Airline Name: SilkAir
Active Fleet size: 8
Historic Fleet size: 60
Country: Singapore

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
2-VSLO5050Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
2-VSLR5531Airbus A320-200At EYKA (Kaunas)
2-VSLS5794Airbus A320-200At LFTW (Nimes/Garons)
9V-SBG4215Airbus A319-100At WSSS (Singapore)
9V-SBH4259Airbus A319-100At WSSS (Singapore)
9V-SLL4118Airbus A320-200At WSSS (Singapore)
9V-SLM4457Airbus A320-200At WSSS (Singapore)
9V-SLP5089Airbus A320-200Unknown Location

9V-MBA44246Boeing 737MAX 8
9V-MBB44240Boeing 737MAX 8
9V-MBC44244Boeing 737MAX 8
9V-MBD44241Boeing 737MAX 8
9V-MBE44242Boeing 737MAX 8
9V-MBF44250Boeing 737MAX 8
9V-MBG44251Boeing 737MAX 8
9V-MBH44252Boeing 737MAX 8
9V-MBI44253Boeing 737MAX 8
9V-MBJ44254Boeing 737MAX 8
9V-MBK44255Boeing 737MAX 8
9V-MBL44256Boeing 737MAX 8
9V-MBM44257Boeing 737MAX 8
9V-MGA44217Boeing B737-800
9V-MGB44218Boeing B737-800
9V-MGC44219Boeing B737-800
9V-MGD44220Boeing B737-800
9V-MGE44221Boeing B737-800
9V-MGF44222Boeing B737-800
9V-MGG44223Boeing B737-800
9V-MGH44224Boeing B737-800
9V-MGI44225Boeing B737-800
9V-MGJ44226Boeing B737-800
9V-MGK44227Boeing B737-800
9V-MGL44228Boeing B737-800
9V-MGM44229Boeing B737-800
9V-MGN44230Boeing B737-800
9V-MGO44231Boeing B737-800
9V-MGP44232Boeing B737-800
9V-MGQ44233Boeing B737-800
9V-SBA1074Airbus A319-100
9V-SBB1098Airbus A319-100
9V-SBC1228Airbus A319-100
9V-SBD1698Airbus A319-100
9V-SBE2568Airbus A319-100
9V-SBF3104Airbus A319-100
9V-SLA872Airbus A320-200
9V-SLB899Airbus A320-200
9V-SLC969Airbus A320-200
9V-SLD1422Airbus A320-200
9V-SLE1561Airbus A320-200
9V-SLF2058Airbus A320-200
9V-SLG2252Airbus A320-200
9V-SLH2517Airbus A320-200
9V-SLI2775Airbus A320-200
9V-SLJ3570Airbus A320-200
9V-SLK3821Airbus A320-200
9V-SLN4701Airbus A320-200
9V-SLO5050Airbus A320-200
9V-SLQ5296Airbus A320-200
9V-SLR5531Airbus A320-200
9V-SLS5794Airbus A320-200
9V-STM367Airbus A310-300
9V-STN372Airbus A310-300
9V-TRA24679Boeing B737-300
9V-TRB24902Boeing B737-300
9V-TRC24570Boeing B737-300
9V-TRD25017Boeing B737-300
9V-TRE27457Boeing B737-300
9V-TRF28556Boeing B737-300

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