Liege Airport

Name: Liege Airport
City: Liege
Country: Belgium
Elevation: 659 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
CHG1282 OO-ACFB747-40012:25 09-May-2021
SVA900 TF-AMAB747-40011:59 09-May-2021
OR41 N895VHBeech 1300 Commuter11:51 09-May-2021
ETH3730 ET-APSB777-200LR11:47 09-May-2021
FDX6088 N859FDB777-200LR11:08 09-May-2021
TAY011 OE-ILCB747-40010:47 09-May-2021
VDA4495 RA-82077Antonov An-124 Ruslan10:16 09-May-2021
ABB132 OO-CMAA330-20007:59 09-May-2021
BBD315 TF-BBNB737-40021:38 08-May-2021
TAY4849 OE-IMCB737-80013:45 08-May-2021
TAY4251 TF-BBMB737-40022:30 07-May-2021
FDX6325 N912FDB757-20022:28 07-May-2021
TAY4376 OE-IABB737-40022:26 07-May-2021
TAY4858 OE-IBOB737-40022:25 07-May-2021
TAY4537 OE-IAYB737-40022:23 07-May-2021
TAY4267 OE-IMDB737-80022:21 07-May-2021
VAS816A VQ-BVFB737-40022:12 07-May-2021
TAY4472 OE-IBIB737-40021:59 07-May-2021
JAF3332 OO-JALB737-70021:56 07-May-2021
FDX6312 N915FDB757-20021:54 07-May-2021
TAY4297 OE-IBWB737-40021:46 07-May-2021
SWN4786 SE-RLLB737-80021:29 07-May-2021
FDX5124 N889FDB777-200LR21:23 07-May-2021
TAY4418 OE-IATB737-40021:16 07-May-2021
TAY4911 OE-IAUB737-40020:25 07-May-2021
TAY4806 OE-IAMB737-40002:21 07-May-2021
MSA9756 TF-BBHB737-40000:36 07-May-2021
TAY4347 OE-IAKB737-40022:31 06-May-2021
AAB652 OO-PARCessna 525B Citation CJ316:43 06-May-2021
GOXFC G-OXFCEMB-810 Seneca14:10 06-May-2021
VAS816A VP-BCJB737-40022:19 05-May-2021
FHBGE F-HBGETBM-85018:11 05-May-2021
TAY4194 OO-TNOB737-40022:30 04-May-2021
GKSST G-KSSTAW.16912:15 04-May-2021
GAC011K OE-FFBCessna 510 Citation Mustang14:35 02-May-2021
TAY286F EI-DPBB737-80012:59 01-May-2021
TAY4067 OO-TNNB737-40023:00 30-Apr-2021
MSA9701 LY-MRNB737-30021:18 30-Apr-2021
SXY332 TF-AMIB747-40008:16 28-Apr-2021
OOVCR OO-VCRCessna 15209:45 25-Apr-2021
GRFN410 H-21A-10908:50 22-Apr-2021
OOSIS OO-SISSonaca 20010:01 17-Apr-2021
TAY4517 OE-IADB737-40022:33 16-Apr-2021
DEHXW D-EHXWCommander15:48 14-Apr-2021
OOSTE OO-STEAS-350/55014:26 05-Apr-2021
TAY4589 OE-IAGB737-40022:27 31-Mar-2021
OOG77 OO-G77Coyote II S-611:44 21-Feb-2021
DESCD D-ESCDSR-2213:22 26-Jan-2021
OOLVA OO-LVACessna 17212:59 14-Jan-2021

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