Liege Airport

Name: Liege Airport
City: Liege
Country: Belgium
Elevation: 659 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
QTR704A A7-BFYB777-200LR03:51 20-Sep-2021
SXY336 TF-AMCB747-40003:48 20-Sep-2021
ABW734 VP-BIMB747-40002:01 20-Sep-2021
QTR8172 A7-BFQB777-200LR01:51 20-Sep-2021
AJT3022 N396CMB767-30001:03 20-Sep-2021
TAY8161 OE-IFMB747-40000:58 20-Sep-2021
ICL542 OO-ACEB747-40000:56 20-Sep-2021
RUN117 TC-MCTB747-40000:44 20-Sep-2021
ABB122 OO-CGMA330-20000:21 20-Sep-2021
JAF8FL OO-JARB737-70020:33 19-Sep-2021
FDX5081 N605FEMD-1118:11 19-Sep-2021
RUN408 TC-ACGB747-40017:35 19-Sep-2021
GAC196C OE-FZACessna 510 Citation Mustang17:13 19-Sep-2021
FDX9821 N854FDB777-200LR17:06 19-Sep-2021
FHBGE F-HBGETBM-85017:02 19-Sep-2021
CHG1282 OO-ACFB747-40013:01 19-Sep-2021
SRN406 SP-KPLSaab 34020:16 18-Sep-2021
N3BR N3BRBeech 35 Bonanza09:33 18-Sep-2021
TAY4496 OE-IAJB737-40023:16 17-Sep-2021
FDX6301 N922FDB757-20022:30 17-Sep-2021
TAY4037 OO-TNPB737-40021:16 17-Sep-2021
OOGLM OO-GLMCessna 680 Citation Sovereign15:46 17-Sep-2021
BAF635 CT-01A400M12:26 17-Sep-2021
GOXFD G-OXFDEMB-810 Seneca12:08 17-Sep-2021
TAY4873 OE-IAZB737-40001:39 17-Sep-2021
T7HGW T7-HGWVision SF5014:21 14-Sep-2021
OOHRG OO-HRGLearjet 4010:45 13-Sep-2021
ELY872 VQ-BWTB747-40015:01 12-Sep-2021
TAY4472 OE-IBIB737-40021:22 10-Sep-2021
FHBRA F-HBRABK-117C-218:40 10-Sep-2021
TAY4315 OE-IATB737-40022:38 03-Sep-2021
TAY4806 OE-IAUB737-40001:31 03-Sep-2021
ZXP24 PH-PXXAW13908:20 31-Aug-2021
GRFN481 H-24A-10908:37 04-Aug-2021
OOAVR OO-AVRAA-512:21 20-Jun-2021
OOLVT OO-LVTM-2013:20 15-May-2021
ATG7701 ER-BBEB747-40018:16 03-May-2021
DELTD D-ELTDPA-18 Super Cub14:15 27-Apr-2021
OOVCR OO-VCRCessna 15209:45 25-Apr-2021
OOLVA OO-LVACessna 17212:59 14-Jan-2021

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