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Thai Smile Fleet List


Thai Smile Fleet List
Airline Name: Thai Smile
Active Fleet size: 11
Historic Fleet size: 9
Country: Thailand

Thai Smile Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
HS-TXB5248Airbus A320-200Active
HS-TXD5301Airbus A320-200Active
HS-TXG5806Airbus A320-200Active
HS-TXH5828Airbus A320-200Active
HS-TXJ5857Airbus A320-200Active
HS-TXM5979Airbus A320-200Active
HS-TXN6113Airbus A320-200Active
HS-TXO6140Airbus A320-200Active
HS-TXP6254Airbus A320-200Active
HS-TXT6775Airbus A320-200Active
HS-TXU6795Airbus A320-200Active

Thai Smile Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
HS-TXA5198Airbus A320-200Inactive
HS-TXC5258Airbus A320-200Inactive
HS-TXE5436Airbus A320-200Inactive
HS-TXF5553Airbus A320-200Inactive
HS-TXK5892Airbus A320-200Inactive
HS-TXL5951Airbus A320-200Inactive
HS-TXQ6297Airbus A320-200Inactive
HS-TXR6374Airbus A320-200Inactive
HS-TXS6417Airbus A320-200Inactive

Photos of Thai Smile Fleet

HS-TXF, 03-Aug-2018
© Bob Kimmings

HS-TXN, 11-Mar-2018
© Bob Kimmings

HS-TXR, 10-Mar-2018
© Bob Kimmings

HS-TXK, 08-Mar-2018
© Bob Kimmings

HS-TXA, 08-Mar-2018
© Bob Kimmings

HS-TXU, 08-Mar-2018
© Bob Kimmings

HS-TXE, 07-Mar-2018
© Bob Kimmings

HS-TXM, 07-Mar-2018
© Bob Kimmings

HS-TXP, 07-Mar-2018
© Bob Kimmings

HS-TXO, 07-Mar-2018
© Bob Kimmings

HS-TXT, 07-Mar-2018
© Bob Kimmings

HS-TXC, 07-Mar-2018
© Bob Kimmings

Sightings of Thai Smile Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
HS-TXSA320-20014-10-2023Suvarnabhumi Intl
HS-TXEA320-20014-10-2023Suvarnabhumi Intl
HS-TXMA320-20010-10-2023Suvarnabhumi Intl
HS-TXCA320-20010-10-2023Suvarnabhumi Intl
HS-TXRA320-20010-10-2023Suvarnabhumi Intl
HS-TXHA320-20010-10-2023Suvarnabhumi Intl
HS-TXJA320-20009-10-2023Suvarnabhumi Intl
HS-TXLA320-20004-10-2023Suvarnabhumi Intl
HS-TXBA320-20004-10-2023Suvarnabhumi Intl
HS-TXOA320-20004-10-2023Suvarnabhumi Intl
HS-TXUA320-20004-10-2023Suvarnabhumi Intl
HS-TXTA320-20004-10-2023Suvarnabhumi Intl

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Thai Smile Fleet Information

The airline Thai Smile is based in Thailand, currently the airline uses the callsign: THAI SMILE and has an active fleet size of 11 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 9. Thai Smile flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Thai Smile / WE TG . We have been tracking Thai Smile since the airline launched.