Lester B. Pearson International Airport

Name: Lester B. Pearson International Airport
City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Elevation: 569 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
ACA108 C-GEFAA330-30020:08 23-Oct-2021
WJA658 C-GKWAB737-80020:06 23-Oct-2021
HRT086 C-GMROLearjet 4520:06 23-Oct-2021
SKW3245 N709EVCRJ-70020:05 23-Oct-2021
FEX900 C-FDOWFalcon 90020:04 23-Oct-2021
ACA417 C-GEGPA330-30020:03 23-Oct-2021
SYB046 C-GJFG1126 Galaxy20:01 23-Oct-2021
WJA706 C-GUDHB787-9 Dreamliner20:00 23-Oct-2021
ROU1694 C-FJQHA321-20019:59 23-Oct-2021
ACA687 C-GTZHCSeries CS30019:57 23-Oct-2021
ACA891 C-FRSOB787-9 Dreamliner19:55 23-Oct-2021
AFR356 F-HTYJA350-90019:53 23-Oct-2021
TSC827 C-GOIWA321neo19:52 23-Oct-2021
ACA7258 C-GEGIA330-30019:50 23-Oct-2021
BAW9L G-XWBGA350-100019:48 23-Oct-2021
ACA943 C-FGJIA320-20019:46 23-Oct-2021
WJA428 C-GWAZB737-70019:46 23-Oct-2021
EIN1YE EI-LRDA321neo19:45 23-Oct-2021
ACA897 C-GHPQB787-8 Dreamliner19:42 23-Oct-2021
EDV4844 N272PQCRJ-90019:40 23-Oct-2021
WSW741 C-GNDGB737-80019:39 23-Oct-2021
ACA609 C-FSJHB737 MAX 819:36 23-Oct-2021
ACA095 C-GHQYB787-8 Dreamliner19:34 23-Oct-2021
CFG2402 D-ABUTB767-30019:31 23-Oct-2021
ACA138 C-GJWDA321-20019:28 23-Oct-2021
ACA881 C-GHPTB787-8 Dreamliner19:26 23-Oct-2021
TSC859 C-GOIKA321neo19:24 23-Oct-2021
ACA59 C-FKSVB787-9 Dreamliner19:22 23-Oct-2021
ACA49 C-FGHZB787-9 Dreamliner19:19 23-Oct-2021
ACA7231 C-GEGCA330-30019:13 23-Oct-2021
JIA5076 N600NNCRJ-90019:10 23-Oct-2021
ACA104 C-FNOIB787-9 Dreamliner19:08 23-Oct-2021
KLM31 PH-BQEB777-20019:05 23-Oct-2021
ASP473 C-FNASCessna 525B Citation CJ319:02 23-Oct-2021
LRC626 N524TAA319-10019:00 23-Oct-2021
ASP826 C-GXASPraetor 50018:59 23-Oct-2021
WJA656 C-GKKNB787-9 Dreamliner18:57 23-Oct-2021
HRT445 C-GJETCessna 560 Citation 518:56 23-Oct-2021
ACA873 C-FPQBB787-9 Dreamliner18:54 23-Oct-2021
ACA455 C-FKPTA320-20018:49 23-Oct-2021
SWG603 C-FPRPB737-80018:48 23-Oct-2021
TSC123 C-GOIOA321neo18:46 23-Oct-2021
JZA7696 C-FCJZCRJ-90018:44 23-Oct-2021
EDV4967 N920XJCRJ-90018:40 23-Oct-2021
WJA306 C-GWJTB737-70018:38 23-Oct-2021
ACA1421 C-FGKPA321-20018:37 23-Oct-2021
ACA738 C-GIUEA321-20018:35 23-Oct-2021
JZA7547 C-FJQZCRJ-90018:34 23-Oct-2021
HRT421 C-FREQCessna 560 Citation 518:33 23-Oct-2021
FEX605 C-GFAPChallenger 60518:31 23-Oct-2021
WEN3469 C-FTENDHC-8-400 Dash 818:29 23-Oct-2021
WEN3405 C-FENJDHC-8-400 Dash 818:28 23-Oct-2021
ACA413 C-GJXWCSeries CS30018:23 23-Oct-2021
TAP257C CS-TXHA321neo18:19 23-Oct-2021
JZA7612 C-FJBOEMB-175 SU18:15 23-Oct-2021
WEN3419 C-GWEPDHC-8-400 Dash 818:13 23-Oct-2021
WEN3527 C-GKWEDHC-8-400 Dash 818:09 23-Oct-2021
ACA260 C-GUPGCSeries CS30018:06 23-Oct-2021
WJA249 C-GWSZB737-80018:05 23-Oct-2021
UAE241 A6-EUVA380-80017:54 23-Oct-2021
WEN3122 C-FENYDHC-8-400 Dash 817:52 23-Oct-2021
ASP524 C-FASRCessna 525A Citation CJ217:50 23-Oct-2021
V93TMB1 N924MBG-4 Gulfstream 417:49 23-Oct-2021
CFCSI C-FCSIChallenger 35017:42 23-Oct-2021
CGAGE C-GAGECessna 441 Conquest 217:38 23-Oct-2021
ACA132 C-FSILB737 MAX 817:28 23-Oct-2021
ACA607 C-FSNQB737 MAX 817:24 23-Oct-2021
CSN8117 B-1243B787-9 Dreamliner17:11 23-Oct-2021
ACA887 C-FVNFB787-9 Dreamliner17:05 23-Oct-2021
WEN3409 C-FSWEDHC-8-400 Dash 816:54 23-Oct-2021
CSN8063 B-1297B787-9 Dreamliner16:50 23-Oct-2021
ACA841 C-FIULB777-300ER16:48 23-Oct-2021
ACA801 C-FVLQB787-9 Dreamliner16:30 23-Oct-2021
JZA7746 C-FJZDCRJ-90016:16 23-Oct-2021
JZA606 C-GGDUDHC-8-400 Dash 815:59 23-Oct-2021
JZA868 C-GHTADHC-8-300 Dash 815:51 23-Oct-2021
WEN3475 C-GJENDHC-8-400 Dash 815:17 23-Oct-2021
JZA7675 C-FKJZCRJ-90013:49 23-Oct-2021
JZA7471 C-FUJEEMB-175 SU12:44 23-Oct-2021
ACA481 C-GROVCSeries CS30011:11 23-Oct-2021
FDX148 N609FEMD-1111:06 23-Oct-2021
ACA122 C-FITWB777-300ER10:59 23-Oct-2021
MAL8080 C-FMFGB757-20008:20 23-Oct-2021
CRJGDTD C-GDTDChallenger 85006:36 23-Oct-2021
NRL591 C-GNLQB737-30006:32 23-Oct-2021
JZA7124 C-GJZZCRJ-20003:30 23-Oct-2021
WJA436 C-GWBTB737-70002:35 23-Oct-2021
HRT373 C-GVJTCessna 560 Citation 501:31 23-Oct-2021
JZA7483 C-FRQKEMB-175 SU01:25 23-Oct-2021
WJA476 C-FMWJB737-70000:44 23-Oct-2021
ACA7294 C-FJZSB777-300ER00:04 23-Oct-2021
CNK350 C-FMIXChallenger 35023:44 22-Oct-2021
MAL7095 C-FEXXCessna 208 Caravan 123:44 22-Oct-2021
WJA1215 C-GWSPB737-70023:37 22-Oct-2021
SYB571 C-GFTLChallenger 60523:31 22-Oct-2021
ACA1286 C-FJNXA321-20023:07 22-Oct-2021
MAL7084 C-FEXOCessna 208 Caravan 123:00 22-Oct-2021
CFOWK C-FOWKChallenger 65023:00 22-Oct-2021
RAG100 C-FFALB737-20022:48 22-Oct-2021
ICE37B TF-FIPB757-20022:41 22-Oct-2021
NOJ21 C-GYVLFalcon 200022:39 22-Oct-2021
JZA7681 C-FTJZCRJ-90022:28 22-Oct-2021
MAL8056 C-FEXFCessna 208 Caravan 122:28 22-Oct-2021
CFBUR C-FBURBAe-125-70022:18 22-Oct-2021
ACA983 C-FSEQB737 MAX 822:08 22-Oct-2021
N23UC N23UCBD-700 Global Express22:04 22-Oct-2021
MAL8092 C-FMEQB757-20021:54 22-Oct-2021
NBM1124 C-FNBMChallenger 601 3A21:46 22-Oct-2021
HRT237 C-GNSCLearjet 4521:34 22-Oct-2021
CGJLR C-GJLRG20021:07 22-Oct-2021
HRT168 C-FFBEChallenger 65021:01 22-Oct-2021
ROU1694 C-FJOKA321-20020:38 22-Oct-2021
HRT073 C-FPJDGlobal 750020:26 22-Oct-2021
WJA4 C-GUDOB787-9 Dreamliner19:54 22-Oct-2021
HRT242 C-FXGOBD-100 Challenger 30019:09 22-Oct-2021
WEN3527 C-GWEQDHC-8-400 Dash 818:22 22-Oct-2021
N801DM N801DMB757-20017:38 22-Oct-2021
CES207 B-7343B777-300ER17:36 22-Oct-2021
N921MT N921MTGlobal 600017:28 22-Oct-2021
SYB168 C-GRPFChallenger 601 3R16:20 22-Oct-2021
CFCDE C-FCDEChallenger 60516:06 22-Oct-2021
JZA7541 C-FEJBEMB-175 SU11:07 22-Oct-2021
JZA7589 C-FEKJEMB-175 SU11:02 22-Oct-2021
MAL8080 C-FMAIB757-20005:26 22-Oct-2021
N111QS N111QSBD-700 Global 500004:08 22-Oct-2021
CGFCB C-GFCBBD-100 Challenger 30003:47 22-Oct-2021
CGKZB C-GKZBCessna 560 Citation 503:10 22-Oct-2021
00000000 N876GHGulfstream G15002:55 22-Oct-2021
TSC42 C-GUBLA330-20002:33 22-Oct-2021
CGOAI C-GOAIPC-2402:05 22-Oct-2021
N211HS N211HSG65002:01 22-Oct-2021
WJA275 C-GWSAB737-80000:36 22-Oct-2021
CFDIL C-FDILBD-700 Global 500000:23 22-Oct-2021
CFEMF C-FEMFLearjet 4000:10 22-Oct-2021
CFCGF C-FCGFCessna 560XL Citation Excel23:37 21-Oct-2021
WJA1117 C-FUMFB737-80023:32 21-Oct-2021
CFXDP C-FXDP1124 Westwind23:27 21-Oct-2021
N711WS N711WSCRJ-20023:21 21-Oct-2021
SWG423 C-FTXEB737 MAX 823:09 21-Oct-2021
JZA495 C-FFJACRJ-20023:03 21-Oct-2021
FSY285 C-GQCCCessna 550 Citation 222:51 21-Oct-2021
CGSTG C-GSTGFalcon 7X20:17 21-Oct-2021
ROU1694 C-GFCIA320-20020:14 21-Oct-2021
WJA208 C-GWSQB737-70020:06 21-Oct-2021
JTL100 N100KZLearjet 4517:12 21-Oct-2021
CFIPP C-FIPPLearjet 4016:48 21-Oct-2021
PBR625 C-GFALBeech 1300 Commuter16:23 21-Oct-2021
CFGGE C-FGGEBeech Super King Air 35006:04 21-Oct-2021
DHC4630 C-GRQVDHC-8-400 Dash 822:58 20-Oct-2021
RAG200 C-GXNRB737-20022:52 20-Oct-2021
BFF21 C-GZYXFalcon 2020:59 20-Oct-2021
GGN1084 C-FWRRCRJ-10018:45 20-Oct-2021
CFZCV C-FZCVG28018:16 20-Oct-2021
HRT056 C-GPAJChallenger 60113:40 20-Oct-2021
JAZ640 C-FADFDHC-8-300 Dash 810:41 20-Oct-2021
SYB946 C-GPPXGlobal 600004:49 20-Oct-2021
CGOLD C-GOLDBD-700 Global 500002:52 20-Oct-2021
CFBNS C-FBNSFalcon 7X23:45 19-Oct-2021
CFBXL C-FBXLCessna 560XL Citation Excel23:01 19-Oct-2021
CFJJT C-FJJTHA-420 HondaJet22:12 19-Oct-2021
SWG9100 C-GBZSB737-80017:56 19-Oct-2021
JZA7746 C-FLJZCRJ-90016:24 19-Oct-2021
CGKTO C-GKTOFalcon 7X14:16 19-Oct-2021
WJA714 C-GJLSB737-80000:43 19-Oct-2021
CFLMS C-FLMSG-4 Gulfstream 421:49 18-Oct-2021
FSY594 C-GUIZChallenger 60500:39 18-Oct-2021
SYB888 C-GWFMFalcon 900EX23:51 17-Oct-2021
CFISO C-FISOG20023:41 17-Oct-2021
CFTOR C-FTORCessna 650 Citation 320:51 17-Oct-2021
CGSBC C-GSBCFalcon 2000S19:59 17-Oct-2021
TOR803 C-GNSBEMB-505 Phenom 30003:01 17-Oct-2021
HRT389 C-GJCBBD-700 Global 500022:08 16-Oct-2021
CGHMW C-GHMWChallenger 60523:53 15-Oct-2021
CFIPX C-FIPXBD-700 Global Express20:54 15-Oct-2021
CGSLL C-GSLLChallenger 85023:45 13-Oct-2021
N65LJ C-FJGGLearjet 6021:58 13-Oct-2021
CGWHF C-GWHFBD-700 Global Express21:14 13-Oct-2021
CGTCV C-GTCVAB-206 JetRanger16:18 13-Oct-2021
CGRJR C-GRJRP-180 Avanti14:42 13-Oct-2021
CGAMM C-GAMMAS-350/55020:26 12-Oct-2021
SYB777 C-GRCCCessna 560XL Citation Excel17:20 11-Oct-2021
HRT451 C-GWWWBD-100 Challenger 30000:03 11-Oct-2021
CFAWZ C-FAWZFalcon 7X02:30 10-Oct-2021
CGUFY C-GUFYPA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian19:34 09-Oct-2021
GGCGU C-GCGUCessna 560XL Citation Excel03:51 09-Oct-2021
CFTMI C-FTMIFalcon 2000EX EASy20:31 08-Oct-2021
CGMGX C-GMGXFalcon 7X19:30 08-Oct-2021
CGUVU C-GUVUChallenger 65004:59 08-Oct-2021
SYB007 C-GDTRGlobal 600017:57 05-Oct-2021
CFBEL C-FBELChallenger 60517:34 05-Oct-2021
CGLJT C-GLJTG55017:41 01-Oct-2021
CGFZG C-GFZGG28018:56 22-Sep-2021
CGLPP C-GLPPChallenger 60416:09 21-Sep-2021
CFEMC C-FEMCLearjet 4001:08 21-Sep-2021
CGOWI C-GOWIG45019:30 15-Sep-2021
CFUBN C-FUBNCessna 208 Caravan 118:52 12-Sep-2021
SYB111 C-FRCIChallenger 60421:11 10-Sep-2021
HRT042 C-FGCVBD-100 Challenger 30020:13 10-Sep-2021
N155MG N155MGR44 Raven II21:09 31-Aug-2021
N160XP N160XPAH-60 Black Hawk21:44 11-Aug-2021
HRT510 C-FCAGCessna 560 Citation 522:08 07-Aug-2021
N550WM N550WMFalcon 5023:49 01-Aug-2021
N320MD N320MD1124 Westwind19:15 24-Jul-2021
HRT623 C-GFGCChallenger 60401:56 14-Jul-2021
HRT369 C-FIOVBD-100 Challenger 30022:25 13-Jul-2021
TSC40 C-GUFRA330-20018:28 23-Jun-2021
TSC94 C-GUBTA330-20019:22 14-Jan-2021

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