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Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Fleet List


Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Fleet List
Airline Name: Virgin Australia Regional Airlines
Active Fleet size: 17
Historic Fleet size: 86
Country: Australia

Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
VH-FNC11334Fokker Fokker 100Active
VH-FNJ11489Fokker Fokker 100Active
VH-FNR11488Fokker Fokker 100Active
VH-FNT11461Fokker Fokker 100Active
VH-FNU11373Fokker Fokker 100Active
VH-FSQ11450Fokker Fokker 100Active
VH-FSW11391Fokker Fokker 100Active
VH-FVN1039Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Active
VH-FVP1025Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Active
VH-FWH11316Fokker Fokker 100Active
VH-VKQ4053Airbus A320-200Active
VH-VNB2906Airbus A320-200Active
VH-VND3296Airbus A320-200Active
VH-VNF3332Airbus A320-200Active
VH-VNJ2982Airbus A320-200Active
VH-VNP2952Airbus A320-200Active
VH-VNR3986Airbus A320-200Active

Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
N193SY17000690Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N194SY17000693Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N195SY17000698Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N196SY17000706Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N197SY17000709Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N198SY17000724Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N199SY17000730Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N221PS7889Bombardier Inc CRJ-200Inactive
N223JS7892Bombardier Inc CRJ-200Inactive
N225AG10033Bombardier Inc CL 600 2C10Inactive
N229PS7898Bombardier Inc CRJ-200Inactive
N242JS7911Bombardier Inc CRJ-200Inactive
N246PS7920Bombardier Inc CRJ-200Inactive
N251PS7931Bombardier Inc CRJ-200Inactive
N261SY17000704Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N262SY17000714Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N263SY17000715Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N264SY17000716Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N265SY17000717Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N267SY17000722Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N268SY17000725Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N269SY17000727Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N270SY17000728Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N271SY17000729Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N272SY17000734Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N273SY17000735Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N274SY17000736Embraer EMB-170Inactive
N275SY17000737Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N276SY17000740Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N277SY17000741Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N278SY17000742Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N279SY17000743Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N280SY17000745Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N281SY17000746Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N283SY17000748Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N284SY17000750Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N285SY17000751Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N286SY17000752Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N287SY17000753Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N288SY17000754Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N289SY17000756Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N290SY17000758Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N291SY17000759Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N292SY17000764Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N293SY17000787Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N294SY17000792Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N295SY17000793Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N296SY17000797Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N297SY17000799Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N298SY17000832Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N299SY17000833Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N301SY17000838Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N302SY17000839Embraer ERJ 170 200 LLInactive
N400SY17000732Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N402SY17000733Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N403SY17000738Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N404SY17000739Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N405SY17000744Embraer ERJ 170 200 LRInactive
N468CA7649Bombardier Inc CL 600 2B19Inactive
N562SW120336Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaInactive
N8475B7475Bombardier Inc CL 600 2B19Inactive
N8477R7477Bombardier Inc CL 600 2B19Inactive
N871AS7537Bombardier Inc CL 600 2B19Inactive
N881AS7496Bombardier Inc CL 600 2B19Inactive
N885AS7521Bombardier Inc CL 600 2B19Inactive
N924EV7830Bombardier Inc CRJ-200Inactive
N927EV7844Bombardier Inc CRJ-200Inactive
VH-FNN11326Fokker Fokker 100Inactive
VH-FNP429Airbus A320-200Inactive
VH-FNY11484Fokker Fokker 100Inactive
VH-FVI955Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-500Inactive
VH-FVL974Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-500Inactive
VH-FVM979Atr - Gie Avions De Transport Regional ATR-72-500Inactive
VH-FVQ1053Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Inactive
VH-FVR1058Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Inactive
VH-FVU978Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-500Inactive
VH-FVX986Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-500Inactive
VH-FVY1073Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Inactive
VH-FVZ1087Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Inactive
VH-FWI11318Fokker Fokker 100Inactive
VH-FZH11303Fokker Fokker 100Inactive
VH-FZI11333Fokker Fokker 100Inactive
VH-FZO11305Fokker Fokker 100Inactive
VH-VPI1107Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Inactive
VH-VPJ1169Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Inactive
VH-YUD1922Airbus A320-200Inactive

Photos of Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Fleet

VH-FNJ, 19-Nov-2022
© Daniel Ouston

VH-FNR, 17-Nov-2022
© Daniel Ouston

VH-VNJ, 17-Nov-2022
© Daniel Ouston

VH-YUD, 17-Nov-2022
© Daniel Ouston

VH-FNU, 17-Nov-2022
© Daniel Ouston

VH-VNR, 17-Nov-2022
© Daniel Ouston

VH-VNB, 17-Nov-2022
© Daniel Ouston

VH-FNR, 16-Nov-2022
© Daniel Ouston

VH-FNC, 16-Nov-2022
© Daniel Ouston

VH-VNB, 16-Nov-2022
© Daniel Ouston

VH-FNT, 16-Nov-2022
© Daniel Ouston

VH-VNR, 16-Nov-2022
© Daniel Ouston

Sightings of Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
N272SYERJ 170 200 LL21-01-2024Norman Y Mineta San Jose Intl
N229PSCRJ-20025-04-2023Tucson Intl
N402SYERJ 170 200 LR22-04-2023John Wayne Arpt Orange Co
VH-FNJFokker 10019-11-2022Perth Intl
VH-VNBA320-20017-11-2022Perth Intl
VH-FNRFokker 10017-11-2022Perth Intl
VH-VNJA320-20017-11-2022Perth Intl
VH-YUDA320-20017-11-2022Perth Intl
VH-VNRA320-20017-11-2022Perth Intl
VH-FNUFokker 10017-11-2022Perth Intl
VH-VNRA320-20016-11-2022Perth Intl
VH-FNTFokker 10016-11-2022Perth Intl

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Virgin Australia Regional Airlines Fleet Information

The airline Virgin Australia Regional Airlines is based in Australia, currently the airline uses the callsign: VELOCITY and has an active fleet size of 17 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 86. Virgin Australia Regional Airlines flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Virgin Australia Regional Airlines / VA. We have been tracking Virgin Australia Regional Airlines since the airline launched.