Nuremberg Airport

Name: Nuremberg Airport
City: Nuremberg
Country: Germany
Elevation: 1046 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
PGT5033 TC-NBCA320neo00:08 17-May-2022
CXI84CV UR-SQAB737-80023:59 16-May-2022
RYR1ZW 9H-QEKB737-80023:48 16-May-2022
SXS5PH TC-SOIB737 MAX 823:45 16-May-2022
CAI5FT LY-ELKA320-20023:06 16-May-2022
RYR3CR 9H-QCLB737-80022:54 16-May-2022
CAI76WK TC-TJVB737-80022:22 16-May-2022
KLM67S PH-EXREMB-17521:07 16-May-2022
DLH6TJ D-AECFEMB-19020:39 16-May-2022
EWG2JH OE-IQCA320-20020:04 16-May-2022
ADN11E D-CURELearjet 6016:51 16-May-2022
CXI9AC 9H-CXBB737-80016:41 16-May-2022
ENT56MU SP-ESCB737-80015:41 16-May-2022
TCCZD TC-CZDG45014:40 16-May-2022
ADN21S D-CLMSLearjet 4514:18 16-May-2022
DMSAV D-MRGLJet Fox 91-D13:28 16-May-2022
BFX13A D-IDBA390 Premier 112:44 16-May-2022
TCARB TC-ARBBD-100 Challenger 30010:55 16-May-2022
DIGCS D-IGCSBeech 90 King Air08:24 16-May-2022
BHZ109 D-HBFSA-10907:40 16-May-2022
NJE600A CS-CHLChallenger 35019:50 15-May-2022
DIFPM D-IFPMEA55013:40 15-May-2022
N60EW N60EWCessna 501 Citation 1SP11:01 15-May-2022
ADN15C D-BADC328JET18:29 14-May-2022
N178MD N178MDB75 Kaydet17:03 14-May-2022
DEEJL D-EEJLCessna 15208:34 14-May-2022
IFA328 D-CFAZLearjet 6016:59 13-May-2022
IFA6182 D-AFAMBD-700 Global Express13:48 13-May-2022
DERWS D-ERWSSR22T16:37 12-May-2022
DAFAU D-AFAUBD-700 Global Express13:40 12-May-2022
DASBG D-ASBGFalcon 900LX12:10 12-May-2022
DESRP D-ESRPCessna 17213:41 11-May-2022
IFA326 D-CFAQLearjet 6015:30 10-May-2022
EUW0963 SE-RNRChallenger 35014:20 10-May-2022
YUBRZ YU-BRZLearjet 3107:29 10-May-2022
OEINK OE-INKChallenger 60506:53 10-May-2022
DMMPH D-MMPHSkylane09:44 09-May-2022
NJE084B CS-GLDGlobal 600017:56 08-May-2022
MHV353 D-CIRJ32815:41 08-May-2022
IFA1138 D-AFAAChallenger 60414:02 08-May-2022
N98AD N98ADG28014:53 07-May-2022
DMDFC D-MDFCNG-6 UL14:43 07-May-2022
DENMC D-ENMCM-20K/M 252TSE12:07 07-May-2022
OEIDM OE-IDMFalcon 900EX08:09 03-May-2022
IFA1129 D-CITALearjet 6021:25 30-Apr-2022
DEDEB D-EDEBCessna 17207:44 29-Apr-2022
DEACK D-EACKCessna 17216:30 28-Apr-2022
GFD3 D-CGFDLearjet 3507:13 28-Apr-2022
EDL4 D-HBPDEC-13513:32 26-Apr-2022
5NFGV 5N-FGVFalcon 7X13:43 25-Apr-2022
DEYTB D-EYTBCherokee PA-2816:05 23-Apr-2022
DMBKD D-MBKDEV-97 Eurostar SLW17:26 21-Apr-2022
DMWDE D-MWDEC42 Cyclone13:21 19-Apr-2022
DEMLL D-EMLLM-20K/M 252TSE12:44 18-Apr-2022
DEBOM D-EBOMBeech 33 Bonanza13:39 17-Apr-2022
BFX21M D-IDCVBeech 90 King Air17:08 14-Apr-2022
STLON53 D-HCDLEC-13515:44 14-Apr-2022
72100 09-72100BK-117C-209:36 13-Apr-2022
VJT551 9H-VFFChallenger 60519:10 12-Apr-2022
DEGPA D-EGPACherokee PA-2816:37 11-Apr-2022
HRE36H D-EKEPCherokee PA-2813:52 05-Apr-2022
HRE12B D-GJNSPA-44 Seminole08:57 05-Apr-2022
ABA13 D-EAOJTB-10 Tobago10:46 04-Apr-2022
IFA4636 D-AFAGChallenger 60400:31 01-Apr-2022
DEETD D-EETDSD-4 Viper11:13 26-Mar-2022
DIFAS D-IFASBaron 58P18:49 25-Mar-2022
DECQP D-ECQPAA-512:03 21-Mar-2022
BPO245 D-HLTNEC-15522:08 18-Mar-2022
PAV500 D-AVBABD-700 Global 500018:20 14-Mar-2022
Y9E D-HDRUEC-13516:13 14-Mar-2022
DEJDP D-EJDPM-2012:05 11-Mar-2022
PAV650 D-ASHYChallenger 65017:30 10-Mar-2022
BPO206 D-HLTOEC-15509:34 07-Mar-2022
DISCV D-ISCVCessna 525A Citation CJ214:32 26-Feb-2022
GRV105 SX-SEMLearjet 3509:48 22-Feb-2022
N127SR N127SRChallenger 60412:17 19-Feb-2022
BPO245 D-HLTPEC-15521:24 30-Jan-2022
DAAAY D-AAAYChallenger 60415:57 23-Dec-2021
4OMNE 4O-MNELearjet 4513:08 21-Dec-2021
IFA333 D-CFAFLearjet 6016:39 15-Dec-2021
JTS492 D-AZEMFalcon 900EX13:26 09-Dec-2021
KZN9401 RA-67167Challenger 60409:24 16-Oct-2021
DMDEN D-MDENTL-2000 Sting14:20 09-Oct-2021
N48WE N48WECessna 18210:52 02-Sep-2021
DEWSR D-EWSRDR.400 180 Regent15:59 21-Aug-2021
DKATO D-KATORF-518:54 20-Jul-2021
DMHRE D-MHREC42 B14:07 13-Jun-2021
OEDWW OE-DWWCessna 17210:29 08-Jun-2021
N716AK N716AKBAe-125-70013:08 24-May-2021
DOFNK D-OFNKHot Air Balloon04:32 25-Apr-2021
HPXT D-HHWWAS-355/55510:25 31-Mar-2021
DEFHO D-EFHOCessna 17212:26 21-Feb-2021

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