Munich International Airport

Name: Munich International Airport
City: Munich
Country: Germany
Elevation: 1487 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
TUI92D D-AHLKB737-80023:12 16-May-2022
FCK511 D-CFMFBeech Super King Air 35022:50 16-May-2022
DLH9LJ D-ACNUCRJ-90021:48 16-May-2022
BAW958M G-EUPRA319-10021:38 16-May-2022
TAP552 CS-TTSA319-10021:32 16-May-2022
DLH2185 D-ACNTCRJ-90021:16 16-May-2022
TUI1MH D-ATUJB737-80021:12 16-May-2022
TUI49X D-ATUKB737-80020:58 16-May-2022
DLH8UK D-AIBLA319-10020:56 16-May-2022
KLM45D PH-HSEB737-80020:51 16-May-2022
CFG1VE D-AIAGA321-20020:45 16-May-2022
DLH7TM D-AILHA319-10020:39 16-May-2022
IBE31HD EC-KHMA319-10020:36 16-May-2022
CFG1FM D-AICIA320-20020:33 16-May-2022
CFG6KH D-AIAIA321-20020:23 16-May-2022
DLH2M D-AIDMA321-20020:20 16-May-2022
OCN6D YL-CSACSeries CS30020:17 16-May-2022
DLH9TY I-ADJREMB-19520:15 16-May-2022
DLH07J D-ACNDCRJ-90020:14 16-May-2022
AFR68WN F-GRHZA319-10020:12 16-May-2022
DLH5RV D-ACKHCRJ-90020:11 16-May-2022
DLH5TA D-AILDA319-10020:09 16-May-2022
CFG8CK LY-VUTA320-20020:04 16-May-2022
DLH5PW D-AIZGA320-20019:58 16-May-2022
OCN85Z YL-CSBCSeries CS30019:54 16-May-2022
DLH3CV D-AINXA320neo19:51 16-May-2022
DLH7EJ D-AIZMA320-20019:49 16-May-2022
DLH96U D-AIBMA319-10019:47 16-May-2022
DLH9M D-AIWHA320-20019:42 16-May-2022
BCS4106 LZ-CGXB737-40019:40 16-May-2022
AWU116A D-ILOUCessna 525A Citation CJ219:38 16-May-2022
DLH1835 D-AIDQA321-20019:35 16-May-2022
DLH3YH D-AINNA320neo19:32 16-May-2022
DLH8LA D-AIEGA321neo19:31 16-May-2022
DLH3KJ D-ACNWCRJ-90019:31 16-May-2022
DLH7HV D-AILSA319-10019:27 16-May-2022
DLH92X D-AIWGA320-20019:24 16-May-2022
NJE319D CS-CHGChallenger 35019:19 16-May-2022
DLH2CH D-AIEJA321neo19:13 16-May-2022
DLH3ER D-AIDLA321-20019:09 16-May-2022
DLH2347 I-ADJOEMB-19519:01 16-May-2022
DLH9HF D-AIBKA319-10018:55 16-May-2022
DLH11M D-AIDJA321-20018:53 16-May-2022
DLH7CT D-AIWBA320-20018:44 16-May-2022
DLH681 D-AIZHA320-20018:41 16-May-2022
DLH1TL D-AISRA321-20018:38 16-May-2022
DLH9967 I-JENBEMB-19518:33 16-May-2022
HBN1416 EI-HBACRJ-100018:25 16-May-2022
DLH12K D-AIWCA320-20018:25 16-May-2022
ADN21L D-ALILFalcon 7X18:16 16-May-2022
DLH89P D-AIZBA320-20018:02 16-May-2022
DLH6VM D-ACKFCRJ-90017:56 16-May-2022
DLH8VY D-AINZA320neo17:50 16-May-2022
DLH1XY D-AILCA319-10017:45 16-May-2022
DLH78U D-AIZCA320-20017:34 16-May-2022
DLH55A D-AILTA319-10017:21 16-May-2022
DLH9EK D-AIZJA320-20017:12 16-May-2022
DLH1VA D-ACKICRJ-90017:04 16-May-2022
N613CS N613CSFalcon 2000LX S17:00 16-May-2022
DLH1TW D-AIQTA320-20016:56 16-May-2022
DLH27P D-AIEIA321neo16:56 16-May-2022
DLH1769 D-AIEHA321neo16:38 16-May-2022
DLH3FJ D-ACNICRJ-90016:32 16-May-2022
DLH2TC D-ACNVCRJ-90016:30 16-May-2022
DLH32A D-AIDTA321-20016:26 16-May-2022
DLH4TL I-ADJLEMB-19516:22 16-May-2022
MHV64M D-AEOMChallenger 60416:12 16-May-2022
CFG3EA D-AICRA320-20015:35 16-May-2022
DLH459 D-AIXEA350-90015:13 16-May-2022
LLT225P LY-BGHHawker 75014:06 16-May-2022
DAAAX D-AAAXChallenger 60413:45 16-May-2022
DCUBA D-CUBACessna 525B Citation CJ313:33 16-May-2022
DLA5YY I-ADJUEMB-19512:45 16-May-2022
DLH1RC D-AILPA319-10012:01 16-May-2022
DLH501 D-AIXGA350-90011:39 16-May-2022
DCBAY D-CBAYCessna 680 Citation Sovereign11:30 16-May-2022
EUL2K D-IANABeech 1300 Commuter11:20 16-May-2022
DLH4C D-AIXLA350-90010:48 16-May-2022
N157QS N157QSGlobal 600008:13 16-May-2022
DLH411 D-AIHIA340-60006:10 16-May-2022
JEI272 D-CCCALearjet 3516:25 15-May-2022
MCK301 D-IERFCessna 525 Citation CJ116:12 15-May-2022
HBJTH HB-JTHFalcon 8X15:29 15-May-2022
DLH5JA D-AIZIA320-20010:04 15-May-2022
AYJ197 D-AANDFalcon 8X09:16 15-May-2022
DLH425 D-AIHVA340-60008:01 15-May-2022
PWF316 D-CSUE32818:27 14-May-2022
JEI151 D-CGBRLearjet 5520:34 13-May-2022
FDX6230 N901FDB757-20004:07 13-May-2022
ELJ503 OM-XLSCessna 560XL Citation Excel18:40 12-May-2022
OEFIX OE-FIXCessna 525 Citation CJ114:40 12-May-2022
D-HBPGEC-13512:30 12-May-2022
DIHAG D-IHAGCessna 551 Citation 2SP10:33 12-May-2022
JEI535 D-CDIMLearjet 3518:25 11-May-2022
BMW42 D-ABMRGVII-G50013:20 10-May-2022
D-EERHDA-4012:42 10-May-2022
DLH1XY D-AILXA319-10016:50 08-May-2022
D-HYAKBK-117C-218:18 04-May-2022
DBEAM D-BEAMBD-100 Challenger 30016:01 03-May-2022
DLH9933 D-AEBBEMB-19513:52 02-May-2022
VJT426 9H-VCCChallenger 35009:12 02-May-2022
D-EIYSCessna 18213:46 29-Apr-2022
KST202 D-IBADBeech 1300 Commuter08:50 27-Apr-2022
AUA1472 OE-LDDA319-10008:40 21-Apr-2022
D-HSHPEC-13513:11 16-Apr-2022
OKSEA OK-SEADA-4012:31 23-Mar-2022
D-HBPBEC-13514:55 11-Mar-2022
AFL2826 VP-BETA320-20012:34 27-Feb-2022
VMS10 11-111B737-40010:42 19-Feb-2022
D-EYWWCessna 210 Centurion13:56 02-Jan-2022
D-HDSFBK-117C-212:17 02-Dec-2021
DHSPM D-HSPM26909:11 20-Oct-2021
D-HSPRR44 Clipper II10:42 18-May-2021
D-EJOHTB20 Trinidad09:29 30-Apr-2021
DAXGD D-AXGDA330-20012:10 29-Mar-2021
DAXGA D-AXGAA330-20008:31 29-Mar-2021
DAXGG D-AXGGA330-20010:39 26-Mar-2021
DMOLS D-MOLSP.92 Echo15:14 27-Feb-2021

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