Brussels Airport

Name: Brussels Airport
City: Brussels
Country: Belgium
Elevation: 184 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
QTR27BG A7-BFOB777-200LR12:00 31-Jul-2021
AEE538 SX-DGNA320-20011:59 31-Jul-2021
CAI7RC TC-TJSB737-80011:56 31-Jul-2021
EZS59RQ HB-JXJA320-20011:54 31-Jul-2021
BEL3256 OO-SNIA320-20011:51 31-Jul-2021
THY61KC TC-LTAA321neo11:48 31-Jul-2021
BEL3668 OO-SSXA319-10011:46 31-Jul-2021
BEL8RN OO-SSSA319-10011:43 31-Jul-2021
UAE183 A6-EQMB777-300ER11:33 31-Jul-2021
BEL8NB OO-SSVA319-10011:30 31-Jul-2021
BEL1EV OO-SSJA319-10011:21 31-Jul-2021
BEL2624 OO-SSOA319-10011:19 31-Jul-2021
BEL9YD OO-TCVA320-20011:17 31-Jul-2021
BEL3248 OO-SNKA320-20011:16 31-Jul-2021
BEL2714 OO-TCQA320-20011:16 31-Jul-2021
DLH5PP D-AILHA319-10011:12 31-Jul-2021
VLG710V EC-MJCA320-20011:11 31-Jul-2021
BEL6H OO-SSBA319-10011:08 31-Jul-2021
BEL1GK OO-SSAA319-10011:03 31-Jul-2021
RYR57BU EI-EVHB737-80011:01 31-Jul-2021
VIR505 G-VPOPA350-100010:58 31-Jul-2021
BEL4SF OO-SSRA319-10010:55 31-Jul-2021
JAF7GM OO-JEMEMB-19010:49 31-Jul-2021
ICE68L TF-ISJB757-20010:46 31-Jul-2021
BEL9R OO-SNFA320-20010:43 31-Jul-2021
CSC3855 B-308PA330-20010:25 31-Jul-2021
JAF7KH OO-JAOB737-70010:18 31-Jul-2021
BEL3PK OO-SNCA320-20009:27 31-Jul-2021
AJT8521 N396CMB767-30009:03 31-Jul-2021
ETH724 ET-ANOB777-200LR08:01 31-Jul-2021
BEL300 OO-SFXA330-30006:28 31-Jul-2021
BCS206 D-AEADA300B4-60005:14 31-Jul-2021
ATG6658 ER-BBBB747-40005:03 31-Jul-2021
BEL467 OO-SFDA330-30004:13 31-Jul-2021
BCS120 D-AEALA300B4-60002:22 31-Jul-2021
ATG2254 ER-BAMB747-40000:33 31-Jul-2021
JAF6B OO-JLOB737-80023:10 30-Jul-2021
BCS2665 G-DHKGB757-20022:34 30-Jul-2021
BCS7119 D-ALERB757-20022:09 30-Jul-2021
BCS2887 EI-STVB737-40021:49 30-Jul-2021
JAF38V OO-TUPB737-80021:45 30-Jul-2021
NJE322E CS-GLEGlobal 600020:33 30-Jul-2021
AZU9997 PR-ANWA330-900neo19:34 30-Jul-2021
JAF54K OO-JAYB737-80019:08 30-Jul-2021
BEL3722 OO-SSWA319-10013:46 30-Jul-2021
GOXFF G-OXFFEMB-810 Seneca13:14 30-Jul-2021
BCS8049 D-ALETB757-20022:01 29-Jul-2021
BCS5201 LZ-CGTB737-40021:25 29-Jul-2021
FYG53PI PH-CPIEMB-500 Phenom 10015:50 29-Jul-2021
BAF662 CH-11C-130 Hercules09:00 29-Jul-2021
OOACO OO-ACOCessna 510 Citation Mustang02:57 29-Jul-2021
AAB286 OO-VSFFalcon 8X18:36 28-Jul-2021
BAF87 OO-LUMFalcon 7X14:04 28-Jul-2021
BAF91 OO-FAEFalcon 7X10:14 28-Jul-2021
BAF635 CH-07C-130 Hercules15:40 27-Jul-2021
BAF655 CT-03A400M12:15 26-Jul-2021
OOEJA OO-EJAFalcon 7X12:01 24-Jul-2021
JAF066K OO-JNLB767-30011:08 22-Jul-2021
OOEGH OO-EGHR22 Beta11:03 19-Jul-2021
AAB897 OO-HHOFalcon 8X15:41 10-Jul-2021
FYG27W OO-NGIEMB-19016:47 04-Jul-2021
JAF066T OO-TUXB737-80016:39 01-Jul-2021
AAB159 OO-LMPFalcon 2000LX10:56 28-Jun-2021
TAY4931 OE-IARB737-40006:06 25-Jun-2021
BEL9904 OO-SFPA330-30012:34 02-Jun-2021
FPMTV F-PMTVMission M10808:31 17-Apr-2021
TRITN04 RN-04NH90 NFH15:54 25-Mar-2021
FHOLY F-HOLYA-10911:20 27-Jan-2021
OOMML OO-MML40710:26 15-Jan-2021
BEL241 OO-SFLA330-30006:51 09-Jan-2021

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