Waterloo Airport

Name: Waterloo Airport
City: Kitchener
Country: Canada
Elevation: 1055 ft.

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CallsignOperatorRegistrationTypeArrival Time
CFIOC C-FIOCMerlin 2306:03 28-Jan-2022
KNT102 C-FLOXEMB-500 Phenom 10021:44 27-Jan-2022
CGPEV C-GPEVR44 II15:30 27-Jan-2022
CGLMI C-GLMICessna 680 Citation Sovereign15:06 27-Jan-2022
FLE824 C-FLKDB737 MAX 823:09 26-Jan-2022
CGDTM C-GDTMCessna 441 Conquest 218:18 26-Jan-2022
CFVPK C-FVPKPC-1201:50 26-Jan-2022
CF0KR C-FOKRPA-46-600TP M60018:27 25-Jan-2022
CGXCR C-GXCRPC-1216:34 25-Jan-2022
CGPWL C-GPWLPC-1219:13 24-Jan-2022
CFACN C-FACNPA-46-600TP M60016:39 21-Jan-2022
CFIPX C-FIPXBD-700 Global Express22:21 18-Jan-2022
CFNGE C-FNGEPC-1218:34 18-Jan-2022
CFRGA C-FRGACL-30 Silver Star16:14 16-Jan-2022
MIG15 C-FMVNLiM-116:39 11-Jan-2022
CGCRW C-GCRWKodiak 100-II21:26 08-Jan-2022
CGZPX C-GZPXChallenger 60400:20 07-Jan-2022
N550WM N550WMFalcon 5022:04 04-Jan-2022
HRT556 C-GBBBChallenger 60402:18 03-Jan-2022
CFPWB C-FPWBCessna 525 Citation CJ119:51 26-Dec-2021
CGXKA C-GXKATBM-85021:20 14-Dec-2021
CGBTS C-GBTSTBM-70023:42 30-Nov-2021
N57BV N57BVDHC-2 Mk1 Beaver17:10 24-Oct-2021

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