balloon04:53 12-Jun-2021
OEXFS OE-XRREC-13515:40 22-Apr-2021
DEDHI D-EDHICherokee PA-2815:22 29-Mar-2021
DHALN D-HALNR44 Raven13:46 25-Jan-2021

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