Cologne Bonn Airport

Name: Cologne Bonn Airport
City: Cologne
Country: Germany
Elevation: 302 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
AYY151 D-AONEChallenger 60412:56 09-May-2021
MSR540 SU-GCFA330-20011:31 09-May-2021
DEXTS D-EXTSSR22T GTS10:54 09-May-2021
UPS209 N340UPB767-30010:41 09-May-2021
UPS271 N329UPB767-30010:39 09-May-2021
ABR481 EI-STSB737-40010:17 09-May-2021
UPS233 N351UPB767-30009:57 09-May-2021
SPG518 OE-GDFEMB-505 Phenom 30009:55 09-May-2021
DEBTI D-EBTIP.201009:52 09-May-2021
QAJ3 D-CQACLearjet 4508:49 09-May-2021
AYY110 D-CEXPLearjet 3508:05 09-May-2021
CJT1893 C-FPIJB767-30000:24 09-May-2021
FDX5026 N877FDB777-200LR00:01 09-May-2021
UPS227 N276UPMD-1120:55 08-May-2021
CJT1895 C-GUAJB767-30020:54 08-May-2021
RYR1HY 9H-QEBB737-80019:55 08-May-2021
AYY112 D-CTRILearjet 3516:28 08-May-2021
RYR2MW 9H-QCWB737-80015:05 08-May-2021
EWG1Z D-AGWDA319-10014:00 08-May-2021
DEHBN D-EHBNCessna 17213:01 08-May-2021
SRR6315 OY-SRVB767-30022:30 07-May-2021
UPS291 N364UPB767-30022:29 07-May-2021
SRR6645 OY-SRIB767-20022:23 07-May-2021
SWT2WR EC-KJAATR-72-20022:21 07-May-2021
SRR6565 OY-SRGB767-20022:12 07-May-2021
SRN6261 SP-SPEATR-72-20022:04 07-May-2021
SRR6119 OY-SRJB767-20022:01 07-May-2021
SRR6227 OY-SRNB767-20021:59 07-May-2021
SRR6401 OY-SRKB767-20021:56 07-May-2021
UPS275 N304UPB767-30021:55 07-May-2021
CGF1807 LZ-CGQB737-30021:52 07-May-2021
UPS295 N427UPB757-20021:49 07-May-2021
UPS283 N428UPB757-20021:47 07-May-2021
CFG7513 D-ABUOB767-30021:45 07-May-2021
CGF1809 LZ-CGVB737-40021:43 07-May-2021
UPS285 N363UPB767-30021:41 07-May-2021
SWT2ZB EC-KIZATR-72-20021:34 07-May-2021
UPS249 N395UPB767-30021:30 07-May-2021
SRR6497 OY-SRFB767-20021:28 07-May-2021
SRR6381 OY-SRUB767-30021:26 07-May-2021
SRN6911 SP-SPHATR-72-20021:14 07-May-2021
SWN6715 SE-KXPATP20:15 07-May-2021
N980EE N980EE695 Jetprop Commander 100020:11 07-May-2021
DFKAI D-FKAIPC-1220:06 07-May-2021
FDX92 N617FEMD-1118:26 07-May-2021
CAI71NH TC-COEB737-80017:59 07-May-2021
MMF20 T-056A330-20015:34 07-May-2021
AYY111 D-CTILLearjet 3515:08 07-May-2021
DBONN D-BONNFalcon 2000EX EASy14:35 07-May-2021
DFPAN D-FPANPC-1214:29 07-May-2021
GAF898 16+02A340-30013:41 07-May-2021
UPS263 N362UPB767-30007:31 07-May-2021
SRR7819 OY-SRMB767-20006:20 07-May-2021
SWT2WR EC-MKEATR-72-50022:26 06-May-2021
SRR6227 OY-SROB767-20022:22 06-May-2021
UPS3 N625UPB747-820:42 06-May-2021
QAJ1 D-CQAALearjet 4517:55 06-May-2021
GAF613 14+03BD-700 Global 500017:15 06-May-2021
N902AG N902AGChallenger 60415:58 06-May-2021
GAF891 15+01A319-10013:56 06-May-2021
BPO24 D-HEGEAS-332 Super Puma13:11 06-May-2021
DEPEP D-EPEPCherokee PA-2812:44 06-May-2021
DELAV D-ELAVCherokee PA-2810:46 06-May-2021
DFJNP D-FJNPPC-1220:55 05-May-2021
GAF686 14+07Global 600015:37 05-May-2021
N7877T N7877TCessna 525B Citation CJ314:00 05-May-2021
DFDGA D-FDGAPC-1213:04 05-May-2021
OSY11F 15+03A319-10011:26 05-May-2021
CGF7833 LZ-CGYB737-40007:29 05-May-2021
DCEUS D-CEUSCitation CJ415:48 04-May-2021
GAF556 16+01A340-30014:51 04-May-2021
GER776F D-ACJJEMB-19010:20 04-May-2021
QAJ2 D-CQABLearjet 4520:16 03-May-2021
OEFGR OE-FGRCessna 551 Citation 2SP13:15 03-May-2021
GAF955 10+03A350-90011:04 03-May-2021
DELMC D-ELMCM-20K/M 252TSE09:16 02-May-2021
GAF676 14+06Global 600009:46 30-Apr-2021
AYY162 D-ATWOChallenger 60404:40 30-Apr-2021
DEWIM D-EWIMBeech 33 Bonanza13:37 29-Apr-2021
CHX03 D-HZSNEC-13517:47 28-Apr-2021
BPO105 D-HEGLAS-332 Super Puma13:17 28-Apr-2021
BPO140 D-HVBPEC-13510:41 28-Apr-2021
DEEPS D-EEPSDR.400 140B18:33 27-Apr-2021
BPO111 D-HVBXEC-13512:19 26-Apr-2021
JCL7 D-CICULearjet 4522:03 25-Apr-2021
GER953F D-AZFAEMB-19009:14 24-Apr-2021
EWG6966 D-ABNUA320-20010:20 22-Apr-2021
ETI53B SE-RMOLearjet 4515:26 21-Apr-2021
EWG6964 OE-IQBA320-20012:06 21-Apr-2021
GAF695 14+02BD-700 Global 500015:32 19-Apr-2021
SPTBF SP-TBFGulfstream G15009:40 16-Apr-2021
IJM064 OY-KVPLearjet 4017:03 15-Apr-2021
DFAYX D-FAYXTBM-85009:16 04-Apr-2021
GER212F D-AJHWEMB-19014:54 31-Mar-2021
DIBTI D-IBTICessna 525 Citation CJ116:01 18-Mar-2021
EWG6950 D-AGWOA319-10015:11 28-Feb-2021
TEU2 9H-VVPChallenger 60418:49 23-Feb-2021
EWG6900 D-AEUCA321-20017:01 23-Feb-2021
DMICM D-MICMC42 B16:20 21-Feb-2021
EWG6950 D-AKNUA319-10009:43 18-Feb-2021
EWG6950 D-ABHAA320-20011:01 08-Feb-2021
GAFMED4 10+24A310-30011:13 03-Feb-2021
9HTHC 9H-THCChallenger 60112:28 31-Jan-2021
EWG6951 D-ABNIA320-20011:51 26-Jan-2021
EWG6961 D-ASTXA319-10009:16 19-Jan-2021
EWG6971 D-ABZNA320-20016:51 14-Jan-2021
CXI902P 9H-CXBB737-80008:15 05-Jan-2021

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