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Tarom Fleet List


Tarom Fleet List
Airline Name: Tarom
Active Fleet size: 24
Historic Fleet size: 28
Country: Romania

Tarom Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N380SY27180Boeing B737-300Active
YR-ASA2931Airbus A318-100Active
YR-ASB2955Airbus A318-100Active
YR-ASC3220Airbus A318-100Active
YR-ASD3225Airbus A318-100Active
YR-ATA566Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-500Active
YR-ATB569Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-500Active
YR-ATC589Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-500Active
YR-ATF599Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-500Active
YR-ATH861Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-500Active
YR-ATI867Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-500Active
YR-ATJ1583Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Active
YR-ATK1621Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Active
YR-ATL1622Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Active
YR-ATM1624Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Active
YR-BGD27182Boeing B737-300Active
YR-BGF28440Boeing B737-700SkyTeamActive
YR-BGG28442Boeing B737-700Happy 66 YearsActive
YR-BGH28438Boeing B737-700Active
YR-BGI28439Boeing B737-700Active
YR-BGJ63701Boeing B737-800Active
YR-BGK63702Boeing B737-800Active
YR-BGL40145Boeing B737-800Active
YR-BGM40152Boeing B737-800Active

Tarom Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
N495SY27395Boeing B737-300Inactive
N779SY27179Boeing B737-300Inactive
OO-JOT46850Douglas DC-10Inactive
YR-ABD21651Boeing B707-300Inactive
YR-ATD591Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-500Inactive
YR-ATE596Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-500Inactive
YR-ATG605Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-500Inactive
YR-ATN1629Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Inactive
YR-ATO1637Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Inactive
YR-ATP1565Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Inactive
YR-ATQ1598Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Inactive
YR-ATX077Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-300Inactive
YR-ATY083Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-300Inactive
YR-BGA27179Boeing B737-300Inactive
YR-BGB27180Boeing B737-300Inactive
YR-BGC27181Boeing B737-300Inactive
YR-BGE27395Boeing B737-300Inactive
YR-BGP37740Boeing B737-800Inactive
YR-BGR37741Boeing B737-800Inactive
YR-BGS37360Boeing B737-800Inactive
YR-BGT28083Boeing B737-500Inactive
YR-BGU27284Boeing B737-300Inactive
YR-BGX29326Boeing B737-300Inactive
YR-BGY28332Boeing B737-300Inactive
YR-BGZ24878Boeing B737-500Inactive
YR-LCA636Airbus A310-300Inactive
YR-LCB644Airbus A310-300Inactive
YR-LCC450Airbus A310-300Inactive

Photos of Tarom Fleet

YR-BGH, 02-Jun-2024
© Christopher Huth

YR-ASA, 29-Dec-2023
© Simon Fewkes-Ahearne

YR-ASA, 28-Dec-2023
© Rafi G - rgaviation

YR-ASA, 25-Dec-2023
© Luke Owen

YR-ASA, 25-Nov-2023
© Tobias Rose

YR-ASD, 15-Nov-2023

YR-ASB, 25-Aug-2023
© Sharanpal Gill

YR-BGI, 20-Jun-2023
© Christopher Huth

YR-ASD, 16-Jun-2023
© Graham johnson

YR-ASA, 11-Jun-2023
© Christopher Huth

YR-ASB, 29-May-2023
© Chris Hyde

YR-BGM, 26-Apr-2023
© Graham Rowe

Sightings of Tarom Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
YR-ASAA318-10013-06-2024London Heathrow
YR-BGLBoeing 737-8H6(WL)12-06-2024Schiphol
YR-ASAA318-10010-06-2024London Heathrow
YR-BGHB737-70002-06-2024Frankfurt Main
YR-ASAA318-10016-05-2024London Heathrow
YR-BGHBoeing 737-78J(WL)12-05-2024Frankfurt Main
YR-ASAA318-10012-05-2024London Heathrow
YR-ASDAirbus A318-11122-04-2024London Heathrow

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Tarom Fleet Information

The airline Tarom is based in Romania, currently the airline uses the callsign: TAROM and has an active fleet size of 24 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 28. Tarom flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Tarom / RO. We have been tracking Tarom since the airline launched.