Airline Name: VistaJet Ltd
Active Fleet size: 62
Historic Fleet size: 3
Country: Canada

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
9H-IGH9570Bombardier Global 6000Unknown Location
9H-ILA8101Bombardier Challenger 850At EDDN (Nuremberg)
9H-ILB8107Bombardier Challenger 850Unknown Location
9H-ILI8048Bombardier Challenger 850At VHHH (Hong Kong)
9H-ILV8082Bombardier Challenger 850Unknown Location
9H-ILY8076Bombardier Challenger 850At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
9H-ILZ8086Bombardier Challenger 850At EGLF (Farnborough)
9H-LXX9429Bombardier BD-700 Global ExpressUnknown Location
9H-OPE9440Bombardier Global 6000At KPHX (Phoenix)
9H-VCA20513Bombardier Challenger 350At LFPG (Paris)
9H-VCB20514Bombardier Challenger 350Unknown Location
9H-VCC20535Bombardier Challenger 350At LEPA (Palma De Mallorca)
9H-VCD20538Bombardier Challenger 350Flying as VJT467
9H-VCE20540Bombardier Challenger 350At EGGW (London)
9H-VCF20541Bombardier Challenger 350At EGLF (Farnborough)
9H-VCG20545Bombardier Challenger 350Unknown Location
9H-VCJ20560Bombardier Challenger 350Unknown Location
9H-VCK20592Bombardier Challenger 350At EGLF (Farnborough)
9H-VCL20606Bombardier Challenger 350At EGLF (Farnborough)
9H-VCM20624Bombardier Challenger 350At LFMD (Cannes/Mandelieu)
9H-VCN20628Bombardier Challenger 350At EGGW (London)
9H-VCO20642Bombardier Challenger 350At ESSB (Stockholm)
9H-VFA5970Bombardier Challenger 605At EGKB (London)
9H-VFB5971Bombardier Challenger 605Unknown Location
9H-VFC5972Bombardier Challenger 605Unknown Location
9H-VFD5973Bombardier Challenger 605At LFMD (Cannes/Mandelieu)
9H-VFE5974Bombardier Challenger 605At LIPE (Bologna)
9H-VFF5977Bombardier Challenger 605At LGKO (Kos Island)
9H-VFG5978Bombardier Challenger 605At LFMN (Nice)
9H-VFH5979Bombardier Challenger 605At OMDB (Dubai)
9H-VFI5984Bombardier Challenger 605At EDDN (Nuremberg)
9H-VFJ5987Bombardier Challenger 605At EGTK (Kidlington)
9H-VIB70045Bombardier Global 7500At LIML (Milan)
9H-VIC70058Bombardier Global 7500Unknown Location
9H-VID70064Bombardier Global 7500Unknown Location
9H-VIE70069Bombardier Global 7500At LPPR (Porto)
9H-VJA9441Bombardier Global 6000At OBBI (Bahrain)
9H-VJC9448Bombardier Global 6000At EGLF (Farnborough)
9H-VJD9472Bombardier Global 6000At UUWW (Moscow)
9H-VJE9502Bombardier Global 6000At KDAL (Dallas)
9H-VJF9503Bombardier Global 6000Unknown Location
9H-VJG9580Bombardier Global 6000Unknown Location
9H-VJH9585Bombardier Global 6000At KEWR (Newark)
9H-VJI9593Bombardier Global 6000Unknown Location
9H-VJJ9604Bombardier Global 6000At LTBA (Istanbul)
9H-VJK9619Bombardier Global 6000At KSAN (San Diego)
9H-VJL9626Bombardier Global 6000Unknown Location
9H-VJM9630Bombardier Global 6000At EGSS (London)
9H-VJN9662Bombardier Global 6000Flying as VJT861
9H-VJO9669Bombardier Global 6000At EGLF (Farnborough)
9H-VJP9677Bombardier Global 6000At EGLF (Farnborough)
9H-VJQ9691Bombardier Global 6000Unknown Location
9H-VJR9703Bombardier Global 6000At OERK (Riyadh)
9H-VJS9711Bombardier Global 6000At OERK (Riyadh)
9H-VJT9721Bombardier Global 6000Unknown Location
9H-VJU9724Bombardier Global 6000At EGLF (Farnborough)
9H-VJV9725Bombardier Global 6000At LTBA (Istanbul)
9H-VJW9728Bombardier Global 6000At EIDW (Dublin)
9H-VJX9738Bombardier Global 6000At EGGW (London)
9H-VJY9667Bombardier Global 6000Unknown Location
9H-VJZ9746Bombardier Global 6000At LFPG (Paris)
9H-VTD9763Bombardier Global 6000At LFPG (Paris)

9H-VIA70041Bombardier Global 7500
9H-VIS70024Bombardier Global 7500
C-GPGB70069Bombardier Global 7500

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CallsignRegistrationTypeAltitudeSpeedTrack Live
VJT4679H-VCDChallenger 35043000ft.422kts.
VJT8619H-VJNGlobal 600040075ft.465kts.

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