Airline Name: Ukraine International Airlines
Active Fleet size: 32
Historic Fleet size: 58
Country: Ukraine

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N290BR29040Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
UR-EMA19000494Embraer EMB-190At UKBB (Kiev)
UR-EMB19000501Embraer EMB-190At UKBB (Kiev)
UR-EMC19000589Embraer EMB-190At UKBB (Kiev)
UR-EMD19000602Embraer EMB-190Unknown Location
UR-EME19000614Embraer EMB-190Unknown Location
UR-EMF19000069Embraer EMB-195At UKBB (Kiev)
UR-EMG19000088Embraer EMB-195At UKBB (Kiev)
UR-GEA25280Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
UR-GEB25530Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
UR-GEC25533Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
UR-GED25536Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
UR-GOA29402Boeing B777-200Unknown Location
UR-PSE38119Boeing B737-800At UKBB (Kiev)
UR-PSF38120Boeing B737-800Flying as AUI5204
UR-PSG29038Boeing B737-800At UKBB (Kiev)
UR-PSI41534Boeing B737-900Unknown Location
UR-PSJ41535Boeing B737-900At UKBB (Kiev)
UR-PSK36086Boeing B737-900At UKBB (Kiev)
UR-PSL36087Boeing B737-900Unknown Location
UR-PSM29674Boeing B737-800At UKBB (Kiev)
UR-PSN28614Boeing B737-800At UKBB (Kiev)
UR-PSO30628Boeing B737-800At UKBB (Kiev)
UR-PSP28241Boeing B737-800Flying as AUI5102
UR-PSQ28620Boeing B737-800At UKBB (Kiev)
UR-PSS35005Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
UR-PST37534Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
UR-PSW41536Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
UR-PSX34280Boeing B737-800At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
UR-PSY34281Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
UR-PSZ36820Boeing B737-800At UKBB (Kiev)
UR-UIA38121Boeing B737-800At UKBB (Kiev)

EI-DGM26437Boeing B737-400
EI-GTV63406Boeing B737-800
N419CT25419Boeing B737-500
OE-INY60175Boeing B737-800
UR-AAI25530Boeing B767-300
UR-DNB145094Embraer EMB-145
UR-DNF145404Embraer EMB-145
UR-DNG145394Embraer EMB-145
UR-DNR145641Embraer EMB-145
UR-DNT145709Embraer EMB-145
UR-DPB145250Embraer EMB-145
UR-DSA19000494Embraer EMB-190
UR-DSB19000501Embraer EMB-190
UR-FAA24462Boeing B737-300
UR-GAA26069Boeing B737-400
UR-GAC23188Boeing B737-200
UR-GAD22802Boeing B737-200
UR-GAE24907Boeing B737-300
UR-GAF24237Boeing B737-300
UR-GAG24238Boeing B737-300
UR-GAH29130Boeing B737-300
UR-GAI25218Boeing B737-500
UR-GAJ25192Boeing B737-500
UR-GAK26075Boeing B737-500
UR-GAL24275Boeing B737-300
UR-GAM25190Boeing B737-400
UR-GAN28569Boeing B737-300
UR-GAO25147Boeing B737-400
UR-GAP27094Boeing B737-400
UR-GAQ28869Boeing B737-300
UR-GAR26081Boeing B737-400
UR-GAS25236Boeing B737-500
UR-GAT25237Boeing B737-500
UR-GAU25182Boeing B737-500
UR-GAV26437Boeing B737-400
UR-GAW24898Boeing B737-500
UR-GAX26066Boeing B737-400
UR-GAZ27418Boeing B737-500
UR-GBA28670Boeing B737-300
UR-GBB28995Boeing B737-500
UR-GBC28722Boeing B737-500
UR-GBD28659Boeing B737-300
UR-GBE24968Boeing B737-500
UR-GBF24919Boeing B737-500
UR-GOB28681Boeing B777-200
UR-GOC28686Boeing B777-200
UR-NTA01-01Antonov An 148 100
UR-NTC01-09Antonov An 148 100
UR-PSA29658Boeing B737-800
UR-PSB29654Boeing B737-800
UR-PSC29662Boeing B737-800
UR-PSD29686Boeing B737-800
UR-PSH29040Boeing B737-800
UR-PSR38124Boeing B737-800
UR-PSU37542Boeing B737-800
UR-PSV35017Boeing B737-800
UR-UIB60175Boeing B737-800
UR-UIC63406Boeing B737-800

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