Lester B. Pearson International Airport

Name: Lester B. Pearson International Airport
City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Elevation: 569 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
RPA4822 N118HQEMB-175 LR16:33 22-May-2022
ENY3610 N673AEEMB-14516:30 22-May-2022
ACA707 C-GPWGA320-20016:27 22-May-2022
WJA650 C-GVWAB737-80016:26 22-May-2022
ACA2011 C-GHKXA330-30016:24 22-May-2022
JZA974 C-FEIQEMB-175 SU16:21 22-May-2022
JZA902 C-GDJZCRJ-90016:15 22-May-2022
DAL564 N366NWA320-20016:11 22-May-2022
ACA7248 C-FIUWB777-300ER16:06 22-May-2022
ACA447 C-GMZNCSeries CS30016:03 22-May-2022
JZA200 C-GUJZDHC-8-400 Dash 816:00 22-May-2022
WJA422 C-GWJFB737-70015:57 22-May-2022
EDV4794 N335PQCRJ-90015:49 22-May-2022
SKW5421 N116SYEMB-17515:38 22-May-2022
ROU1795 C-FYNSA319-10015:36 22-May-2022
ASP827 C-FASFLegacy 45015:34 22-May-2022
WSW361 C-FONKB737-80015:31 22-May-2022
ACA407 C-GNBNCSeries CS30015:29 22-May-2022
ACA160 C-FSDWB737 MAX 815:28 22-May-2022
JZA236 C-FEJACRJ-20015:26 22-May-2022
JIA5665 N510AECRJ-70015:21 22-May-2022
JZA252 C-GGNDDHC-8-400 Dash 815:20 22-May-2022
JZA886 C-FEKIEMB-175 SU15:18 22-May-2022
JZA783 C-GUJACRJ-20015:10 22-May-2022
JZA816 C-GXJACRJ-20015:08 22-May-2022
TSC245 C-GOIKA321neo14:53 22-May-2022
ROU1641 C-GFCHA320-20014:50 22-May-2022
CSN8117 B-20AAB787-9 Dreamliner14:47 22-May-2022
ACA7271 C-FPCAB767-30014:43 22-May-2022
ACA705 C-FZQSA320-20014:39 22-May-2022
ROU1671 C-FJOUA321-20014:35 22-May-2022
WEN4738 C-GWEODHC-8-400 Dash 814:22 22-May-2022
UAE30Y A6-EUIA380-80014:09 22-May-2022
ACA405 C-GJXECSeries CS30014:06 22-May-2022
ACA182 C-GHPVB787-8 Dreamliner13:56 22-May-2022
POE9820 C-GLQZDHC-8-400 Dash 813:54 22-May-2022
ACA198 C-GVDQCSeries CS30013:50 22-May-2022
JZA716 C-FUJZCRJ-90013:20 22-May-2022
CSN5051 B-20C6B787-9 Dreamliner13:17 22-May-2022
LN120JP N120JPCessna 550 Citation 213:00 22-May-2022
ACA43 C-FIVKB777-200LR12:55 22-May-2022
AIC187 VT-ALNB777-300ER12:41 22-May-2022
ACA256 C-GEIVB737 MAX 812:36 22-May-2022
ROU1793 C-GFWXA320-20012:14 22-May-2022
MSR995 SU-GESB787-9 Dreamliner12:11 22-May-2022
ACA605 C-GEKZB737 MAX 811:53 22-May-2022
FLE225 C-FFLJB737-80011:07 22-May-2022
JZA354 C-FZJACRJ-20010:37 22-May-2022
ACA601 C-GIUEA321-20010:29 22-May-2022
ACA156 C-FSIQB737 MAX 810:01 22-May-2022
ELY029 4X-ERAB787-8 Dreamliner09:48 22-May-2022
ACA093 C-FNOEB787-9 Dreamliner08:36 22-May-2022
CHH771 B-1132B787-9 Dreamliner06:26 22-May-2022
ACA2081 C-FVNFB787-9 Dreamliner05:20 22-May-2022
SYB028 C-GWKWFalcon 7X05:11 22-May-2022
NRL580 C-GNLQB737-30004:40 22-May-2022
FLE312 C-FLKIB737 MAX 804:38 22-May-2022
ACA753 C-GJVXA321-20004:12 22-May-2022
WEN3533 C-GWEPDHC-8-400 Dash 803:07 22-May-2022
JZA732 C-FDJACRJ-20002:05 22-May-2022
ACA172 C-GJWDA321-20002:00 22-May-2022
SYB068 C-GZUMChallenger 65001:58 22-May-2022
EJA341 N341QSCessna 680 Citation Sovereign01:47 22-May-2022
WJA9905 C-FWIJB737-80001:01 22-May-2022
WJA2199 C-GQWJB737-70000:41 22-May-2022
JZA497 C-FKJZCRJ-90000:25 22-May-2022
JZA772 C-FNJZCRJ-90000:23 22-May-2022
JZA7893 C-FEKSEMB-175 SU00:12 22-May-2022
ACA691 C-GEMVB737 MAX 823:50 21-May-2022
JZA204 C-FFJACRJ-20023:41 21-May-2022
ACA857 C-FIVSB777-300ER23:35 21-May-2022
WJA2767 C-GRTBB737-80023:32 21-May-2022
MAL8949 C-FMHAB757-20023:29 21-May-2022
CFBUR C-FBURBAe-125-70022:59 21-May-2022
CFSNC C-FSNCCessna 560 Citation 522:58 21-May-2022
HRT092 C-GYMCCessna 560XL Citation Excel22:48 21-May-2022
JZA910 C-GJAZCRJ-90022:41 21-May-2022
ACA421 C-GUPGCSeries CS30022:31 21-May-2022
ACA264 C-FGJIA320-20022:14 21-May-2022
XOJ578 N578XJBD-100 Challenger 30022:13 21-May-2022
EJA756 N756QSChallenger 35021:28 21-May-2022
WJA4 C-GMKSB787-9 Dreamliner21:04 21-May-2022
JZA888 C-FEIXEMB-175 SU20:29 21-May-2022
HRT042 C-FGCVBD-100 Challenger 30020:24 21-May-2022
HRT237 C-GNSCLearjet 4520:10 21-May-2022
CGSLL C-GSLLChallenger 85019:08 21-May-2022
VMP999 OY-GMFBD-700 Global Express19:01 21-May-2022
CGTGV C-GTGVBeech 90 King Air18:57 21-May-2022
CFZCV C-FZCVG28018:27 21-May-2022
WEN3525 C-FOENDHC-8-400 Dash 816:47 21-May-2022
NOJ75 C-FCFCHawker 75016:00 21-May-2022
JZA783 C-GNJACRJ-20015:19 21-May-2022
N355RS N355RSAS-350/55014:29 21-May-2022
1FUTL C-FUTLCessna 525 Citation CJ112:17 21-May-2022
JZA704 C-GQJACRJ-20011:35 21-May-2022
MAL8091 C-FMEPB757-20007:55 21-May-2022
CFOWK C-FOWKChallenger 65002:32 21-May-2022
ACA120 C-FNNUB777-300ER02:13 21-May-2022
JZA854 C-FUJAEMB-175 SU02:05 21-May-2022
C-GFGCChallenger 60401:07 21-May-2022
MAL7084 C-FEXFCessna 208 Caravan 100:33 21-May-2022
ASP473 C-FNASCessna 525B Citation CJ300:01 21-May-2022
FSY285 C-GQCCCessna 550 Citation 223:55 20-May-2022
JZA820 C-GOJACRJ-20023:31 20-May-2022
RAG100 C-FFALB737-20023:19 20-May-2022
HRT119 C-GWPBG20022:34 20-May-2022
JZA894 C-GGJACRJ-20022:23 20-May-2022
MAL7056 C-FEXXCessna 208 Caravan 122:06 20-May-2022
MAL7084 C-FEXOCessna 208 Caravan 121:53 20-May-2022
SYB057 C-FDANFalcon 90021:08 20-May-2022
ASP609 C-GFSXCessna 525B Citation CJ320:38 20-May-2022
N222NB N222NBG45020:36 20-May-2022
CGFCB C-GFCBBD-100 Challenger 30020:08 20-May-2022
N525MP N525MPCessna 525B Citation CJ319:50 20-May-2022
JZA906 C-FEKHEMB-175 SU18:21 20-May-2022
CFAWZ C-FAWZFalcon 7X17:47 20-May-2022
CFWTF C-FWTFEMB-505 Phenom 30017:28 20-May-2022
7928BK N928BKG-1159A Gulfstream 316:39 20-May-2022
MAL8080 C-FMAIB757-20009:18 20-May-2022
N711WS N711WSCRJ-20007:59 20-May-2022
MAL7070 C-FMEUB757-20006:26 20-May-2022
CFEMT C-FEMTLearjet 4003:05 20-May-2022
CGLFV C-GLFVG-5 Gulfstream 503:00 20-May-2022
HRT052 N874GUBD-700 Global 500002:19 20-May-2022
CGURJ C-GURJChallenger 60523:12 19-May-2022
CGAGE C-GAGECessna 441 Conquest 221:50 19-May-2022
HRT024 C-GTRGG20020:55 19-May-2022
CGTCV C-GTCVAB-206 JetRanger19:57 19-May-2022
GJW29LO P4-MLOA330-20018:40 19-May-2022
FSY594 C-GUIZChallenger 60518:28 19-May-2022
CFGGE C-FGGEBeech Super King Air 35018:17 19-May-2022
CGCGU C-GCGUCessna 560XL Citation Excel15:35 19-May-2022
CGKZB C-GKZBCessna 560 Citation 515:33 19-May-2022
HRT040 C-GFLUBD-700 Global 500006:01 19-May-2022
HRT881 C-FCIBChallenger 60503:31 19-May-2022
CGSBC C-GSBCFalcon 2000S02:49 19-May-2022
HRT020 C-FLPB1126 Galaxy00:27 19-May-2022
CFYTZ C-FYTZChallenger 60521:09 18-May-2022
N65LJ C-FJGGLearjet 6018:31 18-May-2022
NBM1124 C-FNBMChallenger 601 3A17:59 18-May-2022
SYB903 C-GZGPChallenger 60517:32 18-May-2022
JZA816 C-FIJACRJ-20016:00 18-May-2022
CFCDE C-FCDEChallenger 60523:57 17-May-2022
HRT373 C-GVJTCessna 560 Citation 523:21 17-May-2022
CGKTO C-GKTOFalcon 7X21:12 17-May-2022
HRT086 C-GMROLearjet 4519:45 17-May-2022
HRT057 C-FJCBGlobal 750019:31 17-May-2022
CGLJT C-GLJTG55018:15 16-May-2022
CFEMC C-FEMCLearjet 4008:41 16-May-2022
N808GC N808GCAW13923:22 15-May-2022
HRT073 C-FPJDGlobal 750019:24 15-May-2022
JIMMYJET C-GLWQP-180 Avanti23:29 14-May-2022
SYB046 C-GJFG1126 Galaxy22:49 14-May-2022
CGSJV C-GSJVLearjet 4022:16 13-May-2022
CFTMI C-FTMIFalcon 2000EX EASy18:40 13-May-2022
ACA7046 C-GBHNA319-10018:30 13-May-2022
SWG601 C-GMXBB737 MAX 818:13 13-May-2022
CFWSH C-FWSHG28014:03 13-May-2022
ASP820 C-FLASLegacy 45021:55 12-May-2022
CGLXM C-GLXMBD-700 Global Express19:49 12-May-2022
CFBQM C-FBQMChallenger 60500:11 12-May-2022
CFBXL C-FBXLCessna 560XL Citation Excel23:59 10-May-2022
CFLMS C-FLMSG-4 Gulfstream 423:10 10-May-2022
CFBNS C-FBNSFalcon 7X02:19 10-May-2022
CGDCP C-GDCPCessna 680 Citation Sovereign20:55 09-May-2022
NOJ15 C-GWQMGulfstream G15017:41 09-May-2022
FEX903 C-FXXUFalcon 900EX EASy17:48 08-May-2022
CFMPN C-FMPNEMB-505 Phenom 30000:01 08-May-2022
BBA22 C-FPKHGlobal 750021:28 07-May-2022
JZA722 C-FFYGEMB-175 SU23:27 06-May-2022
CGUSM C-GUSMLearjet 4521:43 06-May-2022
CNK869 C-GVFXBD-100 Challenger 30001:17 06-May-2022
HRT451 C-GWWWBD-100 Challenger 30022:26 04-May-2022
WEN3214 C-FENODHC-8-400 Dash 822:24 04-May-2022
9HJCE 9H-JCEHA-420 HondaJet17:26 04-May-2022
CGTLX C-GTLXPC-2401:30 02-May-2022
CGMKT C-GMKTHA-420 HondaJet19:30 01-May-2022
CFJJT C-FJJTHA-420 HondaJet23:41 27-Apr-2022
HRT364 C-GDWFChallenger 60420:26 27-Apr-2022
NOJ21 C-GYVLFalcon 200002:31 25-Apr-2022
CGLUV C-GLUVFalcon 900EX02:26 21-Apr-2022
CGORA C-GORABeech 190019:28 18-Apr-2022
HRT049 C-FTDAChallenger 60118:39 13-Apr-2022
SYB309 C-FCIIG45017:04 29-Mar-2022
CFGEP C-FGEPA-10916:10 10-Mar-2022
BBA14 C-GWFVBD-700 Global 500018:07 30-Jan-2022
CFFTR C-FFTRFalcon 50EX22:40 18-Jan-2022
DHC4603 C-GHKADHC-8-400 Dash 822:01 27-Nov-2021

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