Munich International Airport

Name: Munich International Airport
City: Munich
Country: Germany
Elevation: 1487 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
DLH6EL D-AILSA319-10006:35 27-Sep-2021
THY3NQ TC-LOFA330-30006:33 27-Sep-2021
NJE783P CS-PHCEMB-505 Phenom 30006:31 27-Sep-2021
CAI44PA TC-TJVB737-80006:28 27-Sep-2021
MMD7440 D-ALBCATR-72-50006:26 27-Sep-2021
DLH2547 D-AILAA319-10006:24 27-Sep-2021
DLH28Y D-AIUSA320-20006:22 27-Sep-2021
DLH2CH I-ADJTEMB-19506:20 27-Sep-2021
EJU49BU OE-ICRA320-20006:18 27-Sep-2021
DLH2213 I-ADJREMB-19506:16 27-Sep-2021
DLH2741 D-AIZMA320-20006:15 27-Sep-2021
DLH4RK D-ACKICRJ-90006:13 27-Sep-2021
SWR110Z HB-JBICSeries CS10006:11 27-Sep-2021
GWI7MV D-AEWTA320-20006:09 27-Sep-2021
DLH3PP D-ACNTCRJ-90006:07 27-Sep-2021
DLH3XV D-AINRA320neo06:05 27-Sep-2021
DLH8FN D-AILFA319-10006:03 27-Sep-2021
SIA332 9V-SMPA350-90006:00 27-Sep-2021
DLH1CF D-AIEHA321neo05:58 27-Sep-2021
AUA111 OE-LBBA321-20005:56 27-Sep-2021
LGL91MU LX-LQIDHC-8-400 Dash 805:54 27-Sep-2021
DLH3EK D-AILXA319-10005:52 27-Sep-2021
DLH07P D-AILBA319-10005:50 27-Sep-2021
GWI7170 D-AEWPA320-20005:49 27-Sep-2021
DLH1673 I-ADJMEMB-19505:47 27-Sep-2021
DLH5YA D-ACNHCRJ-90005:45 27-Sep-2021
CTN436R 9A-CQDDHC-8-400 Dash 805:44 27-Sep-2021
DLH4E D-AIDPA321-20005:41 27-Sep-2021
DLH2JT D-AIWEA320-20005:40 27-Sep-2021
DLH4JV D-AINOA320neo05:38 27-Sep-2021
DLH33U D-AIBEA319-10005:36 27-Sep-2021
DLH3LY D-ACKDCRJ-90005:34 27-Sep-2021
DLH8VT D-AIWGA320-20005:31 27-Sep-2021
DLH4AC D-AINTA320neo05:30 27-Sep-2021
DLH1685 D-ACKHCRJ-90005:27 27-Sep-2021
DLH2MA D-AIUVA320-20005:25 27-Sep-2021
DLH6KX D-AIWDA320-20005:22 27-Sep-2021
DLH5NC D-ACNICRJ-90005:20 27-Sep-2021
DLH1WU D-ACNWCRJ-90005:19 27-Sep-2021
UAL106 N27901B787-8 Dreamliner05:16 27-Sep-2021
UAL30 N651UAB767-30005:12 27-Sep-2021
DLH1YY D-AILPA319-10005:10 27-Sep-2021
DLA8269 I-ADJKEMB-19505:07 27-Sep-2021
DLA7FM I-ADJNEMB-19504:58 27-Sep-2021
DLH5KW D-ACNACRJ-90004:56 27-Sep-2021
DLH1KV D-AILHA319-10004:54 27-Sep-2021
NCR890 N756CAB747-40004:33 27-Sep-2021
IFA6300 D-CFAQLearjet 6021:35 26-Sep-2021
BCS26N D-AEASA300B4-60021:21 26-Sep-2021
DLH2727 D-AIZDA320-20021:04 26-Sep-2021
CFG025 D-ABOCB757-30020:37 26-Sep-2021
AFR1122 F-GUGFA318-10020:27 26-Sep-2021
NJE772B CS-DXVCessna 560XL Citation Excel18:58 26-Sep-2021
DLA5CS I-ADJYEMB-19518:53 26-Sep-2021
DLH2M D-AIDQA321-20018:45 26-Sep-2021
DLH93U D-AINUA320neo18:38 26-Sep-2021
DLH2NC D-AIDTA321-20018:36 26-Sep-2021
AHO213C D-CASHEMB-505 Phenom 30018:31 26-Sep-2021
CFG9AP D-AICFA320-20018:04 26-Sep-2021
OEHUB OE-HUBCessna 750 Citation X17:31 26-Sep-2021
OEIRR OE-IRRFalcon 7X17:15 26-Sep-2021
DLH9PP I-ADJWEMB-19516:59 26-Sep-2021
DCAWX D-CAWXCessna 680 Citation Sovereign16:55 26-Sep-2021
DLH8AP D-ACNFCRJ-90016:52 26-Sep-2021
IJM188 OE-GXTCitation CJ416:44 26-Sep-2021
MJF7L OE-IPLGVII-G60016:38 26-Sep-2021
DLH3MX D-AISFA321-20016:21 26-Sep-2021
AXY2606 9H-FABEMB-19015:21 26-Sep-2021
N468AM N468AMFalcon 200015:11 26-Sep-2021
DBEAM D-BEAMBD-100 Challenger 30014:55 26-Sep-2021
DFUDA D-FUDAPC-1214:21 26-Sep-2021
TWY822 N595MPGlobal 600014:18 26-Sep-2021
JEI474 D-CAPOLearjet 3513:36 26-Sep-2021
N158QS N158QSGlobal 650013:04 26-Sep-2021
DLH477 D-AIXGA350-90012:33 26-Sep-2021
DLH719 D-AIXEA350-90011:53 26-Sep-2021
JEI575 D-CDIMLearjet 3510:23 26-Sep-2021
AFL2322 VP-BTHA321-20009:33 26-Sep-2021
ATL4U D-CUGFCessna 525B Citation CJ307:32 26-Sep-2021
DLH411 D-AIXJA350-90004:48 26-Sep-2021
EUL2K D-IANABeech 1300 Commuter21:23 24-Sep-2021
DCBAY D-CBAYCessna 680 Citation Sovereign18:58 24-Sep-2021
BMW73 D-ABMWG55015:47 24-Sep-2021
IJM717 OE-LLLG65010:07 24-Sep-2021
FDX5028 N915FDB757-20005:11 24-Sep-2021
AXY2401 9H-CLGChallenger 85019:15 23-Sep-2021
ADN24S D-CLMSLearjet 4513:55 23-Sep-2021
DLH477 D-AIXDA350-90011:48 23-Sep-2021
DLH5UK D-ACNVCRJ-90011:05 23-Sep-2021
OEFUX OE-FUXCessna 525A Citation CJ217:50 21-Sep-2021
D-HDSFBK-117C-215:31 21-Sep-2021
DKGAJ D-KGAJSF-25C Rotax Falke15:28 21-Sep-2021
DLH9PX D-AINNA320neo20:23 19-Sep-2021
BMW42 D-ABMRGVII-G50010:48 19-Sep-2021
DLH9851 D-AIXKA350-90012:09 18-Sep-2021
KAY52 D-ALXXA319-10014:30 12-Sep-2021
KAY57 D-ANEOA319 153NSL18:50 11-Sep-2021
DLH9921 D-AISQA321-20013:27 10-Sep-2021
D-ESRLM-2017:17 02-Sep-2021
AUA1471 OE-LDCA319-10014:04 30-Aug-2021
DLH67P D-AIDFA321-20018:31 28-Aug-2021
BTX1A D-AGBAFalcon 8X14:47 23-Aug-2021
AUA1471 OE-LDGA319-10013:40 29-Jul-2021
PAL5004 RP-C3506A350-90016:30 10-Jul-2021
D-HSPRR44 Clipper II10:42 18-May-2021
D-HBPHEC-13513:26 11-May-2021
D-EJOHTB20 Trinidad09:29 30-Apr-2021
DCS303 D-ACDEBD-700 Global 500014:23 20-Apr-2021
DAXGD D-AXGDA330-20012:10 29-Mar-2021
DAXGA D-AXGAA330-20008:31 29-Mar-2021
DAXGG D-AXGGA330-20010:39 26-Mar-2021
D-HYAJBK-117C-216:23 24-Mar-2021
DMOLS D-MOLSP.92 Echo15:14 27-Feb-2021
D-HBPGEC-13511:31 30-Dec-2020

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