Airline Name: Vistara
Active Fleet size: 49
Historic Fleet size: 13
Country: India

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N592CC39401Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
VT-ATV8326Airbus A320neoTata Airlines RetroAt VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-TGA39053Boeing B737-800At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-TGB39058Boeing B737-800At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-TGD37960Boeing B737-800At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-TGE39061Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
VT-TGG39065Boeing B737-800At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-TGH39066Boeing B737-800At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TNB7606Airbus A320neo#NotJustAnotherNeoAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TNC7682Airbus A320neoAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TNE7733Airbus A320neoAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TNF7822Airbus A320neoAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TNH7980Airbus A320neoAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TNI8099Airbus A320neoAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-TNJ8138Airbus A320neoAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TNK8294Airbus A320neoAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TNL9153Airbus A320neoAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TNM9170Airbus A320neoAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TNN7560Airbus A320neoUnknown Location
VT-TNP9203Airbus A320neoAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-TNQ9277Airbus A320neoAt VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-TNR9296Airbus A320neoAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-TNS9363Airbus A320neoAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TNU9367Airbus A320neoAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TNV9381Airbus A320neoAt VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-TNW9421Airbus A320neoUnknown Location
VT-TNX9572Airbus A320neoAt VOMM (Chennai)
VT-TNY10019Airbus A320neoFlying as VTI883
VT-TNZ10075Airbus A320neoAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-TQA10237Airbus A320neoAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-TQB10261Airbus A320neoUnknown Location
VT-TQC10274Airbus A320neoAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-TQD10355Airbus A320neoAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-TQE10464Airbus A320neoAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TQF10536Airbus A320neoAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TSD66526Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerUnknown Location
VT-TSE66527Boeing B787-9 DreamlinerAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TTF6388Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
VT-TTH6735Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
VT-TTI6785Airbus A320-200At VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-TTJ6865Airbus A320-200At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TTK7100Airbus A320-200At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TTL7163Airbus A320-200At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TTM7267Airbus A320-200At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TTN7347Airbus A320-200At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TVA9297Airbus A321neoAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TVB9513Airbus A321neoAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TVC10395Airbus A321neoAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-TYA10277Airbus A320neoUnknown Location

2-BTTA39069Boeing B737-800
2-BTTB42805Boeing B737-800
N1003N62729Boeing B787-9 Dreamliner
N1005S62733Boeing B787-9 Dreamliner
N1006F62730Boeing B787-9 Dreamliner
N1008S62734Boeing B787-9 Dreamliner
VT-TGF42805Boeing B737-800
VT-TGI39401Boeing B737-800
VT-TTB6223Airbus A320-200
VT-TTC6278Airbus A320-200
VT-TTD6311Airbus A320-200
VT-TTE6343Airbus A320-200
VT-TTG6513Airbus A320-200

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