Winnipeg / James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

Name: Winnipeg / James Armstrong Richardson International Airport
City: Winnipeg
Country: Canada
Elevation: 783 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
DAL2941 N319NBA319-10000:41 17-May-2022
PAG990 C-FYAGMerlin 2300:36 17-May-2022
WJA575 C-GWSOB737-70000:31 17-May-2022
CNK645 C-GVVZLearjet 4500:24 17-May-2022
CAV507 C-GKKRATR-42-30000:22 17-May-2022
861 C-GNNRBeech 1300 Commuter00:20 17-May-2022
WJA489 C-FWVJB737-80000:16 17-May-2022
FLE311 C-FFLCB737-80000:00 17-May-2022
WJA530 C-GDDRB737 MAX 823:48 16-May-2022
ACA267 C-FLKXA321-20023:41 16-May-2022
CGCEU C-GCEUBeech Super King Air 35023:37 16-May-2022
CAV117 C-FMKJATR-72-50023:19 16-May-2022
CFSKA C-FSKABeech 100 King Air23:08 16-May-2022
CFMPK C-FMPKPC-1223:00 16-May-2022
MAL7060 C-FEXECessna 208 Caravan 122:54 16-May-2022
CGTLS C-GTLSBeech 100 King Air22:36 16-May-2022
PBR615 C-GFAVBeech 1300 Commuter22:05 16-May-2022
VN08M C-FDEBBeech 1300 Commuter21:58 16-May-2022
WJA482 C-FWSYB737-70021:42 16-May-2022
CGLCU C-GLCUCitation CJ421:10 16-May-2022
CGMPP C-GMPPPC-1221:02 16-May-2022
MBK901 C-GVZBB737-80020:56 16-May-2022
PBR420 C-GLEJHA-420 HondaJet20:54 16-May-2022
VN09M C-GMNMBeech 1300 Commuter20:40 16-May-2022
CFXWT C-FXWTChallenger 60519:57 16-May-2022
CAV133 C-FJCQATR-72-20018:34 16-May-2022
PAG0218 C-GYHDMerlin 2318:07 16-May-2022
PAG907T C-FAMCMerlin 2317:53 16-May-2022
PBR625 C-GFALBeech 1300 Commuter17:48 16-May-2022
CFHPB C-FHPBBeech Super King Air 35016:30 16-May-2022
PBR620 C-GDHFBeech 1300 Commuter16:13 16-May-2022
PBR355 C-FFANBeech Super King Air 35014:51 16-May-2022
CGFRG C-GFRGBK-117C-203:42 16-May-2022
N C-GYGTBeech 1300 Commuter02:26 16-May-2022
BIZ215 C-GHJFBeech 1300 Commuter00:19 16-May-2022
CGWLL C-GWLLChallenger 60421:43 15-May-2022
PAG1200 C-FTSKMerlin 2320:01 15-May-2022
CFRGY C-FRGYBD-100 Challenger 30017:42 15-May-2022
01234567 C-GCBKDHC-8-300 Dash 802:16 15-May-2022
KEW201 C-GBYNBeech 1300 Commuter00:41 15-May-2022
G2E4125 C-GRGIDHC-8-100 Dash 823:29 14-May-2022
KEW504 C-GBNXCessna 560 Citation 507:07 14-May-2022
BTZ867AL C-FCHYS-7600:10 14-May-2022
CGBDI C-GBDIChallenger 65022:20 13-May-2022
CGFSB C-GFSBPC-1222:03 13-May-2022
PBR650 C-FUNFBeech 1300 Commuter20:14 13-May-2022
MAL8060 C-FEXHCessna 208 Caravan 115:18 13-May-2022
1354567W C-GWPSDHC-8-100 Dash 823:39 12-May-2022
PBR010 C-FOLOCessna 750 Citation X22:02 12-May-2022
VN02 C-FFAPBeech 1300 Commuter23:45 10-May-2022
CGPRN C-GPRNGulfstream G15018:18 06-May-2022
CGWWU C-GWWUCessna 560 Citation 517:37 06-May-2022
KEW502 C-GKIVCessna 560 Citation 509:31 05-May-2022
CFPBX C-FPBXLearjet 4520:10 04-May-2022
CGOGT C-GOGTBeech 1300 Commuter17:03 04-May-2022
PBR560 C-GWGICessna 560XL Citation Excel22:10 03-May-2022
PBR150 C-FREEGulfstream G15023:58 02-May-2022
CFCFZ C-FCFZEMB-500 Phenom 10020:44 02-May-2022
TEST123 C-GPGFBD-100 Challenger 30002:10 01-May-2022
CFMFZ C-FMFZBeech 90 King Air03:38 30-Apr-2022
TGO855 C-FKDXCessna 550 Citation 219:14 29-Apr-2022
CGJFO C-GJFO690 Jetprop Commander 84016:24 29-Apr-2022
CGAWR C-GAWRCessna 680 Citation Sovereign17:39 27-Apr-2022
CFAMF C-FAMFMerlin 322:27 26-Apr-2022
N180KQ N180KQKodiak 10021:42 26-Apr-2022
CGMFY C-GMFYCL-415 T17:54 12-Apr-2022
CGMFW C-GMFWCL-415 T18:47 11-Apr-2022
CGPJT C-GPJT40717:58 19-Mar-2022
CGRGJ C-GRGJAS-332 Super Puma21:23 03-Nov-2021
TESTFIQU C-FIQUATR-42-30004:05 30-Oct-2021
CGPLI C-GPLIAS-350/55022:31 20-Oct-2021
N12666 N12666Cessna 208 Caravan 112:47 26-Aug-2021
CGVFB C-GVFBB75 Kaydet20:26 30-Jun-2021

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