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Starlux Airlines Fleet List


Starlux Airlines Fleet List
Airline Name: Starlux Airlines
Active Fleet size: 21
Historic Fleet size: 1
Country: Taiwan

Starlux Airlines Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
B-582019208Airbus A321neoActive
B-582029314Airbus A321neoActive
B-582039147Airbus A321neoActive
B-5820410077Airbus A321neoActive
B-5820510270Airbus A321neoActive
B-5820610426Airbus A321neoActive
B-5820710620Airbus A321neoActive
B-5820810271Airbus A321neoActive
B-5820910432Airbus A321neoActive
B-5821010599Airbus A321neoActive
B-5821110912Airbus A321neoActive
B-5821211047Airbus A321neoActive
B-5821311068Airbus A321neoActive
B-583012003Airbus A330-900neoActive
B-583022006Airbus A330-900neoActive
B-583032013Airbus A330-900neoActive
B-583042017Airbus A330-900neoActive
B-58501480Airbus A350-900Active
B-58502557Airbus A350-900Active
B-58503593Airbus A350-900Active
B-58504630Airbus A350-900Active

Starlux Airlines Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
F-WWYY1981Airbus A330-900neoInactive

Photos of Starlux Airlines Fleet

B-58503, 20-Jun-2024
© Rafi G - rgaviation

B-58501, 14-May-2024
© Rafi G - rgaviation

B-58502, 25-Mar-2024
© Rafi G - rgaviation

B-58504, 22-Feb-2024
© Daniel Ouston

B-58504, 22-Feb-2024
© Daniel Ouston

B-58502, 21-Feb-2024
© Daniel Ouston

B-58304, 28-Dec-2022
© Tomo-Papa

B-58501, 16-Sep-2022
© Tony Smith

F-WZGN, 15-May-2022
© Stijn Henderieckx

B-58202, 13-Jan-2021
© Tomo-Papa

Sightings of Starlux Airlines Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
B-58503Airbus A350-90020-06-2024San Francisco Intl
B-58305A330-900neo08-06-2024Toulouse Blagnac
B-58504A350-90023-05-2024Changi Intl
B-58501Airbus A350-90014-05-2024San Francisco Intl
B-58505A350-90013-04-2024Taoyuan Intl
B-58502Airbus A350-90025-03-2024San Francisco Intl
B-58504A350-90022-02-2024Changi Intl
B-58504A350-90022-02-2024Changi Intl
B-58502A350-90021-02-2024Changi Intl
B-58503A350-90021-12-2023Taoyuan Intl
B-58504A350-90019-12-2023Taoyuan Intl
B-58203A321neo11-12-2023Taoyuan Intl

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Starlux Airlines Fleet Information

The airline Starlux Airlines is based in Taiwan, currently the airline uses the callsign: STARWALKER and has an active fleet size of 21 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 1. Starlux Airlines flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Starlux Airlines / JX. We have been tracking Starlux Airlines since the airline launched.