Airline Name: South African Airlink
Active Fleet size: 12
Historic Fleet size: 22
Country: South Africa

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
ZS-ASWE2313AVRO Avro RJ-85Unknown Location
ZS-ASXE2314AVRO Avro RJ-85At FAJS (Johannesburg)
ZS-ASYE2316AVRO Avro RJ-85Unknown Location
ZS-ASZE2318AVRO Avro RJ-85Unknown Location
ZS-SKA11559Fokker Fokker 70Unknown Location
ZS-SSHE2285AVRO Avro RJ-85Unknown Location
ZS-SSIE2383AVRO Avro RJ-85Unknown Location
ZS-SSJE2385AVRO Avro RJ-85Unknown Location
ZS-SYOE2394AVRO Avro RJ-85Unknown Location
ZS-SYPE2393AVRO Avro RJ-85At FAGM (Johannesburg)
ZS-TCOE2388AVRO Avro RJ-85Unknown Location
ZS-TCPE2389AVRO Avro RJ-85Unknown Location

F-OGQX340Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-300
N777UN19000209Embraer EMB-190
ZS-DFA145165Embraer EMB-145
ZS-NGF300Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-300
ZS-NKW340Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-300
ZS-NKY329Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-300
ZS-NRE41048British Aerospace Jetstream 41
ZS-NRF41050British Aerospace Jetstream 41
ZS-NRG41051British Aerospace Jetstream 41
ZS-NRH41054British Aerospace Jetstream 41
ZS-NRI41061British Aerospace Jetstream 41
ZS-NRJ41062British Aerospace Jetstream 41
ZS-NRM41069British Aerospace Jetstream 41
ZS-OEX41103British Aerospace Jetstream 41
ZS-OTM145485Embraer EMB-135
ZS-OTN145491Embraer EMB-135
ZS-OUV145493Embraer EMB-135
ZS-SBLE3122British Aerospace BAe-146-300
ZS-SJW145423Embraer EMB-135
ZS-SJX145428Embraer EMB-135
ZS-SSKE2251AVRO Avro RJ-85
ZS-SYB145308Embraer EMB-145

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