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Name: Turkish Airlines
Fleet size: 396

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Fleet Breakdown:

Popular Destinations:

(arrivals in the last 7 days)

2-LONG2401Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
EI-DDU463Airbus A330 203Unknown Location
EI-EVY40319Boeing 737NG 8AS/WUnknown Location
TC-ACM32867Boeing 747 428ERFUnknown Location
TC-JCI1442Airbus A330 243FUnknown Location
TC-JDO1004Airbus A330 243FAt LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-JDP1092Airbus A330 243FAt LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-JDR1344Airbus A330 243FAt LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-JDS1418Airbus A330 243FFlying as THY6351
TC-JFC29765Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-JFD29766Boeing 737NG 8F2/WFlying as THY7LY
TC-JFE29767Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt EGSS (London)
TC-JFF29768Boeing 737NG 8F2/WFlying as THY1FU
TC-JFG29769Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-JFH29770Boeing 737NG 8F2/WFlying as THY6CT
TC-JFI29771Boeing 737NG 8F2/WFlying as THY1KC
TC-JFJ29772Boeing 737NG 8F2/WFlying as THY1RL
TC-JFK29773Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTAC (Ankara)
TC-JFL29774Boeing 737NG 8F2/WFlying as THY1745
TC-JFM29775Boeing 737NG 8F2/WFlying as THY1406
TC-JFN29776Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-JFO29777Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-JFP29778Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-JFR29779Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-JFT29780Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-JFU29781Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTAC (Ankara)
TC-JFV29782Boeing 737NG 8F2/WUnknown Location
TC-JFY29783Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-JFZ29784Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-JGA29785Boeing 737NG 8F2/WUnknown Location
TC-JGB29786Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt EDDF (Frankfurt-am-Main)
TC-JGC29787Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JGD29788Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JGF29790Boeing 737NG 8F2/WFlying as THY7FS
TC-JGG34405Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-JGI34407Boeing 737NG 8F2/WUnknown Location
TC-JGR34415Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt EDDF (Frankfurt-am-Main)
TC-JGS34416Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTAF (Adana)
TC-JGT34417Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt EHAM (Amsterdam)
TC-JGU34418Boeing 737NG 8F2/WUnknown Location
TC-JGV34419Boeing 737NG 8F2/WUnknown Location
TC-JGY35738Boeing 737NG 8F2/WFlying as THY1604
TC-JGZ35739Boeing 737NG 8F2/WUnknown Location
TC-JHA35740Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTAI (Antalya)
TC-JHB35741Boeing 737NG 8F2/WUnknown Location
TC-JHC35742Boeing 737NG 8F2/WStar AllianceAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JHD35743Boeing 737NG 8F2/WUnknown Location
TC-JHE35744Boeing 737NG 8F2/WStar AllianceAt EDDF (Frankfurt-am-Main)
TC-JHF35745Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-JHK40975Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JHL40976Boeing 737NG 8F2/WUnknown Location
TC-JHM40980Boeing 737NG 8F2/WUnknown Location
TC-JHN40981Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-JHO40987Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JHP42000Boeing 737NG 8F2/WFlying as THY6KN
TC-JHR40989Boeing 737NG 8F2/WUnknown Location
TC-JHS40991Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JHT42001Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JHU42002Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JHV40992Boeing 737NG 8F2/WUnknown Location
TC-JHY42003Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt EGKK (London)
TC-JHZ42004Boeing 737NG 8F2/WUnknown Location
TC-JIL882Airbus A330 202At LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-JIM901Airbus A330 202Unknown Location
TC-JIN932Airbus A330 202Unknown Location
TC-JIO869Airbus A330 223Unknown Location
TC-JIP876Airbus A330 223Unknown Location
TC-JIR949Airbus A330 223Unknown Location
TC-JIS961Airbus A330 223Unknown Location
TC-JIT977Airbus A330 223At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JIZ1118Airbus A330 223Invest In TurkeyUnknown Location
TC-JJE40707Boeing 777 3F2ERAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JJF40708Boeing 777 3F2ERFlying as THY6
TC-JJG40791Boeing 777 3F2ERAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JJH40792Boeing 777 3F2ERFlying as THY6173
TC-JJI40709Boeing 777 3F2ERAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JJJ40710Boeing 777 3F2ERAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JJK40711Boeing 777 3F2ERAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JJL40793Boeing 777 3F2ERAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JJM40794Boeing 777 3F2ERAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JJN40795Boeing 777 3F2ERUnknown Location
TC-JJO40796Boeing 777 3F2ERAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JJP40797Boeing 777 3F2ERUnknown Location
TC-JJR44116Boeing 777 3F2ERFlying as THY6155
TC-JJS44117Boeing 777 3F2ERAt LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-JJT44118Boeing 777 3F2ERAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JJU60401Boeing 777 3F2ERFlying as THY6153
TC-JJV44119Boeing 777 3F2ERUnknown Location
TC-JJY44120Boeing 777 3F2ERAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JJZ44122Boeing 777 3F2ERFlying as TK6072
TC-JKO34300Boeing 737NG 752/WAt LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-JKU41805Boeing 737NG 8Q8/WFlying as THY2WC
TC-JKV41808Boeing 737NG 8Q8/WFlying as THY1QH
TC-JLS4629Airbus A319 132Flying as THY8PF
TC-JLT4665Airbus A319 132Unknown Location
TC-JLU4695Airbus A319 132Star AllianceAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JLV4755Airbus A319 132At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JLY4774Airbus A319 132At LTAC (Ankara)
TC-JLZ4790Airbus A319 132At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JMH3637Airbus A321 231Flying as THY9SV
TC-JMI3673Airbus A321 231At LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-JMJ3688Airbus A321 231At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JMK3738Airbus A321 231At LTAF (Adana)
TC-JML3382Airbus A321 231At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JMM2916Airbus A321 231At LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-JNA697Airbus A330 203Unknown Location
TC-JNB704Airbus A330 203Flying as THY20K
TC-JNC742Airbus A330 203Turkish Airlines RetroUnknown Location
TC-JND754Airbus A330 203Unknown Location
TC-JNE774Airbus A330 203At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JNH1150Airbus A330 343EAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JNI1160Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
TC-JNJ1170Airbus A330 343EAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JNK1172Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
TC-JNL1204Airbus A330 343EAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JNM1212Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
TC-JNN1228Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
TC-JNO1298Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
TC-JNP1307Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
TC-JNR1311Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
TC-JNS1458Airbus A330 303Flying as THY6VX
TC-JNT1476Airbus A330 303Unknown Location
TC-JNZ1487Airbus A330 303At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JOA1501Airbus A330 303At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JOB1514Airbus A330 303Unknown Location
TC-JOD1529Airbus A330 303Unknown Location
TC-JOE1571Airbus A330 303At LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-JOF1616Airbus A330 303At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JOG1620Airbus A330 303The Year Of TroyUnknown Location
TC-JOH1622Airbus A330 303Unknown Location
TC-JOI1629Airbus A330 303Unknown Location
TC-JOJ1640Airbus A330 303Unknown Location
TC-JOK1642Airbus A330 303Flying as THY6LG
TC-JOL1644Airbus A330 303Unknown Location
TC-JOM1499Airbus A330 302Unknown Location
TC-JOO1164Airbus A330 223FUnknown Location
TC-JOU1550Airbus A330 243FAt LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-JOV1722Airbus A330 243FFlying as TK6502
TC-JOY1750Airbus A330 243FAt LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-JOZ1768Airbus A330 243FAt LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-JPH3185Airbus A320 232At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JPI3208Airbus A320 232At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JPJ3239Airbus A320 232Flying as THY7NS
TC-JPK3257Airbus A320 232At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JPL3303Airbus A320 232At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JPM3341Airbus A320 232Flying as THY41YW
TC-JPN3558Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
TC-JPO3567Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
TC-JPP3603Airbus A320 232SLStar AllianceUnknown Location
TC-JPR3654Airbus A320 232At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JPS3718Airbus A320 232Star AllianceFlying as THY5RC
TC-JPT3719Airbus A320 232At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JRA2823Airbus A321 231Star AllianceAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JRB2868Airbus A321 231Star AllianceAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JRC2999Airbus A321 231Unknown Location
TC-JRD3015Airbus A321 231At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JRE3126Airbus A321 231Flying as THY6TG
TC-JRF3207Airbus A321 231Unknown Location
TC-JRG3283Airbus A321 231Turkey: Discover The PotentialFlying as THY4ZD
TC-JRH3350Airbus A321 231At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JRI3405Airbus A321 231At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JRJ3429Airbus A321 231At EBBR (Brussels)
TC-JRK3525Airbus A321 231Flying as THY2206
TC-JRL3539Airbus A321 231Star AllianceUnknown Location
TC-JRM4643Airbus A321 231At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JRN4654Airbus A321 231At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JRO4682Airbus A321 231EuroLeagueAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JRP4698Airbus A321 231Star AllianceAt LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-JRR4706Airbus A321 231Unknown Location
TC-JRS4761Airbus A321 231Star AllianceAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JRT4779Airbus A321 231Flying as THY7XG
TC-JRU4788Airbus A321 231At LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-JRV5077Airbus A321 231At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JRY5083Airbus A321 231At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JRZ5118Airbus A321 231Flying as THY99D
TC-JSA5154Airbus A321 231At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JSB5205Airbus A321 231At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JSC5254Airbus A321 231At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JSD5388Airbus A321 231At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JSE5450Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JSF5465Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JSG5490Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JSH5546Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
TC-JSI5584Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JSJ5633Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
TC-JSK5663Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
TC-JSL5667Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JSM5689Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JSN6508Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JSO6563Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JSP6599Airbus A321 231SLAt LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-JSR6652Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JSS6657Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JST6682Airbus A321 231SLAt LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-JSU6709Airbus A321 231SLFlying as THY7GD
TC-JSV6751Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JSY6758Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JSZ6766Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
TC-JTA6781Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JTD6822Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JTE6869Airbus A321 231SL30 Years of Miles & SmilesAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JTF6987Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
TC-JTG6990Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
TC-JTH7029Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
TC-JTI7089Airbus A321 231SLFlying as THY14YR
TC-JTJ7139Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JTK7146Airbus A321 231SL#PinkCap (sticker)Unknown Location
TC-JTL7166Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JTM7242Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JTN7274Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JTO7299Airbus A321 231SLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JTP7516Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
TC-JTR7518Airbus A321 231SLTeknofestAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JUK2602Airbus A320 233At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JVA40988Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JVB40990Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTAI (Antalya)
TC-JVC42005Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JVD42007Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTAI (Antalya)
TC-JVE42006Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JVF42008Boeing 737NG 8F2/WUnknown Location
TC-JVG42009Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JVH60012Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JVI60013Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JVJ60015Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JVK60014Boeing 737NG 8F2/WUnknown Location
TC-JVL60017Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JVM60016Boeing 737NG 8F2/WFlying as THY5FJ
TC-JVN60018Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JVO60031Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JVP60019Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JVR60030Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTAC (Ankara)
TC-JVS60021Boeing 737NG 8F2/WFlying as THY6JZ
TC-JVT60020Boeing 737NG 8F2/WFlying as THY8KG
TC-JVU60022Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JVV60023Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JVY60024Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JVZ60025Boeing 737NG 8F2/W6000th Boeing NG 737 (sticker)At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JYA40973Boeing 737NG 9F2ER/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JYB40974Boeing 737NG 9F2ER/WUnknown Location
TC-JYC40977Boeing 737NG 9F2ER/WUnknown Location
TC-JYD40978Boeing 737NG 9F2ER/WUnknown Location
TC-JYE40979Boeing 737NG 9F2ER/WUnknown Location
TC-JYF40982Boeing 737NG 9F2ER/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JYG40983Boeing 737NG 9F2ER/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JYH40984Boeing 737NG 9F2ER/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JYI40985Boeing 737NG 9F2ER/WUnknown Location
TC-JYJ40986Boeing 737NG 9F2ER/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JYL42010Boeing 737NG 9F2ER/WUnknown Location
TC-JYM42011Boeing 737NG 9F2ER/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JYN42012Boeing 737NG 9F2ER/WFlying as THY5LX
TC-JYO42013Boeing 737NG 9F2ER/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JYP42014Boeing 737NG 9F2ER/WFlying as THY2NV
TC-JZE60026Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JZF60027Boeing 737NG 8F2/WAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-JZG60028Boeing 737NG 8F2/WUnknown Location
TC-JZH60029Boeing 737NG 800/WFlying as THY7YK
TC-JZJ34995Boeing 737NG 8AS/WAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-JZK34996Boeing 737NG 8AS/WAt LTAI (Antalya)
TC-JZL34999Boeing 737NG 8AS/WAt LTAI (Antalya)
TC-JZN39026Boeing 737NG 8JP/WAt LTAC (Ankara)
TC-JZO39027Boeing 737NG 8JP/WAt LFPG (Paris)
TC-JZR39030Boeing 737NG 8JP/WAt EDDL (Dusseldorf)
TC-JZS39031Boeing 737NG 8JP/WUnknown Location
TC-JZT39032Boeing 737NG 8JP/WUnknown Location
TC-JZU40316Boeing 737NG 8AS/WUnknown Location
TC-LCA60032Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCB60033Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCC60034Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCD60035Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCE60036Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCF60037Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCG60038Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCH60040Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCI60042Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCJ60052Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCK60053Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCL60054Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCM60055Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCN60056Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCO60057Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCP60058Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCR60059Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCS60060Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LCT60061Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
TC-LGA403Airbus A350 941Unknown Location
TC-LGB421Airbus A350 941Unknown Location
TC-LGC435Airbus A350 941Unknown Location
TC-LGD442Airbus A350 941Unknown Location
TC-LGE454Airbus A350 941Unknown Location
TC-LJA44121Boeing 777 3F2ERAt VHHH (Hong Kong)
TC-LJB44124Boeing 777 3F2ERFlying as THY6143
TC-LJC44123Boeing 777 3F2ERFlying as
TC-LJD44125Boeing 777 3F2ERAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LJE44126Boeing 777 3F2ERUnknown Location
TC-LJF44127Boeing 777 3F2ERAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LJG44128Boeing 777 3F2ERFlying as THY6170
TC-LJH44129Boeing 777 3F2ERAt WSSS (Singapore)
TC-LJI44130Boeing 777 3F2ERAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LJJ60405Boeing 777 3F2ERFlying as THY6075
TC-LJK60402Boeing 777 300ERAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LJL60403Boeing 777 FUnknown Location
TC-LJM60404Boeing 777 FUnknown Location
TC-LJN65742Boeing 777 FAt LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-LJO65743Boeing 777 FAt LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-LJP65744Boeing 777 FFlying as TK6687
TC-LJR66578Boeing 777 FUnknown Location
TC-LJS66579Boeing 777 FFlying as THY6464
TC-LJT66580Boeing 777 FAt LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-LKA41818Boeing 777 36NERAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-LKB41819Boeing 777 36NERFlying as THY9FJ
TC-LKC42097Boeing 777 3U8ERUnknown Location
TC-LLA65801Boeing 787 9At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LLB65802Boeing 787 9Flying as THY67H
TC-LLC65803Boeing 787 9At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LLD65804Boeing 787 9At RJTT (Tokyo)
TC-LLE65805Boeing 787 9Flying as THY9JQ
TC-LLF65806Boeing 787 9Flying as THY4CR
TC-LLG65807Boeing 787 9Flying as THY7MV
TC-LLH65808Boeing 787 9At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LLI65809Boeing 787 9Unknown Location
TC-LLJ65810Boeing 787 9At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LLK65811Boeing 787 9Flying as THY3BM
TC-LLM65812Boeing 787 9At KPAE (Everett)
TC-LLN65813Boeing 787 9At KPAE (Everett)
TC-LLO65814Boeing 787 9Unknown Location
TC-LLP65815Boeing 787 9At KPAE (Everett)
TC-LNB939Airbus A330 223Unknown Location
TC-LNC1696Airbus A330 303300th AircraftFlying as THY2FW
TC-LND1704Airbus A330 303At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LNE1706Airbus A330 303At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LNF1713Airbus A330 303At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LNG1718Airbus A330 303At LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LOA1483Airbus A330 343EAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LOB1491Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
TC-LOC1542Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
TC-LOD1554Airbus A330 343EFlying as THY6185
TC-LOE1592Airbus A330 343EFlying as THY6052
TC-LOF1635Airbus A330 343EAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LOG1651Airbus A330 343EAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LOH1213Airbus A330 223Unknown Location
TC-LOI1221Airbus A330 223Unknown Location
TC-LOJ1607Airbus A330 343EAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LOK1624Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
TC-LOL1098Airbus A330 343EAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LSA8155Airbus A321 271NXSLAt LTBA (Istanbul)
TC-LSB8257Airbus A321 271NXSLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LSC8617Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
TC-LSD8727Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
TC-LSE8732Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
TC-LSF8740Airbus A321 271NXSLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LSG8794Airbus A321 271NXSLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LSH8919Airbus A321 271NXSLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LSJ8957Airbus A321 271NXSLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LSK9082Airbus A321 271NXSLFlying as THY7CH
TC-LSL9000Airbus A321 271NXSLFlying as THY3YN
TC-LSM9044Airbus A321 271NXSLFlying as THY6AW
TC-LSN9076Airbus A321 271NXSLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LSO9095Airbus A321 271NXSLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LSP9109Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
TC-LSR9138Airbus A321 271NXSLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LSS9157Airbus A321 271NXSLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LST9326Airbus A321 271NXSLAt LTFM (Istanbul)
TC-LSU9376Airbus A321 271NXSLFlying as THY6RE
TC-LSV9496Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
TC-LSY9415Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
TC-LSZ9452Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
TC-LTA9567Airbus A321 271NXSLUnknown Location
TC-LYA60062Boeing 737MAX 9Unknown Location
TC-LYB60063Boeing 737MAX 9Unknown Location
TC-LYC60064Boeing 737MAX 9Unknown Location
TC-LYE60066Boeing 737MAX 9Unknown Location
TC-SAI33818Boeing 737NG 8AS/WUnknown Location
TC-SAJ33819Boeing 737NG 8AS/WUnknown Location
TC-SAK33820Boeing 737NG 8ASUnknown Location
TC-SBN32690Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-SBP32672Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-SBR32693Boeing 737NG 86N/WFlying as THY67G
TC-SBS29917Boeing 737NG 8AS/WAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-SBV32736Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-SBZ28628Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-SCF40554Boeing 737NG 8AL/WAt LTAC (Ankara)
TC-SCG40555Boeing 737NG 8AL/WAt LTFJ (Istanbul)
TC-SCK39428Boeing 737NG 8GJ/WAt LTAC (Ankara)
TC-SCL39430Boeing 737NG 8GJ/WFlying as THY64B
TC-TBB40.N146Diamond Aircraft Diamond Star DA40 NGUnknown Location
TC-TBC40.N147Diamond Aircraft Diamond Star DA40 NGUnknown Location
TC-TBD40.N165Diamond Aircraft Diamond Star DA40 NGUnknown Location
TC-TBE40.N166Diamond Aircraft Diamond Star DA40 NGUnknown Location
TC-TBF40.N167Diamond Aircraft Diamond Star DA40 NGUnknown Location
TC-TBG40.N168Diamond Aircraft Diamond Star DA40 NGUnknown Location
TC-TDA42.N062Diamond Aircraft Twin Star DA42 NGUnknown Location
TC-TDB42.N063Diamond Aircraft Twin Star DA42 NGUnknown Location
TC-TDC42.N064Diamond Aircraft Twin Star DA42 NGUnknown Location
TC-TDD42.N065Diamond Aircraft Twin Star DA42 NGUnknown Location
TC-TDE42.N066Diamond Aircraft Twin Star DA42 NGUnknown Location
TC-TDF42.N067Diamond Aircraft Twin Star DA42 NGUnknown Location

CallsignRegistrationTypeDeparture AirportArrival AirportDeparture TimeArrival TimeFlight Duration
09:40 04-Jul-202011:47 04-Jul-202002:07View Playback
09:26 04-Jul-202011:46 04-Jul-202002:19View Playback
09:08 04-Jul-202011:44 04-Jul-202002:35View Playback
11:43 04-Jul-2020--:--
11:43 04-Jul-2020--:--
09:10 04-Jul-202011:42 04-Jul-202002:32View Playback
09:07 04-Jul-202011:40 04-Jul-202002:33View Playback
11:40 04-Jul-2020--:--
11:01 04-Jul-202011:39 04-Jul-202000:37View Playback
09:23 04-Jul-202011:38 04-Jul-202002:14View Playback

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