Airline Name: iAero Airways
Active Fleet size: 37
Historic Fleet size: 4
Country: United States

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N149XA27149Boeing B737-400At KMIA (Miami)
N263LM26603Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
N276EA35070Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
N277EA32359Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
N285XA26285Boeing B737-400At KMIA (Miami)
N313XA25313Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
N314XA25314Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
N397SW27691Boeing B737-300At KIWA (Phoenix)
N418US23985Boeing B737-400At KSAT (San Antonio)
N420US23987Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
N430XA25430Boeing B737-400At KIWA (Phoenix)
N438US24560Boeing B737-400At KMIA (Miami)
N440US24811Boeing B737-400At KIWA (Phoenix)
N441US24812Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
N458UW25022Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
N529AU24411Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
N531AU24478Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
N538CC25772Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
N545CC25771Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
N623SW27933Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
N624XA32624Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
N625SW27701Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
N626SW27702Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
N627SW27935Boeing B737-300Flying as SWQ3555
N629SW27704Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
N67TC29668Boeing B737-800Flying as SWQ597
N737KT28619Boeing B737-800At KLAX (Los Angeles)
N802TJ24874Boeing B737-400At KMIA (Miami)
N803TJ27156Boeing B737-400At KGSO (Greensboro)
N804TJ23988Boeing B737-400At KGSO (Greensboro)
N806TJ27081Boeing B737-400At KOTH (North Bend)
N807TJ25098Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
N808TJ25103Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
N811TJ23538Boeing B737-300At KMIA (Miami)
N820TJ28218Boeing B737-800At KORD (Chicago)
N916SC30498Boeing B737-800At SPLP (Chorrillos)
N917XA32917Boeing B737-800At KMCI (Kansas City)

N660JM145642Embraer Legacy 600
N661JM145730Embraer Legacy 600
N688XA24688Boeing B737-400
N801TJ24892Boeing B737-400

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